Another Don't: Don't Celebrate "Independence Day"!


- I am appalled by the great number of Jews intend to celebrate this pagan-fest called yom hamatzmaut (the State of Israel's so called "independence day"). By participating in this, these Jews distance themselves and our entire nation from Torah: The Jewish Independence Day is Shavuot, the awesome day of the Revelation and the giving of our Constitution, the Torah.

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Ben-Yehudah said...

My response is here:

Hallel on 5 b'Iyyar

4 of the Second Month 5771

The following is a response to my friend Ariel Ben Yochanan's "Don't Celebrate 'Independence Day!'" posted at The Torah Revolution.

I plan to say Hallel on 5th of the Second Month (Iyyar), and not on the 6th.

I will be saying Hallel, not for the establishment of the State, per se,...