Danino (Little Dan In Italian)


- His Police Highness Danino: "Public trust is a valuable asset to the existence and success of Israel Police".

- Dirty, phhh, kippah-wearing citizen B ABY: Indeed it would be a valuable asset, only if he had it. But he doesn't. "Public trust", Danino, don't make us laugh! On a second thought, please do, I mean why not? You are a clown, right? True, Israel must be a difficult country to police. But certainly your police force makes a PP, a public parody of it.

Disclaimer: This is nonono, not incitement, nooo, non-incitement, we do not do incitement, under circumstances and under no circumstances. We buy (and sell) only non-incitement material, tested, I swear. No-no-no incitement, phhh. We don't do incitement-crime, phhh, incitement crime bad, very bad, the worst. No! Nonono! We say NO to all and any and any and all incitement-crime, because. Everyone knows that we AAAARE exactly as equal before the law and after the law and right in the middle of the law as the law is equal FOR us. Don't ask what the law can do for you, ask what YOU can do for the law. "Pleeease, just say NO to incitement!" is our motto and we won't let you or anyone else take away from us our "Pleeease, just say NO to incitement" slogan. We only allow incitement against incitement, because. Yes! Oooooohoho-ho, THAT incitement? It is BAD. THIS incitement? It's good. Ah, we are equal? We are equal! Er, you know, the law thing. Crap, I blew this one.

- This is talkback # 15 on Police chief: All citizens equal before law

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