Appeal for Pollard by Baruch Levy


Last night I saw a video of a meeting between Jonathon Pollard's wife and the chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Yonah Metzger. It is quite clear that Esther Pollard is in fear for her husband's life.

Unfortunately, this clip will only be seen by a very small part of the Jewish public. Thus, I am contacting you directly to please diffuse this letter as much as you can and take action for Jonathon Pollard. You can call of fax the White House, 202-4561414, 202-456-1111 or send them an email to president@whitehouse.gov

As it is well known, Pollard enraged anti-Semitic circles in the US State Department and elsewhere, in other places of power, for his "audacity" as a Jew, to play "hard ball" with the government in international affairs and in reaction to how the government treats Israel all the time. Furthermore, his incarceration and his intended impending demise there G-d forbid, most likely prevents the exposure of all kinds of important figures in these very matters.

To say the least, President Obama is indifferent to the fate of Jonathon Pollard. The attitude of past Presidents has not been much different either. To a large degree, this is not surprising: Much of the American Jewish community has been reluctant to get involved, weary to be labeled as citizens with dual loyalty.

However, after the report by Ester Pollard, that Jonathon Pollard's health is listed as to be in critical condition after having an emergency operation, if Jonathon is to live, this Jewish indifference must immediately stop.

American Jewry must make it clear that they hold President Obama directly responsible for Jonathon Pollard's fate. Should anything happen to him, American Jewish support for Obama will plummet from 80% to zero. Obama, a man of great political aspiration but of amorphous values, confronted by such a political reality would certainly balk and Jonathon Pollard would be freed.

Baruch Levy
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On the "Israel is a Jewish State" myth


- H*tler's propaganda minister, G*ering reportedly said that if you repeat a lie long enough, people will believe it’s true. I see you keep hammering this "Israel is a Jewish State" myth Yacov. So, I'd like to ask you to dedicate five minutes of your time to think this over and challenge you to come up with 1 (one) item that is not a personal offence, that actually proves this widely held opinion. Thank you.

- This is comment # 2 on Numbers (1980)

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Just another lefty attack on Lieberman


- Also, if we take into consideration that the foreign ministry is the hasbara arm of the government, it can be assumed it didn't do a very good job of it, did it? One. Two, Israel meant to dwell alone, so the less we do with the nations, the better it is. Be it for choice or lack of funding.

- This is a talkback #12 on Israeli diplomats packing bags

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On Israel not being a Jewish State


- Of course I don't speak Lashon Hora Anonymus, learn your Torah. I'm fed up of people trying to shut me up with false and incorrect insinuations. Go and learn before accusing others with nonsense: Certainly easier to do than to think with one's own head. Tell me instead Anonymous, what makes you think that Israel a Jewish State? They told you so? OK, not enough, you see. Give me 1 (one) characteristic of the State that makes it Jewish and I promise you, I'll change my mind

- This is a comment on Delegitimizing Joke

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I don’t send and I don’t receive xmas greetings


- I don’t send and I don’t receive xmas greetings. It is not only disrespectful to the memory of the millions of Jewish victims of xtians but it is against halacha, Jewish Law.

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How can we know that Israel is NOT a Jewish State?


- Easy. Jews don't wish marry xmas to xtians. PM Netanyahu does. What a loser!

- This is a comment on PM Netanyahu's Christmas Greetings

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You are dead wrong Uri Avnery, here is why:


