The Time Of The Nations, As It Were


- Happy may be an overstatement Katz, but let's say I can live with it. Let me explain. Jewish, G-dly, timekeeping is linked to the day-time. As the lengths of the days change over the year, so the length of the Jewish hour changes every day. A timekeeping like this would make me happy. The problem however is that it would make timekeeping irrelevant for all non religious purposes, as every town and every district would have it's own time, depending also on altitude. So, it seems that in the modern world, in order to coordinate highly complex human schedules, we are forced to use the goyshe concept of fixed-length hours. The time of the nations, as it were. So, I can live with it, but to say that I'm happy about it would be an overstatement. I'm not happy about it at all, I'd prefer Hashem's constantly changing time, the one He gave to the world.

- This is a comment on Clock Moving

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