On Why Muslim Fundamentalists Are Not Like "Us"


- There is a huge difference between a muslim fundamentalist and a Jewish fundamentalist, if I may say so and it is not just the obvious "them" and "us" and not seeing the differences seems to me rather tendentious on the part of those who accuse me and "us" of being like "them". We are not! Islamists are happy to kill us Jews, because we are Jews, wherever, In the Munich Olympic village or in front of the Rome synagogue or in our houses in Itamar or on a Jerusalem bus, it makes no difference for them whatsoever. So, it is correct to mention "rabid hate" of the Jew, as their indiscriminate motivation.

I am only against the foreign occupation of my G-d given Holy Land and the running of it by foreign, non Jewish, anti-Torah governance. I have no problem whatsoever with Arabs living and flourishing in Arabia or elsewhere. Therefore it seems to me that applying the same "rabid hate" to me is rather baseless and of course one cannot help but to wonder as to why one might want to do a transparent operation of degradation of this sort.

The only similarity that there might be between me and them is that I take my Torah truth at least as seriously as they take their koran lie. At a time when most observant Jews' observance of Judaism starts when they enter the synagogue building and finishes when they come out from there after "services", a serious approach towards the true meaning of our prayers and towards the various holy texts in our possession like mine may be shocking to see for some. In my view however this is wrong and I'm against the only formal observance approach to a "religion", without the necessary internalization of its true meaning and significance.

- This is a comment on NATO Policy

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