- If you said what you had to say in the States or in any foreign land - but in Israel, you would be right. But in the Land of Israel you are wrong. Dead wrong. Why? Because this is not only reserved territory, but it is THE reserved territory by G-d for Jews. That’s the difference. Here, it doesn't matter that according to “Herzl, Max Nordau, Chaim Weizmann, Ze’ev Jabotinsky and David Ben-Gurion, any young man or woman who arrives from Russia, and even more so if they serve in the IDF, are Jews in every way”. Here, my dear Hellenist, on the Land of Israel, G-d's Torah is Law of the Land, here so called Jews like you cannot improvise and think it up for themselves. Here, and only here, we have to go by the Torah not only in our private lives but in our public and national lives as well and let G-d decide what is right and what is wrong and who is a Jew and who is not. The one who comes from Russia and serves in the IDF might be a lovely person and a good, even an excellent Israeli. But serving in the IDF doesn't make him a Jew, not because he wouldn't deserve it, but because G-d didn't intend it this way. And, because the IDF proved it thinks as you do, it is unqualified to take care of conversions. If we played in Uganda, you'd be right. But your secular entity, the democratic republic of Israel, is right on top of the Holy Land of the Jews, reserved to us by G-d through our forefathers, Abraham, Yitzhak and Yaacov to be Jewish on it, not to be secular, negating His very existence. If this secular entity of yours wants to play according to its own laws, as it does, let it fall or let it go somewhere else. Right now it's suffocating the Jews who are here to play out G-d's plan for us and for the world. We are here Uri, to serve G-d and that's the reason we have to act with responsibility here and by that I mean within what is our Jewish mission. The Jewish mission is the Torah, not the human Hertzl, Weizmann or Avnery thought. We are not about having gays marching on Jerusalem and adopting children and goyim infiltrating our towns and dating with our daughters and sisters here, selling pork and chametz on Pesach. These are wholy disgusting, goyshe, foreign, Hellenistic ideas. Go and invent for yourself a so called Jewish state somewhere else, if you don’t want to play according to halacha, Jewish Law. Don't mess with my Holy People, with my Holy Torah and with my Holy G-d, blessed is He, on my Holy Land!

- This is talkback #25 on Simple solution to problem

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This IDF conversion bill is absurd


- I propose the Electricity Board to be in charge of the conversions to Judaism in Israel [ironic]. At least they don't uproot Jews from their houses in the middle of the night and don't destroy synagogues in the Land of Israel, as the IDF does.

- This is talkback # 11 on Yishai: Likud fears Yair Lapid

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In line with halacha


- This is in line with halacha, Jewish Law. We don't suppose to praise them. It's telling that once the State does something right, not allowing the Arab fire fighters in for the ceremony, it does it right by error

- This is a slightly extended version of talkback # 8 on Insulting our Arab friends

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To gay "C" # 17 Those who against


- Let me explain. Those who are against are not against because of the merit of the case, but because it is against Torah. No matter how fabulous a homosexual orgasm might be, no matter how well adopted kids may be growing up in a homosexual so called family, it is still against the Torah and as such it is against the Jews and as such it is against G-d and as such it is evil and as such it determines the State's character as "non Jewish". In stake here is not the quality of life of parents and children, a child of a surrogate mother, poor thing: What is in stake here is Judaism itself and the State's inability or unwillingness or both to protect it. Now, you might say this is a "dati", religious opinion and has nothing to do with you. Fair enough, so let me give you the secular consequence of this: If the State of Israel is incapable or unwilling to protect Jews and Judaism, than what is it for? With other words, if you empty out the State of its primary raison d'etre, you are de facto destroying the State. Is that what you want?

- This is talkback # 26 on Legal precedent: Child to be adopted by father's partner

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Jewish State?


- A frontal attack on Torah in the so called Jewish State! There is no way Hashem will forgive us for this and for other misbehaving.

- This is talkback # 5 on Legal precedent: Child to be adopted by father's partner

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Israelism vs Judaism


- I wonder how can anyone seriously suggest that an organization like the IDF, that routinely carries out immoral and anti-Torah missions, like the destruction of Jewish homes and synagogues on the Land of Israel, should be entrusted with the handling of conversions to Judaism. If a soldier to be converted by the IDF, for example, refuses to participate in an operation like the destruction of the Federman farm in Hebron, a halachicly correct decision, could or could he not be threatened by his IDF commander to be taken off from his conversions program and forced into making anti-Torah decisions, in line with the anti-Jewish activity of the IDF, now also his conversion authority? Recently the IDF gave a Jewish burrier to a non-yet-Jewish soldier, giving clear proof of its inability or unwillingness to distinguish between halacha, Jewish Law, and wishful, non Jewish or at times outright anti-Jewish thinking. Delicate as they are, conversions can not be based on ambiguity and on political pressure from the secular and from the secularist establishment: Like it or not Judaism’s deity is Hashem, our G-d, blessed is He, and not the State of Israel or its army. Entrusting a non Jewish body with the administration of Judaism at this time is tantamount to the declaration of a new, State of Israel worshipping replacement religion: “Israelism”. If this became of religious Zionism, I’m not signing up to it. Are you?

