Just say NO to pogroms!


The Cossacks here are the ones who shave their heads and wear uniforms Hendel, not the Jews!

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Pogroms in the Land of Israel are intolerable!


These latest events of Israeli harassment and State violence against Jews clearly document that the foundation of the State in ’48 might not have been after all the “greatest Kiddush Hashem since the partition of the waters of the Sea of Reeds”, as someone put it. Having read about the Altalena affair and having seen the video you publish here it seems quite possible that the so called Jewish State in fact might not be Jewish at all, that the Jewish narrative has been hijacked by a hostile power to Judaism. Even the Jewish folklore and the Jewish symbolism, like the Menorah on the State emblem and the Magen David on the State flag might have been usurped by non-Jews, by the erev rav (mixed multitude), by evil Jews, by an internationalist and assimilationist, anti-Jewish force who’s aim is to promote and enforce an anti-Torah, anti-Jewish agenda. New pogroms in the Land of Israel are intolerable!

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It is interesting to see how an assimiliationist author like Taub takes refuge in promoting Jewish statehood, something that he really hates, just in order to deliver a punch to the face of the even more hated religious settler. But, and there is a huge but here, his punch misses and turns out to be a boomerang, making him fall to the ground. What is the "but"? Simple. Taub is pretending that giving up territory, and let's forget about the morality of it for a second, reinforces the State, whereas holding on to the territory weakens it to the point of "jeopardizing the Jewish State’s [very] existence", as he puts it. This pretense is not only false but 100% false. For there has not been one single withdrawal that reinforced the State in any way and that has not directly caused the loss of Jewish lives. Not one single withdrawal led to the results its defeatist proponents hoped for. Not even Begin's Sinai withdrawal, that people like to like and praise. Only a few days ago Egyptian Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit called Israel an enemy and his country allows dozens of terror groups to operate in the Sinai. The Gaza withdrawal was and still is a disaster on many fronts and what Taub sterilely calls a "partition", would with certainty not bring peace but deadly rocket fire on Tel Aviv. In turn, this would, again with certainty, lead to war, not to peace. Taub projects his views as statists, but in reality they are assimiliationists. There is no place for Judaism in his world view, not even in Israel, not even for Jews. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is called: anti-Semitism.

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Terrible corruption


I'm not a democrat and not a feiglinite. But I think playing with regular election dates is as dirty as a politician can get. A sign of terrible corruption.

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Blatant provocations


If Angel thought Jerusalem was truly the united capital of Israel, he would not have considered a few Jews walking down with Israeli flags in their hands in any of its neighborhoods' streets neither a big deal, nor a “blatant provocation”. The very fact that in order to do just that, the few good Jews effectively had to risk their lives and were in need of massive police and special forces protection, is an alarming indication of the unsustainability of a status quo the Arabs with their international Jew-hater friends are trying to force on us by imposing with violence and with the threat of violence no-go-zones for Jews, in Israel, while their mothers, wives and daughters are happily shopping in Jerusalem’s malls. Equating this murderous Arab stone-throwing Jew-hatred to the Jewish love of Torah, that commands us to hate evil, represented here by the gay march on Jerusalem, clearly is an error and one wonders where an author portrayed here with a kippah could have learned all this nonsense. Maybe it's time for him to consult his rabbi on how to distinguish between right and wrong, between good and evil.

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Not so, Haber!


Dramatizing the situation may add suspense to an article and thus increase the number of its readers, but it does not make it good information.

The fact is that it is unlikely that the events will go the way Haber describes them.

Why? First of all because his presumption is incorrect: everyone knows that Israel under no circumstances can allow Iran to go nuclear, as a.) it would represent an unreasonable risk factor for the State and b.), more importantly, because it would represent an unreasonable risk factor for the political survival of the individual ministers sitting around the table. They know only too well that they can hold on to their turning and tilting leather-covered ministerial armchairs only as long as they guarantee – bottom line - the safety of their electorate. Should this corrupt bunch of partycrats fail to do even this bear minimum Israelis, forced to live under an Iranian nuclear threat would, without a doubt, boot them out.

So, a preventive strike is almost certainly on the cards and it is not so much a question of if but when and the when is not a political issue, but rather an operational one.

It also is possible that the Iranians will lunch a preventive strike to prevent the Israeli preventive strike. They might do it directly themselves or through Hezballah or through Hamas or through any variation on these three.

What is sure that war, and a big one of that, will be and that it will come sooner rather than later.

Now, if an opinionist like Haber had the guts to elaborate on the different scenarios, that I would call "journalism". Sitting us virtually down in the crucial cabinet meeting, without presenting us a single argumentation or a single scenario of the many is just a waste of the readers’ time.

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At the end of the day


At the end of the day G-d's simple peace plan is the one that will work: Israel to the Jews, Arabia to the Arabs. But for that to happen Jews will have to learn how to be Jewish first and negotiating our G-d given Land away is not Jewish. It's treason. Some say Judaism is a culture, not a religion. I say it's a mission. We have to be loyal royalists to the King of the universe, blessed be He, in order to merit the blessing. If not, we'll get the curse. And please, don't come and say that we haven't been warned sufficiently enough in the past.

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Direct result


This situation is the direct result of giving up on our Lands for "peace". How's about this author calling for Sinai to be re-taken, instead of keeping it Judenfrei?

