What "Nablus"?

- Akiva Novick, if you are scared, don't come here. We are not allowed to run scared here. Certainly don't call this Land by its Jordanian occupation name, "West Bank". It is not. Since '67, going from South to North this is: Yehuda, Yerushalayim, Binyamin and Efraim. These are the toponyms we find in the Torah. The same way, Yoseph's Tomb is in Shechem, and not in some Arabic "Nabhlhush", corrupted from the Roman Napolis Judenrein. So, why are you using all these Arabic toponyms to describe the heartand of Israel that G-d Himself gave to the Jews in eternal inheritance? Hm?

- This is talkback # 6 on Driving to Nablus with Livnat. Slightly edited. In particular "Nablus" became "Nabhlhush", with sliva dripping from my mouth. May
G-d give us the wisdom to learn Torah and throw them out from our Holy Land!

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