Dvar Torah Parshat Haazinu by Ariel Ben Yochanan


- Most of the parsha consists of the last song of Moshe Rabinu to the Jewish people. He is warning us of the consequences of violating our covenant with G-d in general and as it says in Devarim (Deut.) 32:21, in particular: “They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them.”
This pasuk is one of my favorites in the Tanach, because if we truly understood its huge significance, and acted upon this “new” understanding, we could dramatically alter the flow of history and do so to our benefit.
So, let’s see what could we learn from this pasuk if we were not as stiffed necked of a people as we actually are and wanted to learn something from our Holy Books ever.
Well, a few things. First of all the fact, that our Arab palestinist enemy is nothing more, and nothing less for that matter, than the execution of a pasuk from our Jewish bible. This, by itself is a revolutionary revelation, as if our rabbis understood this, they’d certainly stopped doing things not called for by the Torah, like bringing korans to Arab villages in an attempt to “pacify” them: The way to pacify them is to follow our Torah, not by bringing them korans!
Then, we could learn if we wanted to, that this vile nation is put in our way by non other than Hashem, our G-d, and as a punishment for a few of our specific sins. This aspect qualifies the situation we are in at present and tells us that we can’t fight our Arab palestinist enemy by fighting them. The only way we can fight them is by returning to Hashem, to our God, by making TSUVA!
Should we do this, the right things individually and as a nation, like building the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, like appointing a king, the Sanhedrin and just courts in every village of the Land, instead of tolerating the Hellenistic institutions of this State of Israel, like the knesset, the so called supreme court and all these goy looking and goyshe thinking prime ministers that know only how to crawl to the States to lick the presidential boots of the Hussein Obama of the moment, this palestinist enemy would dissolve into nothing, like the fog dissolves under the first rays of the morning sun.
On a more elevated level this pasuk also attempts to teach us, that we are a special people and that our strength is not the combined strengths of a shuls and Jewish housing destroying IDF and the IAF and the navy and the border police and the police and who knows what else, nor it is the strength of the State’s alliance with America or with any other foreign nation, but it is, all in all, the Jewish people’s alliance with Hashem, with our G-d, blessed is He and He alone!

Shana tova!

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