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What is embarrassing is to have a State, declared on parts of Eretz Israel, that calls itself "Jewish", yet refuses to do anything to this end, and continue to insist on being secular and "democratic", leaving only the religious Jew without a state. The xtians have their Vatic*n and numerous xtian states, the Muslims idem, have Arabia, Iran, etc., the secular Jews have Israel, only the religious Jew has nothing, articles that make fun of him, right before Independence day. Isn't that terrible? Well dear Yechiel Fleishman, go and read a copy of the Declaration of Independence and find that there is no mention of “democracy” there, but the “book” is mentioned: this country owes a lot to its Torah observant population as it seems that they are the only ones who understand that our claim to the Land is based on nothing but the Torah.

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Seculars keep forcing


Seculars keep forcing their pagan agenda on the Jews. Same goes for "yom hashoa" holocaust memorial day, celebrated the wrong way, the wrong time. Jews pray and fast in mourning, never in Nissan.

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Of course there is an explanation


Of course there is an explanation. It's just that you continue not accepting it: "If Israel repent, they will be redeemed. Otherwise, God will bring a king whose decrees are harsher than Haman's, and they will repent and be redeemed.." (Sanhedrin 97b)

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A case study


A case study on how to write an article on the "holocaust", without ever mentioning G-d. More than His Name, His project for the Jewish people is the real unlearned lesson, a refusal that I have no doubt will have dire consequences on us all. Again, people are trying and hoping to outsmart Hashem and get away with it: it won't work.

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IDF more scared of religious nationalist youth than of leftist traitors By Yekutiel Guzofski


The recent breaking of the Anat Kam spy story in Israel is very scary indeed. It is scarey, not because Anat Kam is an ordinary left of center Israeli who truly maintains an ideology that fully justifies stealing military secrets and passing it on to the media to embarrass and foil IDF operations; not because Israel’s most respected newspaper “Haaretz” published some of the stuff in the past, after she handed some 2000 documents to Haaretz correspondent Uri Blau; not because the Shin Bet and Israeli Attorney General made a crazy and dangerous deal with Blau, offering him immunity if he returns all of the stolen classified docs; not because Blau at the advice of “Haaretz” reneged on the deal and fled to England; not because the info can now easily reach the hands of hostile enemy elements, if it has not already done so; not because the Shin Bet could not find the source of the leak to the media, in spite of the fact that Anat Kam was one of only a handful of people who had access to that information in the Central Command headquarters, when she was a soldier secretary there; not because she was given clearance in the first place; not because some of the stuff effectively snuck through Israeli censorship in the past, long before she was ever arrested as a suspect; not because she was almost accepted into the Shin Bet when she applied; not because Haaretz and many of the judges and politicians and policy makers who read it see nothing wrong with Kam’s or Blau’s treasonous behavior, - BUT BECAUSE ONLY G-D KNOWS HOW MANY KAM’S THERE ARE OUT THERE WHO WOULD SELL ISRAEL OUT IN A SECOND.

But more frightening than all is the fact that dozens of loyal Israeli youth are rejected from serving in the army and thrown out of the army every month because of their religious and nationalist views, and because of their refusal to fight against fellow Jews or to expel Jews from their homes. A Jewish youth with a large scull-cap is viewed as a greater security risk than leftist traitors.

Any Jewish youth from a “settlement” is drilled by army psychologists in multiple sessions to verify that they would indeed follow orders to expel their families from their homes, however, no drilling and psychological evaluations are given to leftist youth before they are inducted into the army, to verify if they would aid the enemy.

13 year-old Jewish girls from “settlements” are arrested and held without bail together with criminals for partaking in civil-disobedience protests, while leftist adult traitors are released on bail and placed into house-arrest, as is the case with Anat Kam.

Haartez, the rest of the Israeli media, the court system and the politicians of Israel have groomed and created the Anat Kams of the world, and now the rooster has come home to roost. What will the politicians do now – what will the judges do now – arrest themselves for preaching the suicidal ideology that now has risen up against its creator in a struggle to destroy what is left of tiny Israel?


You can remove the Temple from the buses


You can remove the Temple from the buses, but you can not remove it from our prayers and from our hearts. The Third Jewish Temple on The Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be built, in our time, please G-d. The Arabs are there in its place only temporarily, they belong to Mecca, in Arabia and they know it. G-d will make arrangements in a way that they will go back to where they came from at the first place, to Arabia. They have no business in being in Eretz Israel. This Arab citizens and Arab members of knesset in Israel nonsense has only to do with the secular law, it has no basis whatsoever in Judaism. Especially that they are waging a war on us.

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No, it’s the other way round!


NO, it’s the other way round! Our security would be at risk should we allow the de-Judaization of Judaism here in Israel as it happened and continues to happen in America. The simple truth is that the security of the Jews is in G-d's hands, not in Mr. Hussein's. Is it not terrible, terrible, terrible that some of these de-Judaized use the security argument against Israel in an attempt to prove themselves right and scare us and blackmail us into changing the Torah according to society, instead of doing what Jews should be doing, changing society according to Torah? What Jewish value there is in being “secure” as the nations? By the way, the lady on the pic forgot to cover her head, a Torah commandment. Is she equally lax respect of the laws of nida, family purity? And those of the Shabbat? Does she drive to her shul sorry, temple, on Shabbos? [She also wears jewelry and makeup, anything but modest]

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Why were the Jews not outraged


Why were the Jews not outraged, especially the Roman community, when this "chief rabbi" on the pic invited this German national to his synagogue? Why was and is Jewish silence in front of the obvious Torah desecration? Isn't there one (1) rabbi in the whole world who would stand up against this latest and public huge Chilul Hashem (desecration of G-d's Name) and condemn the visit? We need Torah observant rabbis, not politicians, in key rabbinical positions!

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