Obama Is Not The Problem

B "H

- The problem is not Obama Hussein, but the Jew. In this week's parsha, Bechukosai, we are told about the strict cause-effect relationship between our Torah behavior and ability to resist our enemies and live in peace. Let me say here that if we had less so called "Jews " inviting xtian missionaries onto our Land, to work on us, we'd be better off. So, if you are a xtian and want to help us and not yourselves, please help us from afar! Don't come here. Being on our Holy Land is the job Hashem, our G-d, gave to the Jews. This should be the message of our "liaison officers ", our "administrators " and our "rabbis " who are payed from our tax monies.

- This is talkback # 6 on Shomron Liaison Office: Obama's 'Homeland' Preposterous

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