Nothing Is By Chance: Tsuva Is The Answer


- Jews routinely seek and attribute causes to effects according to a wider - divine punishment for sin - principle. As Itamar is known to willingly accept collaboration from missionary groups operating in the area and as it is against halacha, Jewish Law, in this context it is not only possible but probable that Hashem has struck down on it: "If you don't care keeping the Law I've given you at Sinai, concerning the presence of goyim and idol-worshippers on the Land I gave you in eternal inheritance, then don't expect Me to care about your safety there: If you murder Me, your G-d, by following your law [instead of Mine], then I'll send murderers on you to murder you." (See Deut. 32:21). In Judaism nothing is by "chance".

- This is talkback # 11 on Itamar's security fiasco

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