Blood On Their Hands!


- The place that Ynet and the rest of the leftist pro-Arab media regularly call by its Arab name "Nablus", in reality is Shechem, a biblical Jewish town, occupied by Arabs only recently. The region that Ynet and the rest of the leftist media regularly call by its Jordanian occupation name "West Bank", in reality are the biblical Jewish regions of Efraim, Binyamin, Yerushalayim and Yehuda, going from North to South. The shooting occurred on the territory of the Shomron Regional Council. Calling these places by their Arab names "Nablus" and "West Bank" instead of by their Jewish names Shechem and Efraim, the national and international media falsely attributes ownership of these places to the enemies of the Jews, who rightly consider these G-d given biblical Lands the heartland of Israel. Now, as far Yoseph's tomb is concerned, it is a religious site under free access status to Jews under the Oslo accords. If the American trained and armed PA security forces intend to use their training and arms against Jews going to worship, maybe the Congress of our so called American ally and the Parliaments of our so called European friends should reconsider their policies and cut their multi million per day aid packages to murder Jews because they are Jews. Or maybe, it's just too much to ask for, isn't it!

- This is a censored talkback on 1 killed, 5 injured in shooting near Nablus

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