The State of Israel is doing "non Jewish things". What does this lead YOU to think?


- If Israel was a Jewish State, these things [like the destructions and the sealing off of synagogues and Jewish housing] simply would not occur. Or, to change the order of the words, these things can occur, precisely because Israel is NOT a Jewish State. So what is it, you may ask? Well, there are three possibilities: a.) it might be a State of evil Jews who are afraid of the goyim. This hypothesis makes the State of Israel completely useless, because it does not do what it was founded to do, that is to protect its Jews against international Jew-hatred. b.) It might also be a State of the erev rav, a modern day Golden Calf and some now say c.) it is an Amalek State, designed by the UN and the US State Department as a means to destroy the Jewish people.
What is your take, a.), b.) or c.)?

- This is a censored comment on http://mattotarim1.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-post.html and talkback # 19 on Synagogue to be Sealed while Mosque is Built Illegally

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