- This is a censored talkback on End conversion monopoly

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- How can an organization, the IDF, that destroys Jewish homes and synagogues on the Land of Israel entrusted with conversions, is a mystery to me. Actually it is not. It just shows me that the State of Israel is bent on destroying the Jews, Judaism and G-d, by posing as Jewish

- This is talkback # 8 on IDF conversions pass preliminary reading

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The immorality of an assimilationist


- Why don't we rather talk about the immorality of - again - letting Eretz Israel to be run by the foreign morality of the Hellenists? Torah-truth and authentic Jewish values and ideas must replace the rampant and corrupt assimilationist secularism of the self declared Jew, who want Israel to be a "nation amongst the nations". It - is - not. If the ruling elite wants Israel to be recognized as a Jewish State by others, first it must make sure it is recognized as such by the Jews themselves and run this country according to at least some Jewish content. Being separated from and not to have actively idol worshipping or hostile goyim with us on the Land is just one of these basic, Torah conditions and the author, if Jewish, would do well to accommodate it. A red line is crossed when rabbis, or any Jew for that matter, are required to false Torah and be politically correct.

- This is a talkback on Say no to Jewish ghetto

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On Rabbi Abraham PhD in Physics


- Dear so called rabbi Abraham, it seems that you'd better stick to teaching physics rather than halacha. Your article on halacha in fact is as unscholarly as an article can get, in as much as it brings down not one single halachic source. Of course you have the right to express your opinion, your feelings and the like, but without sources it really remains just that: Your opinion, your feelings and the like. Besides, asking for the firing of these courageous rabbis constitutes a clear attack on religious freedom and brings into one’s mind the People’s Republic of China’s treatment of the Tibetan monks. Also, rabbis have to teach Torah Law and if one brings your suggestion, that rabbis teach the State’s laws, to its logical consequence, it would mean that according to you the State is god, which evidently is not the case. So, it seems dear idol-worshipping Abraham, the one who should go back to school is you, not the courageous, Torah-observing rabbis you try to demolish.

- This is talkback # 9 on Falsifying Jewish law

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On the crash of the euro (dollar, yen, etc)


- That's all crap, we discussed this before. Of course these are ALL monopoly moneis, but they float, because people buy them. If you don't understand what "money" is - or rather what it is not, see the five Money as Debt videos on YouTube

- B"H - Well, I do my best to convince my fellow Jews that we need to push for and apply what our Torah puts forward as a model for the economy: Responsibility for debt, therefore no limited-responsibility companies, gold and silver Shekel given at no interest to Jews, low taxation, Jubilee and Shmita years to annul runoff gain, voluntary welfare with obligatory safety net, just to mention a few items on the menu. What we need and what the world needs is a Torah State in Eretz Israel for the Jews, to be a perfect society show-case for the nations. But to get there, dollar, euro, yen, ruble, rupee and now the Chinese renminbi even will have to crash first. So, I see these collapse news as a good sign: Messiah maybe coming, on his way.

- These are two comments I left on Yonason Herschlag's Photo

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NO al Flotilla 2,3,4 o 5


- 1.) Diciamo NO al terrorismo e ai fiancheggiatori dei terroristi. Quattro bombe furono sparate sulla popolazione civile israeliana da Gaza, solo quattro giorni fa!

2.) Diciamo NO all'uso improprio e "politico" dei poteri degli ordini professionali!

3.) Diciamo NO all'uso improprio dei fondi messi a disposizione agli ordini professionali per tutelare e per governare le professioni.

