Openly betraying the mission


- Netanyahu and the State of Israel are openly betraying the mission of the Jews, that is to be G-d's light onto the nations, rather then just being a partner of them. G-d gave us the Land of Israel precisely to enable us to do just that, to build a perfect society here, based on Torah, without the negative and foreign influences of the nations. Is this move, participating yet another international body, corresponds to this logic? No, it does not. It is the exact opposite and if we consider the Torah - good, as we do, Israel's joining the OECD is the opposite: evil. It seems that Israel's present leaders lost the Jewish vision of things and replaced it with that of the nations. This phenomena is not new in our history and known as Hellenism. At Hanukah we celebrate the Jewish victory over the Hellenists. Let's hope and pray that present-day Jews will likewise be able to turn the tide and make Israel into a truly Jewish State.

- This is a censored talkback on Berlusconi: Israel in OECD can help peace

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