Re: # 5, # 7 Of Course Jews Are "Above The Law"


- Teachers or students of Torah, rabbis or talmidim, Jews are OF COURSE under halacha, Jewish Law, and not under some man made knesset law, on the Holy Land. Jews go by truth, the Hellenistic State by majority: The State of Israel is anything but Jewish. It is a State of the nations, for the Jews. When its officers go against Torah, Jews have a G-d given right and duty to resist it. By the way, there IS a legitimate Jewish claim on the "West Bank", on Judea, on Binyiamin, on Efraim and on the Jordan Valley: G-d gave us these Lands so that we can be Jews on it. If we don't want to be Jews on the Land, Hashem will see that there is no point for us to be on the Land.

- This is a censored talkback on Justice Ministry: Rabbis not above law

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