4.) L'appiattimento politico a favore del regime di Hamas da parte dell'Ordine dei giornalisti italiani, rilevatosi nell'iniziativa pro Flotilla 2, è ancora più sciagurato, in quanto discrediti tutta la professione e tutti i professionisti del giornalismo italiano.

Ariel Ben Yochanan (Andras Bereny)
Ebreo vivo

- This is an email sent to the Italian Order of Journalists - Questa è una email che ho inviato a odg@odg.it, che è l'Ordine dei Giornalisti Italiani. Siete pregati di seguire l'esempio. Grazie

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Editorial extremism


- That Tibi is allowed to preach on halacha, on Jewish Law, is nothing short of - surprising: A new low point to mark in the ynet pit. Did I read this piece? Of course not. According to halacha, Jewish law, we should not do business with them AND we should not listen to what they say either. Torah is Torah you see, not democracy or politically correct.

- This is a censored talkback on "The Jewish anti-Semitism" by Ahmad Tibi

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- Survivors would do better not to let themselves be used for political campaigns not so much against a few courageous rabbis, but against Judaism and G-d.

- This is talkback # 4 on Survivors to rabbis: Nazis wouldn't rent to Jews

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Straightforward halacha


- This campaign, not so much against some (few) courageous rabbis, but against halacha, Jewish Law, must stop! The prohibition to buy from or to sell to or to lend or lease anything to or from Arabs is a straightforward halachic matter and the State should keep out of it. If it does not, it’ll lose, as G-d and our Sages are a higher source of law than the men in the knesset. Those who go by universal human values misrepresent Jewish values and should go and live with the nations in the galut.

- This is talkback # 3 on Survivors to rabbis: Nazis wouldn't rent to Jews

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Video: We Are Family of Dictators

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Important piece


Very good! Important piece falks, reread it once a week and correct your ways accordingly.

- This is a comment on Havdalah!

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Goyshe money to pay for new trees? Yes? NO!


- I'm on the mailing list of Israel's Rome Embassy and they diffused a KKL world wide fund raising campaign for 10 to 100.000 euro contributions for after-the-fire emergency reforestation. Now this worries me, as some of these funds will come from goyim and will be plugged into the Land, literally, in the form of trees. Just another controversial aspect, for which we will have to be punished - again. Besides, in their letter soliciting funds, the KKL describes the age of some of the burned trees as “older than the State of Israel”. This too worries me a lot, as these people define time now as Before and After - the Foundation of the State of Israel. B.F.S.I. – A.F.S.I.? Absurd. Want an example of what I’d call “extreme mamlahtism”? My father was born in 23 B.F.S.I., I made Aliyah in 56 A.F.S.I. and my mother died in 57 A.F.S.I. How do you like that? Put things in contemporary Israeli context, doesn’t it?

- This is a comment on Proudly Defending Eli Yishai

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Evolution of Terror


- The Evolution of Arab Terrorism

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There is a Message in the Fire


- I don't see it as an "accident" that the victims of the fire are almost all people who actually carry out the State's anti-Jewish agenda against its Jews and against almost anything Jewish on the Land: prison-guards and police. I also don't see the fire itself as a "terrible" accident. I see it as a message of Hashem and a deserved punishment: We failed to build the Temple so far in Jerusalem, we failed to re-establish our Jewish institutions and our Jewish way of life and we are constantly doing all sorts of terrible Chilul Hashem here. So, Hashem has withheld His rain from us for seven years now and what did He do with it? He poured it on cursed Pompei, where He, again, destroyed a building, this time with the very rain He withheld from us. Pouring "our" rain on Pompei may be Hashem's way to tell us to rebuild our Temple in Jerusalem NOW. Draught, fire and "evacuation" of Jews from their houses on the Holiest of Lands are clean and deserved signes of Hashem doing an "op", as the IDF loves to call in English its operations.

