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- Let me explain. Those who are against are not against because of the merit of the case, but because it is against Torah. No matter how fabulous a homosexual orgasm might be, no matter how well adopted kids may be growing up in a homosexual so called family, it is still against the Torah and as such it is against the Jews and as such it is against G-d and as such it is evil and as such it determines the State's character as "non Jewish". In stake here is not the quality of life of parents and children, a child of a surrogate mother, poor thing: What is in stake here is Judaism itself and the State's inability or unwillingness or both to protect it. Now, you might say this is a "dati", religious opinion and has nothing to do with you. Fair enough, so let me give you the secular consequence of this: If the State of Israel is incapable or unwilling to protect Jews and Judaism, than what is it for? With other words, if you empty out the State of its primary raison d'etre, you are de facto destroying the State. Is that what you want?

- This is talkback # 26 on Legal precedent: Child to be adopted by father's partner

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