There is a Message in the Fire


- I don't see it as an "accident" that the victims of the fire are almost all people who actually carry out the State's anti-Jewish agenda against its Jews and against almost anything Jewish on the Land: prison-guards and police. I also don't see the fire itself as a "terrible" accident. I see it as a message of Hashem and a deserved punishment: We failed to build the Temple so far in Jerusalem, we failed to re-establish our Jewish institutions and our Jewish way of life and we are constantly doing all sorts of terrible Chilul Hashem here. So, Hashem has withheld His rain from us for seven years now and what did He do with it? He poured it on cursed Pompei, where He, again, destroyed a building, this time with the very rain He withheld from us. Pouring "our" rain on Pompei may be Hashem's way to tell us to rebuild our Temple in Jerusalem NOW. Draught, fire and "evacuation" of Jews from their houses on the Holiest of Lands are clean and deserved signes of Hashem doing an "op", as the IDF loves to call in English its operations.

- This is a comment to a fb invitation to pray for the victims of the fire in Israel's North. I think I will rather pray for the Jewish people to learn and read our G-d's messages - and to act upon them. We are not innocent victims on the nations' hand any more: We are active participiants in the building of our future in the Land, in close partnership with Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe. Here, we cannot afford to improvise and act like fools, as if He didn't exist.

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