- This is a comment to a fb invitation to pray for the victims of the fire in Israel's North. I think I will rather pray for the Jewish people to learn and read our G-d's messages - and to act upon them. We are not innocent victims on the nations' hand any more: We are active participiants in the building of our future in the Land, in close partnership with Hashem, our G-d, King of the universe. Here, we cannot afford to improvise and act like fools, as if He didn't exist.

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Re: # 3 MG Why am I as legal in Tapuah as I'd be in Tel Aviv


- In terms of International law, you would be right if Israel "occupied" "Palestine" in '67. But it did not. Israel occupied a Jordanian occupied land, the "West Bank", therefore the clause you are refering to is not applicable and I am as legal in Tapuah as I'd be in Tel Aviv. One. Two, in terms of divine Jewish Law, and even according to the koran, this Land is reserved for Jews only. The rest is simple Jew-hatred.

- This is talkback # 75 on Settlers’ rights trampled

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Dems controlled U.S. Senate Outlaws G-d's food

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Happy Chanuka?


- Democracy is a Greek word "demos" meaning people and "cratos" power: People's power. Judaism doesn't believe in people's power, we go by Hashem-power. The Chanuka holiday celebrates the Lights and the Light yes, but mainly the victory of Hashem-cracy over demo-cracy. Let's not forget this most important of aspects today when, again, the Jewish people suffer under a hegemony of the Hellenists.

- This is a comment on Festival of Lights

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Why no one says we are being punished? Why is there so much arrogance?


- Wouldn't it be better also to THINK about why Hashem may withhold His rain from us and CORRECT our ways? The day there was a little demonstration against the building freeze in Yehuda ve Shomron in the morning, it rained in the afternoon.

- This is talkback # 6 on Driest November Since '62 Unites Secular & Religious in Prayer
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What's in a name?


- This christian wolf, German president Christian Wulff, is pushing for a "palestinian state" in Eretz Israel, telling us that it is good for our security. Right, just like the deportation of the Gaza Jews was bringing us peace and security.

- This is talkback # 1 on 'Israel, Germany share special connection'

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Re: #16 The Case For a Jewish Israel


- You invite us to go and read the Declaration of Independence. OK. Please note that even if it was mainly done by socialists, there are no words like "democracy" or "democratic" in there. Yet the "book", read the Torah, is mentioned. So, this is one: Israel, the State, not the people who live here, SHOULD have a Jewish character. Two, the word "democracy" is a Greek word, "demos" meaning people and "cratos" meaning power: people's power. Now, Judaism is not about people's power, quite the opposite, it's about people submitting themselves to the power of Hashem, our G-d. With other words one could say that Judaism is "Hashem-cratic", and not demo-cratic. As you can see, these two are objectively conflicting systems, as far as the flow of authority is concerned. By the way, at the upcoming Hanukah holiday we celebrate the victory of Hashem-cracy over the Hellenists' demo-cracy. I could go on and on, but let me just ask you here, why don't you take out your anger let's say on the Vatican - not a very democratic place, reserved for xtians only, or on Saudi Arabia, idem for Muslims only. Why don't you pretend democracy and modernity in these places? Why do you have a problem only with us, Jews, having a place for ourselves, where we can play according to our Book? Why is this most holy of places, Eretz Israel, has to be run according to foreign principles and practices, like Italy, France, Germany or Poland? Are we Italians, French, German, Polish or Jews? Wouldn't it be fair and [even] "democratic" to give the Jews, not more, but the same rights other nations enjoy all over the world?

- This is talkback # 21 on The Jewish identity

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Softly, but well said


- Incredible as it may sound, to voice basic and fundamental truths about Judaism like this, one needs courage and a certain dose of self-censorship in Israel today: a sign that the leftist secular elite totally disfigured this country over the years.

- This is talkback # 4 on The Jewish identity

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- "Rabbi" Yuval Sherlo is a discredited figure in the Jewish world and the fact that Ynet's "Jewish World" quotes him - discredits the editors too. You cannot sell for Torah what Torah is not.

