New goyshe-looking ambassadors appointed


- The Cabinet approved the following five goyshe-looking, goyshe-thinking new foreign service appointments:

* Baby-faced, no kipah, no tzitzit Ido Aharoni as Consul-General in New York;

* Baby-faced, no kipah, no tzitzit Chaim Divon, as Ambassador to the Netherlands;

* Baby-faced, no kipah, no tzitzit David Segal as Consul-General in Los Angeles;

* Uncovered-haired Sharon Bar-Lev, as Ambassador to Ghana;

* Baby-faced, no kipah, no tzitzit Hillel Newman, as non-resident Ambassador to Tajikistan.

If the State of Israel choses to represent itself only by non Jewish-looking, non Jewish-thinking ambassadors, how can it pretend that the world recognises it as "Jewish"? How can it pretend that any Jew recognise it as Jewish?

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Evidently, there is an immediate moral to the story


- Evidently, there is an immediate moral to this earthquake story. One, "Christchurch" is not a good name for a town, in G-d's eyes. Two, it's even worst for Jews to "backpack" there. Let's not forget that the Torah allows us to leave the Land only for three reasons: parnassa, Torah study and siduh. Ordinary tourism is not one of these three.

- This is a censored comment on Arutz Sheva's Israeli Killed in New Zealand Quake Catastrophe and talkback # 21 on New Zealand quake: Israeli man feared dead. Even if Arutz Sheva gets some or most of its money from xtians, it doesn't seem to be a good enough reason for Hashem, blessed is He, to like "Christchurch" or Jews visiting there. That Arutz Sheva is now cencoring authentic and wide-spread Jewish views is just another indication of how far this group of "nationalists" bent its back and moved down to lick the boots of idol worshippers and idol worshipping. No wonder, leading journalist there, Yishai Fleisher, sent an email out, wishing us Happy New Year, on 1 Jan.

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Let's disengage from knesset


- I don't want "Israeli law" here. What we need, on the Land, is Torah Law. So, your "help" to extend the secularists' control over us is not requested, it is not required and it is counter-productive. Why? Because no good can come out from the knesset - ever: It is NOT a Torah institution and therefore, per definition, it can not be good for the Jews. It is a Hellenistic body, serving Hellenistic interests, by Hellenistic methods and by Hellenistic personnel. So, you'd better revisit your strategy and fight for THE cause that faces the Jewish people in this historic junction: To establish Jewish sovereignty on the Land!
Siding with knesset is NOT Jewish, it is the propagating the alien "democratic" culture and creating yet more confusion for the Jews, as if we didn't have enough of it already, with chief so called rabbis delivering korans to the illegal arab occupier of our Land, etc. You mean well, please don't join the deceivers!

- This is a comment on Vote on Sunday!

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On Terumah & Tetzaveh and on Ki Sisa


- These last two parashot, Terumah & Tetzaveh, depressed me. Not only we don't have the Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, not only we lost the Ark and all the furnishings in there, not only we don't have a Kohen Gadol in his vestments performing his duty in there, we have today Jews who openly say and declare that they are not interested in animal sacrifices. That Judaism, as they say, passed that stage.

So, the fundamental question remains: What shall Jews DO today to enhance redemption, to be G-d's nation, with other words to show the world G-d's handiwork?

The answer maybe too complex to put it down in a few lines in a forum like this one, as the Torah is too complex for this. However Ki Sisa, this week's parsha that talks about the Golden Calf, may give us a clue.

I see the Golden Calf as not just a temporary object, but as a system. In the absence of Moshe, it reverses the natural flow of authority for the Jewish people, from G.d-to-the-people to from-the-people-to-idol-worship. After the mishap, in fact, "Aaron said: "Let not my master's anger flair up. You know that the people is disposed toward evil." (Exodus 32:22)

Today, we are in the same situation. We don't have our Temple and we didn't establish our own institutions in the Land as we should have. We don't have Moshe either. What we have today is an alien system, "democracy", that we learned from the goyim and that we bought back with us from the exile here, to the Land of Isral. Let's not forget what democracy is. It's "people's power", demos meaning "people" and "cratos" power. In Greek, which is the language of Greece, Hellas in Greek, and so of the Hellenists, per definition.

So it seems obvious to me that the quickest, most direct way to bring about redemption open for us today is to refuse to dance around the modern Golden Calf State: Let's reduce to the minimum our collaboration with it, and most importantly, let's stop voting for it. We voted for Hashem, remember, in the Sinai, under the Mount, for all generations.

Shabbat shalom!

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False accusations, also known as lies


- Years ago I was put in jail for a night on the base of a false accusation [a.k.a. a lie] of an extreme Arab supremist [a.k.a. "palestinian"]. I thank yesh din for statistically proving that 90 plus percent of pal talk is lies, lies and again - lies.

- This is talkback # 12 on Report: Settler violence not probed

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IDF so called conversions


- I propose the Water Board and the Electric Company to be charged with conversions [ironic]. At least they don't go and destroy Jewish houses and synagogues, like the IDF does in the name of secular "legality". Mosheeeeee, where are you?

- This is talkback # 6 on Rabbi Elyashiv: Protest IDF conversions

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Israel's Goylooking Diplomatic Service


- Hear this: "The cabinet approved yesterday the following foreign service appointments":

- Goylooking Yacov Hadas-Handelsman - Ambassador to the European Union;
- Goylooking Gil Haskel - Ambassador to Kenya and non-resident Ambassador to Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and the Seychelles;
- Goylooking Yoed Magen - Ambassador to Colombia; and
- Goylooking Hagit Ben-Yaakov - Ambassador to Latvia and non-resident Ambassador to Lithuania.

TTR Comment: As long as Israel insists on reserving the posts of its representatives to the non-religious, assimilated and Hellenistic sectors of its population, no wonder no one in the world actually believes it is a Jewish State. Once we start acting like Jews should, the nations will see the G-dly light in us. Right now however, the State of Israel is bent on projecting an image of thick darkness of itself, an unsostainable line the foreign ministry should swiftly and quickly change.

- This is talkback # 6 on Anti-secular MK to be reinstated

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