On Theaters, Movies And On G-d


- I decided to keep my big mouth shut over this but here I am writing a negative comment again: It seems to be stronger than other considerations. So, to cut a long story short, my problem with this request is two-fold. One is that every time I'm asked to like a page that I don't really like or wouldn't have even visited in my right mind, I get a negative feeling anyhow. Because when I go there and like it, I feel like lying and if I don't go there to like it I feel like letting down a friend. So, which one is better? The other negative I feel is the smell of assimilation, concerning theater. You see, "theater" is a goy thing. I know, I know, the world of theater is full of Jews you will all say, writers, producers, directors and actors, Jews are everywhere, wherever you look. True. Mostly assimilated Jews though. Jewish Jews study Torah, don't go to theater or to the movies for entertainment. It's "panem & circensis", bread and circuses - in Latin, in the language of the Romans. The whole "entertainment" concept is Greek, Hellenistic that is, the exact opposite of what Judaism stands for and for what Jews were put to this world at the first place. An anecdote: I visited my father 85, like a year ago. He wanted to be kind and friendly, so he asked me: "Do you want to go to see Fiddler on the Roof"? I said no thank you and produced this same reasoning to him, in vaine. He didn't like it, he said I was "fanatic". Indeed I am, thank G-d! So, for this fanatic reason and because you can't ask me to lie, even if you are a friend, I can't and won't "like" this theater page for you, sorry. Theaters are not meant to "shine", G-d's truth is!

- This is a comment to a fb friend asking us to like her theater page

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