Israelism vs Judaism


- I wonder how can anyone seriously suggest that an organization like the IDF, that routinely carries out immoral and anti-Torah missions, like the destruction of Jewish homes and synagogues on the Land of Israel, should be entrusted with the handling of conversions to Judaism. If a soldier to be converted by the IDF, for example, refuses to participate in an operation like the destruction of the Federman farm in Hebron, a halachicly correct decision, could or could he not be threatened by his IDF commander to be taken off from his conversions program and forced into making anti-Torah decisions, in line with the anti-Jewish activity of the IDF, now also his conversion authority? Recently the IDF gave a Jewish burrier to a non-yet-Jewish soldier, giving clear proof of its inability or unwillingness to distinguish between halacha, Jewish Law, and wishful, non Jewish or at times outright anti-Jewish thinking. Delicate as they are, conversions can not be based on ambiguity and on political pressure from the secular and from the secularist establishment: Like it or not Judaism’s deity is Hashem, our G-d, blessed is He, and not the State of Israel or its army. Entrusting a non Jewish body with the administration of Judaism at this time is tantamount to the declaration of a new, State of Israel worshipping replacement religion: “Israelism”. If this became of religious Zionism, I’m not signing up to it. Are you?

- This is a censored talkback on End conversion monopoly

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