.. and in contrast, the worst article of the year, on Ephraim Khantsis


- This is the most anti-Jewish article of the year by far. Not one Jewish idea, just smear on smear, disinformation on disinformation. Efraim the man and Efraim the Land are Jewish, forget about "kahanawannabees": Places like Kfar Tapuah are social-engineered, hotbeds for Likud and Kadima recruiters, if anything. If the State of Israel was Jewish, and not a mere usurper of the Jewish narrative and of the Jewish Land, people like Teitel could stay at home and play with their kids.

- This is a comment on Ephraim Khantsis: Portrait of KahanaWannabe American-Jewish Settler Terrorist

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Ben-Yehudah said...


Excellent! There really wasn't anything else you could have said.

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