Israel's Goylooking Diplomatic Service


- Hear this: "The cabinet approved yesterday the following foreign service appointments":

- Goylooking Yacov Hadas-Handelsman - Ambassador to the European Union;
- Goylooking Gil Haskel - Ambassador to Kenya and non-resident Ambassador to Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and the Seychelles;
- Goylooking Yoed Magen - Ambassador to Colombia; and
- Goylooking Hagit Ben-Yaakov - Ambassador to Latvia and non-resident Ambassador to Lithuania.

TTR Comment: As long as Israel insists on reserving the posts of its representatives to the non-religious, assimilated and Hellenistic sectors of its population, no wonder no one in the world actually believes it is a Jewish State. Once we start acting like Jews should, the nations will see the G-dly light in us. Right now however, the State of Israel is bent on projecting an image of thick darkness of itself, an unsostainable line the foreign ministry should swiftly and quickly change.

- This is talkback # 6 on Anti-secular MK to be reinstated

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