Appeal for Pollard by Baruch Levy


Last night I saw a video of a meeting between Jonathon Pollard's wife and the chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Yonah Metzger. It is quite clear that Esther Pollard is in fear for her husband's life.

Unfortunately, this clip will only be seen by a very small part of the Jewish public. Thus, I am contacting you directly to please diffuse this letter as much as you can and take action for Jonathon Pollard. You can call of fax the White House, 202-4561414, 202-456-1111 or send them an email to president@whitehouse.gov

As it is well known, Pollard enraged anti-Semitic circles in the US State Department and elsewhere, in other places of power, for his "audacity" as a Jew, to play "hard ball" with the government in international affairs and in reaction to how the government treats Israel all the time. Furthermore, his incarceration and his intended impending demise there G-d forbid, most likely prevents the exposure of all kinds of important figures in these very matters.

To say the least, President Obama is indifferent to the fate of Jonathon Pollard. The attitude of past Presidents has not been much different either. To a large degree, this is not surprising: Much of the American Jewish community has been reluctant to get involved, weary to be labeled as citizens with dual loyalty.

However, after the report by Ester Pollard, that Jonathon Pollard's health is listed as to be in critical condition after having an emergency operation, if Jonathon is to live, this Jewish indifference must immediately stop.

American Jewry must make it clear that they hold President Obama directly responsible for Jonathon Pollard's fate. Should anything happen to him, American Jewish support for Obama will plummet from 80% to zero. Obama, a man of great political aspiration but of amorphous values, confronted by such a political reality would certainly balk and Jonathon Pollard would be freed.

Baruch Levy
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Please post more! I love it! Meir Kahane, HY"D, was right!