On Rabbi Abraham PhD in Physics


- Dear so called rabbi Abraham, it seems that you'd better stick to teaching physics rather than halacha. Your article on halacha in fact is as unscholarly as an article can get, in as much as it brings down not one single halachic source. Of course you have the right to express your opinion, your feelings and the like, but without sources it really remains just that: Your opinion, your feelings and the like. Besides, asking for the firing of these courageous rabbis constitutes a clear attack on religious freedom and brings into one’s mind the People’s Republic of China’s treatment of the Tibetan monks. Also, rabbis have to teach Torah Law and if one brings your suggestion, that rabbis teach the State’s laws, to its logical consequence, it would mean that according to you the State is god, which evidently is not the case. So, it seems dear idol-worshipping Abraham, the one who should go back to school is you, not the courageous, Torah-observing rabbis you try to demolish.

- This is talkback # 9 on Falsifying Jewish law

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