- These are talkbacks # 4 and # 16 on Rabbi okays renting apartments to Arabs

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Hendel's "larger picture"


- If the "palestinians" and their American friends, president Hussein Obama pushed for a freeze, say on the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Tel Aviv area, according muslim law, in exchange for a rich bribe, would you still go for it? Would you? That's precisely the point: Of what you and what we as a nation, consider our way of life and national purpose. The secular approach contends with survival, with life for life's sake. The Jewish approach wants to fulfill a purpose in and with life, a somewhat elusive sanctification of G-d's name. This is the difference. Freezing Jewish only building anywhere or stopping the sale of alcohol, to appease the muslim, would clearly be a desecration of G-d's name, therefore not to be done by any Jew ever. The other side of the coin is that should the State of Israel freeze Jewish only building in Judea-Samaria or should it order to stop the sale of alcohol in T.A., it would indicate that the character of the State is not Jewish, but muslim. The “larger picture” is this, Hendel, not the value of the bribe. The bribe is only there, if it is there, to separate us from our core Jewish values.

- This is talkback # 9 on Settlers should be smarter

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And What About Jewish Rights?!


- On Jewish rights and religious freedom in Israel

This is the view from my bedroom window in Kfar Tapuah. The desolate white shed under the little water tower is the Tapuah West Shul, the synagogue where I pray. Yes, I am a Jew and what is even worst, dear world, I live in the biblical Land of Israel of our forefathers. A place that you prefer to call by its Jordanian occupation name even if it was liberated more than 40 years ago: the “West Bank”.

This is one of the bookshelves for the holy books, opposite the entrance

This is the view from my seat of the Aron, the cabinet where our Torah scroll is placed, the Bima, the table where we read it and another bookshelf in the corner for other holy Jewish books.

This area, Judea and Samaria is presently ruled over by the IDF’s Civil Administration and they thought well to serve a demolition order on the little white shul where I pray.

The demolition order

This is not the first time the IDF acts this way and to my mind this document alone proves that the IDF is not a Jewish army and that the character of the State of Israel is not Jewish: Jews would not even think of, let alone threaten the destruction of a synagogue, even if it was put up without a civilian or military permit. The Jews, you see, don’t need authorization from arrogant and hostile humans who think they are kings: We have a long standing authorization from the highest of authorities, from The One King of kings, from our G-d, Hashem, blessed is He.

What use is there for a so called Jewish state, if it can not or would not shield its Jews against international anti-Semitism? Wouldn’t we be better off in a Poland or in a Germany, where governments actually restructure and renovate old synagogues?

This brings me to a final thought on this, to the question of religious freedom in Israel. “.. A fundamental human right, an essential element to any stable, peaceful and striving society” even according to a non particularly friendly politician to the Jewish people, Hillary Clinton. What religious freedom a Jew like me enjoys in Israel today, with a demolition order hanging over the shul where he prays?

I’m asking you to please help save our Tapuah West Synagogue and with it, our Jewish way of life and Jewish values here. You can make a difference by Sharing this note and by phoning up some of these ministers below and telling them not to allow the destruction of any more Jewish buildings, especially shuls: a Chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's Name, for crying out loud!

משה כחלון M. Cachlon 050-6845584 * יולי אדלשטיין Yuli Edelstein 050-3334298
גלעד ארדן Gilad Erdan 050-5936500 * משה בוגי יעלון Bogy Yaelon 0505313133 050-6625555
גדעון סער Gideon Saar 050-6343111 * יוסי פלד Yossi Peled 0525003060;
יובל שטייניץ Yuval Steinitz 052-3853280 * סילבן שלום 0506208500 Silvan Shalom
ד"ר בני בגין 0506234538 Benny Begin * ישראל כץ 0506233939 Israel Katz
עוזי לנדאו Uzi Landau 054-2424454 * סופה לנדבר Sofa Landver 050-4357060
אביגדור ליברמן 0548000333 506203006 Avigdor Liberman
פרופ' דניאל הרשקוביץ 0506202119 Daniel Hershkowitz
יעקב מרגי 0504963737 Yakov Margi * אלי ישי Eli Yishai 0545444444 0506240933 050-6240925
אריאל אטיאס Ariel Atias 0549900011 * לימור לבנת Limor Livnat 0505200050
סטס מיסזניקוב Stas Miszanikov 0503833776 * יצחק אהרונוביץ Yizhak Aharonovich 0505603158
משולם נהרי Meshulam Nahary 0507440120

If you call from outside of Israel, please substitute the initial zero with 972, Israel's international code. Thank you.

