On How To Achieve Peace With Our Enemies


- Netanyahu has a "historic" (secular) vision of Jewish rights and Jewish duties on the Land of Israel. His is not a Torah vision and therefore as Jews, we are under huge risks for being governed by him and by the likes like him and by their coalition governments of the day. The Jewish people are here to be not for themselves, as other nations, but for Hashem, for our G-d. If we want to preserve our G-d given Land, we have to fulfill our G-d given purpose. In order to be effective, we have to do this as a nation and we have to do it publicly and consistently, as if we considered the issue as the backbone of our policy. "Wanting to achieve peace with the palestinians through serious negotiations" is not something that points into this direction and therefore should be rejected as it says: "Do not make a covenant with them" (Deut. 7:2). The Torah gives us clear instructions on how to achieve and maintain peace and if we are too arrogant and want to think it up by ourselves all the time, against G-d's orders, then we will have no peace, only wars and struggling.

- This is a talkback on What Netanyahu Did Today (Friday)

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