On How To "Fight" Anti-Semitism


- Of course you are free to engage in whatever campaign you believe in Yaakov, but know that the Jewish way to "fight" anti-Semitism is not to fight it directly but to "walk in His way", with other words by making tsuva. If we did what the Holy One is required from us, all the 613 mitzvot that is, then He would be pleased with us and made the nations look at us with awe, rather than with despise. As a renown cartoonist you can do your part in enhancing this process for example by making Mr. Shuldig do tsuva. He might want to put a kippah on his head, wear tzitzit, put tfilin on in the morning, go to shul and start to make analysis based specifically on halacha, Jewish Law, on the state of the World in general and on the news of the day in particular. That would really help curb anti-Jewish sentiment! I know, it's too much to ask for from some one who bought into the "State of Israel is Jewish" deception: It is not. If Jews had a State, it wouldn't supply Gaza terrorists with goods and millions and millions of dollars worth of shekels. This is of course only one of the symptoms most Jews don't want to see. So, here is the shocking news for you: Jews don't have a State. The nations have a State for the Jews. A ghetto State. You don't want to see it? So, you won't.

- This is a talkback on After YIISA

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dan said...

Beautifuly said and every word true.

A true fan.

Shabbat Shalom