Let’s Stop Voting!


- There are a lot to discuss here and so let me first of all re-thank you Tzipora for bringing these issues to our attention and to pick out one part of one phrase: "..the dissemination of the false, alien culture – and all in the name of the alien, abominable concept of “democracy”. In my view we are at a crucial point here, not just because the goodness of democracy is part and parcel of liberal and of English speaking Jews, but because Rav. Kahane himself had himself run and got elected into the knesset. So how can he and we talk against democracy? The quick answer comes in two points I think. One, the most important one, is that it is not in the Torah. It doesn't say: when you cross the Jordan and enter the Land elect over yourselves a knesset to legislate upon worldly matters whereas keep to My laws in spiritual ones! No. Separation between state and religion is an emancipated concept that has nothing to do with us. We ARE (or meant to be) for His Law, not for ours. For us Hashem, Torah, State, laws and morals are meant to be the very same ONE thing. So, this is one. Two, contemporary culture and politics shamelessly use democracy as an anti-Jewish weapon. We should reject this process all the way from the very beginning. How? By rejecting it. In every possible way, all the way, including the non participation in the vote. Let’s Stop Voting! We already voted, for Hashem, under the Mount, for all our generations. This is the one discriminating factor, the one that makes us Jews.

- This is a comment on Tzipora Liron-Pinner: Parashat Va'etchanan – Some Halachot regarding non-Jews in Eretz Yisrael – Rabbi Meir Kahane

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