Myths and Facts about the Israeli Naval Operation by Yekutiel Guzofsky

Arabs Try to Lynch Israeli Paint-Gun Commandos


If it wasn't so sad it would make great material for a comedy. The Israeli government sends its most elite military unit - its navy seals - to overtake the Turkish terrorist supply ships as they penetrated into Israeli territorial waters with the stated intent of breaking the Israeli naval blockade around the terrorist Hamas entity that controls Gaza. That Israel sees it as a priority to continue blocking the free flow of weapons into Gaza is not the problem. However, the feeble tactics used by the Israeli government to enforce the blockade needs to be studied and never again duplicated.Did Israel use disproportionate and excessive force? The absolute opposite is true – Israel armed its fighters with toy paint-guns, and gave specific orders to all troops not to open fire with their pistols unless their lives were in danger. In fact, the poor soldiers refrained from shooting back until some of their commrades were already being lynched, shot at, firebombed and stabbed.

The Israelis had spent tens of millions of shekels to set up hotel-suite jail cells, cake and coffee, and promised that they would not use unnecessary force to reroute the ships to the Ashdod port, where they would run a security check of all of the items and then transport the cargo, free of charge into Gaza. Israel also announced in advance that they would send all of the Turks and Europeans back to their countries of origin at Israel's expense. The European and Turkish Hamas sympathizers had two goals - to break through the blockade thereby easing present and future restrictions to transport and smuggle weapons freely into Gaza, and to embarrass Israel - knowing just how sensitive and obsessive Israel is about international public opinion. Israel also had two primary goals: To minimize damage to its image and to prevent direct passage into Gaza. In Israel's suicidal and futile quest to be loved by the Gentiles and to look good in their eyes, Israel once again risked the lives of is finest soldiers and civilians, lowering them onto the boats, one by one, armed primarily with toy paint-guns. This was after having undergone weeks of mental preparation to be "sensitive" to the terrorists who were known to be on board along with their radical supporters who came along for the voyage.

Israel's futile attempt to look pretty was doomed to failure from the onset, as the Voice of Judea predicted and published Friday, three days before the dangerous debacle at sea that resulted in severe injuries to several Israeli soldiers and in the deaths of some 15 Hamas sympathizers on the boat. In the prophetic words of that Judean Voice issue: "Israel lacks the means to offset anti-Israel bias on campuses and in the international press. Whatever Israel does, she will be portrayed as the culprit. It is nothing more than extreme stupidity and a mere exercise in futility to enter that uneven playing-field, where the deck (no pun intended) is stacked against Israel. Whatever Israel does she will be treated like an Apartheid state. Thus Israel should focus on one thing and one thing only – the prevention of the ships entering into Israeli waters, by any and all means necessary. Israel needs to make it clear to any and all that if they penetrate Israeli waters, they will be immediately sunk." We continued in our Friday commentary - "Nothing will be gained by placing our soldiers unnecessarily at risk by having them physically board the ships, and face off with terrorists and whatever unknown weapons and surprises await them. We have our limits and our borders and whoever penetrates them do so at their own risk. There is not a sane country in the free world that would have operated any differently than the way we have suggested when faced with a terrorist enemy who seeks to destroy them and to smuggle in weapons to annihilate them."

We even predicted the exact outcome: "Unfortunately Bibi lacks the backbone and the faith to do anything else but to play right into the hands of the terrorists, as he already promised to transport all of he ship's loads to Gaza, while on the other hand, he will not be able to avoid the bloody broadcasts of the Israeli commandos overtaking the boats – giving the Hamas the very victory that he is so frightened to deliver to them. This is the true danger of a secular head of state who lacks faith in G-d and the justice of his cause. For one who is scared of the prophetic scenario for Israel to "dwell alone" in separation and in isolation, and one who places his faith in Washington and who sees the Biblical isolation blessing as a dreadful curse, will inevitably lose out on all fronts and in all worlds. And we urge all to watch closely the unfolding of this saga at sea, because it is apparent that we will see yet another rerun of frightened myopic Jewish leaders, who with all of their insane preparations to greet the enemy boats with kid's gloves - it will all be to no avail. The same tons of supplies will be brought to Gaza and Israel will lose the media battle regardless."

What should be done? Firstly, we must not leave any doubt in anyone's mind that we will not risk one soldier unnecessarily, and we couldn't care less about international opinion. We must do what needs to be done to protect the integrity of our borders and the lives of our people. And if you as much as think about entering Israel by sea, land or air, we will blow you to kingdom's come. Bad P.R.? Better to stay alive with bad P.R. that makes the world boil over with anger at us, than to die and "benefit" from the sympathy at Yad Vashem as they come to cry their crocodile tears and place wreaths of flowers, wreathed with smiles and pity for the helpless Jewish victims. There is no way to buy the love of the Gentiles with misplaced mercy of fools. However, we can achieve respect and fear by taking the necessary steps to secure our borders thereby fulfilling the verse, "And the fear of the Jews has befallen the nations". Indeed the time has come to recover from our Jewish ghetto complex of seeking favor in the eyes of the Gentile, and to replace that with faith in G-d and Jewish power. That is the Jewish way, and the only way to restore Israel's deterrent factor lost at sea and lost when Israel fled Lebanon, surrendered Gaza, froze "settlement" growth, permitted Iran and Syria to pump weapons into Lebanon with impunity and forfeited her sovereignty over the Temple Mount. The situation will continue to deteriorate as long as Israel chooses to fight her battles with toy guns in the futile hope to gain favor in the eyes of her enemies.

The Saga at Sea and the Eaters of Stinking Fish
This latest saga at sea can only remind us of that famous Jewish story where a king sends his servant out to buy him fish. The servant returns with fish that stinks. The enraged king offers his servant to choose one of three punishments: to eat the fish, to pay for the fish, or to take 20 lashes. The servant, not wanting to fork over money, tries to eat the fish, but it is so disgusting, that he stops in the middle, and chooses to suffer the lashes. But the whipping is so painful, that he stops in the middle and finally offers to pay for the fish. And so, the servant ends up paying for the fish anyway, but only after suffering all the other punishments as well. The parable is clear: Israel is so worried about it's world image, that it bends over backward and risks the lives of its soldiers to show they are not aggressors. But in the end, they get condemned anyway, like eaters of stinking fish.


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