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- Rabin martyr? Don't make me laugh! First of all, he fired on and killed Jews in the water, swimming away from the Altalena. Secondly, he tried to give away Jewish Land with the fifth column Arab vote. 3.) The conflict is not "israeli palestinian" as you call it, not even Islamo-Jewish but Ishmael-Isaac. 4.) It is not a privilege for me to write here, so you can ban me whenever you like. 5.) The cause of the conflict - of course are the Jews as you put it, in as much as we want to live, as Jews, on our G-d given Jewish Land. If we didn't want to do this, you are right, there would be no conflict. There would be peace, the peace of the cemetery for us. The definition of anti-Semitism, however, is to blame everything on the Jews, irrationally. Think what a monster you became over the years! 6.) It is possible to know what Hashem wants from us, one just has to learn Torah. Of course the material is vast and there are many interpretations, but pretending that you are within "range" is outright blasphemous.

- This is a censored comment on Ephraim Khantsis: Portrait of KahanaWannabe American-Jewish Settler Terrorist

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