On Brad Rosen

Welcome to my fb friends Brad. I left the Or Chadash Al Tzion group you put me in as I resist Hellenistic (democratic) initiatives. Should you one day decide to stay OUT of evil knesset and to urge the Jews on the Land NOT to vote for it as we voted for Hashem under Mt. Sinai, when you will tell them to distance themselves from the Golden Calf State as much as they can and when you will lead them to reclaim our authentic Torah institutions, as we are instructed to do, then I'll help you with all my strength. Until then, good luck, Brad.

- This is a message I sent to Brad Rosen, possible future PM of Israel. He heads the Or Chadash Al Tzion party. (Do Jews suppose to do "part-ies" that per definition divide the nation?)

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Jewish Pride Organization said...

Would it be logical to say that you are by far one of the most irrational, shallow minded bloggers out there? You never spoke with me once and you have no clue as to what you are talking about. You are an authentic self hating Jew disguised in a kippa and payot. Save your typical anti Zionist rhetoric for yourself because no one reads your blog and if they do I think they would agree that your ranting of useless topics is mere nonsense. Do yourself a favor don't try and make a living off this or any of your useless rantings, they are lashon hara, something you should try and learn about instead of your pointless blog. What urges you to come down on good Jews and good Jewish movements? You my friend are a disgrace and a walking confused contradiction desperately needing a lesson or two in what it means to be a yid living in israel and not a yid wanting to make israel a shtetl. Please remember you are not a person, but a mere concept, something that needs to be gorged out of the land of Israel, for you bring us down and strip any achdut we may have as a people. If you want to read a true Torah blog, people out there, read mine and not this crazy jew's perception of his shtetlized Israel www.jewishprideorganization.blogspot.com