- This is a censored comment on US State Dept: Israel Similar to Iran, Iraq and Sudan and a censured talkback on Settlers to hold mass rally Sunday

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The Netanyahu government


- If an Israeli government is unable or unwilling to protect the Jews against international anti-Semitism, and a building freeze request for Jews only is just that, than it fails in one of its most important duties and should be immediately replaced with one that can.

- This is talkback # 22 on Netanyahu: US proposal not final and a comment on Nowhere

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With the difference


- With the difference that in Israel it doesn't matter how people vote. Prime ministers and successive governments have shown they have no problem whatsoever in executing their rivals' programs. See Begin, who gave away the Sinai, Sharon who did what Mitzna promised, Bibi who gave away Hevron, Dayan who handed over the key of the Temple Mount to Judaism arch-enemies and so on and so forth. Bunch of evil clowns with zero Jewish consciousness. Is the Yesh council any different? Where is the "a" for Azza eh, Mintz? See http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com/2010/01/wallerstein-traitor-amongst-traitors.html

- This is talkback # 15 on The price of arrogance

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On Eldan: We Want Jewish Looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats


- "Eldan's face was the first to greet hundreds of presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and senior diplomats upon arrival to Israel."
- We Want Jewish Looking, Jewish Thinking Diplomats, not these goy looking erev rav. Besides, how does Eldan know the African ambassador stopped beating his wife? Maybe he beat her up so badly for going to the police that she never dared to do it again.

- This is talkback # 1 on Master of diplomacy

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What a screwed up Orwellian language!


- There is no "Israeli-Palestinian dispute" that can be resolved. There is a massive block of Muslim rejection of anything non Muslim, called Jihad, and the Arab-Israeli conflict is just one aspect of it, specific in space and in time.

- This is talkback # 11 on Obama: Peace talks face enormous obstacles

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On the state of the State of Israel


- I wonder what makes you think that the State of Israel is either Jewish or democratic. I think it's neither. I think it's a Golden Calf State and an erev rav oligarchy. The sorry fact is that the Jews don't have a state today and that we are in such a state of national and individual confusion that we don't even realize it.

- This is a comment on Balancing Act

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Anoher anti-Jewish act


- Sealing off the El Matan synagogue is an anti-Jewish act and it proves once more that the State of Israel is not a Jewish entity, or if it is, it is in the hands of halachicly evil Jews.

- This is a censored talkback on Agreement: Settlers to seal El Matan synagogue

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Rabbi Lemming is back from India!


- Dear Rabbi Lemmings, Welcome back from India, I missed you so much! I heard (only!) the introduction to the Havdalah song of Ms. Caron Dale and I must say her revolutionary understanding of the Havdalah concept deeply moved me and I think you have a lot in common with her and maybe you would want to consider contacting her for future possible collaboration.

With love of the real Jewish idea of peace and harmony uber alles jaaa

Ariel Ben Yochanan
(Please call me, I'm ready to do anything necessary for Peace)..(ah, and for Harmony)

- This is a comment on Dancing Cousins - The Rabbi Lemming Radio Show - My Return From India (audio)

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The Next Round


- If "the next round will be much bigger, much wider in scope and with many more casualties", as Yadin predicts, than past and present politicians in charge of the country, including the coffee-sipping Livni, should be held responsible for their carelessness, because it is them who allowed the gradual worsening of the situation by the premature signing of UN sponsored ceasefire deals. That Iran is allowed to accumulate enough nuclear material for a bomb is outright criminal and shows the inadequacy of this whole, knesset-based, ruling elite. One gets the impression that with Torah Law and with Torah institutions in place, as opposed to the present Hellenistic ones, Jews would be a lot safer in Eretz Israel.

