Four Jews murdered by Arab terrorists this evening


- Peace doesn't come by negotiations. Peace comes by first winning our war against the enemy.

- This is a talkback on 4 Innocent Jews Murdered by Arab Terrorists, Just Like When Rachella Druk Was Murdered

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Yekutiel Guzofsky: "The words of Rabbi Kahane ring truer today than ever."

- This is an info piece on Kahane Resources


Dear friends,

Lost Kahane Material being reposted on http://rabbikahane.wordpress.com

This is a special day for me to be able to re-publish and present to you these dozens of Rabbi Meir Kahane speeches, interviews, debates on audio, as well as classic writings and parsha commentaries by Rav Binyamin Zev Kahane. This is material that was on Kahane.org and that was temporarily lost and unavailable to the general public online - ever since the Kahane.org site was declared a terrorist organization and had its domain and registrar frozen. This obscene anti-Semitic government action is being challenged legally. However, in the meantime there is no reason to hesitate republishing Rabbi Kahane’s words and message, the only program of survival for the Jewish people, that must be voiced today, more than ever before.


The new Rabbi Kahane blog http://rabbikahane.wordpress.com will be a central hub where these and many more Kahane resources will be published. If you have Kahane pictures, audios, videos, writings or anything else “Kahane” please send me copies on-line or in hard copy so that I can make them available to all on this blog and elsewhere. Materials and contributions can be sent to Guzofskyyekutiel@gmail.com or sent to project Kahane Resources and Archives POBox 6592, Jerusalem, Israel.

What has already been posted over past 36 hours-

Find below a list of what we have posted thanks to E over the past 36 hours, we are working non-stop excluding Shabbat to republish the material. There is plenty more to come – so please keep posted every day to see what new materials have been added to the blog or scroll down to the bottom of the blog page to see older materials. Please advertise this valuable Kahane resource on lists and in emails to friends and become a partner in the Kahane Resources and Archives Project.

You can find in this priceless selection of what we have already posted to the blog over the last day and a half, classic historic writings such as “Listen World”, “Why Be Jewish” and so much more. You can also find incredible and fascinating debates between Rav Kahane and former PM Olmert, MT Mechti, Dershowitz and more together with other speeches and audios. The words of Rabbi Kahane ring truer today than ever.

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Resources that you can already find on the Rabbi Kahane blog:

Audio speeches, debates and interview with Rabbi Meir Kahane Ztk”l, HY”D

Rabbi Meir Kahane at National Press Club

Rav K debates Prof. Dershowitz

Rav K vs Lenny Brener

On Larry King vs MJ Rosenberg

Rabbi Kahane vs Dennis Prager

On 60 minutes vs Ezer Weizman

Debating Olmert on nightline

Speaks about Kach Knesset ban

Rabbi Kahane against Jesse Jackson

Debates Rev. Wyatt T Walker

Raabi Kahane vs Mohanned Mechti

Rabbi Kahane speaks in a shul

Rabbi Kahane at a house-party-88

Rabbi Kahane on Barry Farber show-84

Classic writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane

What will the Goyim say

Goyim Cholent and Torah

Regretting the Exile

It is a Time for Comfort

Dear World

What Makes Bernie Run

The Arabs in Israel

An exchange of populations

I am not ashamed

Avraham and Nancy

A Mezuza

I am a Zionist

Letter from Ramle Prison

The Lemming

Jews and Jews

The G-d of history



Stranger in Thy Midst

I am my brother’s keeper – The story of the struggle for Soviet Jewry

The religious Jew

Much to be proud of

An urgent proposal


Passover – the Holiday of Vengeance

Oylem Goylem

On Jews and Judaism

No it is not peace

Atzmaut – Independence Day -

Why Be Jewish

Why hast thou forsaken me

Who killed Ronen and Lior

To terrorize terrorists

An Israeli Tragedy

They Must Go (Excerpt from book)

In the shadow of the cross

Is the Temple Mount in our hands?

The Temple Mount is in our hands

Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea



Rav Binyamin Zev Kahane on the parsha of the week

Breishith – Creation or Annihilation

Breishith – The Idea preceded the creation of the world


Noach – The nations united, a danger to humanity

Noach – Slow to anger or zealous

Lech-Lecha - Rav Binyamin on his father

Vayera – A forbidden pact, the precedent

Vayera – Who sees and who is a donkey

Chayei Sarah – Everything you wanted to know about Yishmael

Chaye Sarah: The Temple Mount, The Cave of the Patriarchs, Joseph’s Tomb

Chaye Sarah – There is no placing trust in the gentile

Toldot – The Clowns in every generation

Toldot – World War One and Forever

Toldot – Living for the moment vs eternal values

Vayetzei – Yakov Went out and Yakov sat

Vayetze - When it comes to the Jewish Idea – No Changes

Vayetze – Time to go home

VaYishlach- A Torah perspective on the killing of Shechem

Vayislach – Shimone and Levy and collective punishment

VaYeshev- For the righteous there is no tranquility

VaYigash- Who recognizes Yosef

Vayigash – Moshiach Ben Yosef – some basic concepts

Vaygash – Don’t stand by your brother’s blood

Vayigash – On Galut and Geulah

Vayigash – The Exile self-destructs for the comfortable Jew

VaYehi- Sometimes it is good to be deaf

VaYehi- What makes Samson such a hero

Ki Tavo- Should A Jew Be An Ostrich?

Ki Tavo- Why So Many Curses?

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Mixing up


- Mixing up the victims with the aggressors is not helpful. Of course Ben Gurion security wants to see what sets off metal detectors. Why? Because our peace partners invented and perfected a guerilla war tactic against us called terrorism. These terrorists are know to have sent pregnant women looking bombs in ambulances with their sirens on to blow us up. If we let cancer patients through metal detectors, they’d send cancer patients looking bombs. So, the question is this: Do we have to defend ourselves, if we want to live? The answer is: Yes, we do! So, what's wrong with you people? I am sick and tired of articles like this, criticizing the security measures we need, mixing up the victims with the aggressors.. Are these security measures humiliating? For sure they are. Yet and nevertheless, we need them. It is not for fun that the Jews queue all over Israel to go through metal detectors and security checks every time we enter a supermarket, a bank, a public office or go to a cinema or to a restaurant. Is it too high a price to pay for political correctness? Than remove the Arab enemy threat from the streets of our Land of Israel: The Torah demands it, common sense demands it and electors demanded it again and again! Then and only then we will finally be able to dismantle our security infrastructure and sell our used metal detectors to America.

- This is talkback # 36 on Cancer patients humiliated at airport

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Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden


Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden don't know what they are talking about in their immense ignorance. Haredim would love to go to the army, but the army doesn't want them as they are considered not relyable. Sure, they would not execute the illegal and immoral anti-Semitic orders Barak can give to his Russian and Ucranian Cossacks, he filled his army with. Think, the IDF is the only official army in the world today that allows itself to be used to destroy synagogues and Jewish housing, because they are Jewish. Never in our history we were so low, ever!

- This is talkback # 3 on Police ban anti-exemption protest in Bnei Brak center

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As Jews, let’s know better this time around!


- It is amazing how well meaning people, like Mattot Arim, can still think that some good may ever come out from some "government official" or from some "member of knesset". This reminds me of the poor and naive Jews dancing around the golden calf, effected by the deception of the erev rav in the year 2448, over 3300 years ago, probably thinking and maybe even singing: "I Wish Moshe Was Here, I Wish Moshe Was Here, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye. I Wish Moshe Was Here, I Wish Moshe Was Here, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye. Ye, ye, ye, ye, ye".
It is amazing how even well meaning Jews are unwilling or incapable to distinguish between what is Jewish and what is not Jewish. Erev-ravish is not Jewish and our entire present political- and power-structure here in Israel is evil Jew/erev-ravish, including many "rabbis", I’m sorry to say. Even that so-called "chief rabbi of Israel", Yona Metzger, who is none other than the “keep religion under control minister” of the government. He was seen quick to bring korans to the slightly burned mosque, allegedly by Jews, to Yassuf, that is an Arab settlement here in Efraim, in the Shomron, in the very heart of the Land of Israel. I honestly don’t understand how people can continue and refer to him as “rabbi” let alone as a “chief rabbi of Israel”?!
So, here you are, we are living in pre-messianic times, there is a lot of deception and confusion out there and it should be crystal clear to everyone that Hashem wants every Jew to choose Him, by him- or herself, without an outside aide, exercising one’s own free choice, or else.
This is the situation we are in and this is the scenario we should think about every time we recite Havdallah at the beginning of each and every new week: "Blessed are You, Hashem our G-d, King of the universe, Who separates between holy and secular, between light and darkness, between Israel and the nations, between the seventh day and the six days of labor. Blessed are You, Hashem, Who separates between holy and secular.” Amen!
So, let us separate between the holy and the non holy. The State of Israel and its officials, per definition, are not holy and therefore it is unwise to get involved with them at any level: No good, again per definition, can come out of it, ever, as no good came out from dancing around the golden calf. Slipping into idol worshipping is easy and we were warned against it time and again. Why should those warnings not apply for today? Idol worshipping, like worshipping the State, the IDF or any other of its manifestations, may be a result of good will or of a will of good-doing. Therefore we must watch out and watch out extra hard! Our criteria must not be only the good that may be a result of a certain thought or a certain action, but its Torah-compatibility. In the specific, was the State of Israel ever meant to be “democratic”? If not, let’s stop dancing around its institutions. As Jews, let’s know better this time around!

- This is a comment I sent to http://www.mattotarim.org/contact.shtml on the subject of faxing and sending emails to ministers and to members of knesset.

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Optimists or pessimists?


- Yes, Iran must be stopped. But they won't. Because they are cowards. And yes, we'll all pay a VERY heavy price for this. So, the answer is: Those who think Iran will be attacked are the optimists.

- This is a talkback on Word Quiz 2010

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Distorting reality


- "In recent months, we have witnessed an unprecedented attack on Israel's academic freedom" - says Dr. Nitza Berkovitch who, we are told, teaches sociology at Ben-Gurion University and specializes in organizations, globalization, human rights and gender rights. Well, let's use logic and say first, that if Ms. Berkovitch said the truth, she would not have been able to publish her enlightened piece on ynetnews, due to the attack on her "academic freedom". The very fact that she gets published means that she enjoys her academic freedom. Second, we should ask ourselves and interrogate our colleagues on what constitutes "academic freedom". Identifying with and participating in and promoting anti-Jewish activity is "academic freedom"? Is teaching the enemy's propaganda to the new generation is "academic freedom"? Or is it treason? Does Ms. Berkovitch asks herself these questions? If not, why not? Instead of researching on "human rights" would she consider writing a paper on “The Jerusalem gay pride is a march on Jewish rights?” Or on “The right to Torah-truth on the Land of Israel”? Isn't it a strange kind of reversed McCarthyism, not ever being able to talk openly about the so called Jewish character of the state? Why Ms. Berkovitch never complains about that? Isn't hers a distorted reality? And if it is, should we and our youth listen?

- This is talkback # 21 on McCarthyism in Tel Aviv

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Can a State tell people who to talk to and who not to talk?


- This order seems very illegal. How's about freedom of association? Can it be suspended? If so, for how long? Shin Bet Jewish Department seems to be deviated by Stalinist elements.

- This is talkback # 1 on Pearlman banned from contacting rightists

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- This is a comment on The Torah Will Not Stand For An Investigation!

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Friends & Supporters of Perlman


- Friends and supporters of Perlman have no faith in police either: Why not publish an equally in depth interview with them?

- This is talkback # 2 on Victim's son: I have no faith in police

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Barak, Far Removed From Anything Jewish


- Look at this photo of Barak and see the man as he gives an instinctive thumb up gesture to the American representative. Now, this is a gesture made famous by the Roman Emperors, responsible for the destruction of the Jewish kingdom and Jerusalem’s Second Jewish Temple in our history and decided the fate of their many Jewish slaves led to Rome in chains, “death marches” in 70 e.v. One cannot even imagine a more anti-Jewish gesture than this one exhibited by the defense minister with a big smile on his face and it shows just how removed Barak and the State of Israel are from anything Jewish.

- This is talkback # 6 on Barak takes 'responsiblity for orders given during raid'

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Overwhelming strength


- Israel is the only country in the world where a defense minister would send elite troops into battle equipped with toy paintball guns, excepts responsibility for this crazy decision and can stay in power: This just shows how overwhelming is the strength of the United National Suicide Party in Israel's knesset.

- This is talkback # 3 on Barak takes 'responsiblity for orders given during raid'

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The army's image


- The army's image has been hurt and is hurt when it lets itself be used against Jews in Gaza, in Judea, in Samaria, on the beach of Tel Aviv or anywhere else.

- This is talkback # 10 on Attorney general freezes appointment of IDF chief

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