- This is talkback # 19 on Intelligence chief: Don't be fooled by calm

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Some view this with enthusiasm, Mr. Loser


- Some settlers, like myself, view this prospect [to stay on the Land without the "protection" of the IDF] with enthusiasm. The ones who don't, will leave this Land with the IDF and become TA coffee-shop worshippers, just like Taub himself. The ones who'll decide to stay on will be blessed by Hashem and establish a Torah State here with Torah institutions in place, running the show. Just courts will sprung up in every village, administering halacha, Jewish Law, not the Ottoman-English-Barak-knesset mixture that Israel is using now. For the first time in 2000 years there will finally be Jewish sovereignty on the Jewish Land of Israel: The way G-d intended it. The finances will be also Torah based finances. Between other things it will mean no inflation, free credit to Jews and tax rates nearer to 10% rather than to the present 50% level. These things will make Judea & Samaria a booming Monaco-like free-zone economy within a few months, not years after the withdrawal of the IDF. Instead of a concentration of limited responsibility company registrations, that are illegal under Torah Law, to Judea & Samaria the Jewish owners of businesses will flock and their presence will finance not only an ideologically committed, therefore cheap defense effort but the economy as a whole. One of our first deeds in our modern Medinat kingdom will be to hunt down the Arabs who burn their trash, contaminating our holy precious mountain air here, just to mention one deed that the Israeli rule fails us on. Jewish tourism will be allowed in and beautiful permanent stone villas and hotels with breathtaking panoramic views will be built on our precious hilltops, replacing the scruffy caravans Israeli rule forces on us. The area will become the world-wide center of Torah learning and practice and maybe, just maybe, the Messiah of this righteous generation will not shy away from revealing himself to the world. So Taub please, go press ahead with your evil-intended ideas! Hashem, our G-d, will ALWAYS turn them to His chosen people’s benefit. Whatever you think or do Taub, you’ll lose, Mr. Loser. Hashem, blessed is He, wins. You can't out-wit Him.

- This is talkback # 14 on Let settlers stay there

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On these "settlers cut down olive trees" stories


- These "settlers cut down olive trees" stories are ALWAYS lies as religious Jews do not cut down the olive trees of the enemy. There is a Torah prohibition in this regard: "Only a tree that you know is not a food-tree it you may destroy and cut down.." (Deut. 20:20); Negative mitzvah # 57 of the Rambam: "Exhortation against cutting down fruit-producing trees.. in order to distress and dishearten the enemy."

- This is talkback # 8 on Settlers: Arabs, leftists staged 'price tag' act

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On Brad Rosen

Welcome to my fb friends Brad. I left the Or Chadash Al Tzion group you put me in as I resist Hellenistic (democratic) initiatives. Should you one day decide to stay OUT of evil knesset and to urge the Jews on the Land NOT to vote for it as we voted for Hashem under Mt. Sinai, when you will tell them to distance themselves from the Golden Calf State as much as they can and when you will lead them to reclaim our authentic Torah institutions, as we are instructed to do, then I'll help you with all my strength. Until then, good luck, Brad.

- This is a message I sent to Brad Rosen, possible future PM of Israel. He heads the Or Chadash Al Tzion party. (Do Jews suppose to do "part-ies" that per definition divide the nation?)

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Wrong title


- It is not "Rightist protest" that results in injuries and arrests, but Arab Jew-hatered, even of Israeli Arabs, even in Israeli towns.

- This is talkback # 24 on Rightist protest results in injuries, arrests

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On Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking also says there is no G-d, so let him stick to fisics and take his opinion on other things for what it is - an opinion.

- This is a talkback on Bad News

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Re: # 7 - David Ha'ivri's view is by no means Kahanist


- Mr. Haivri's view is by no means "Kahanist", as you insinuate, nor does it seem [to be] Torah observant: "Hashem spoke to Moses in the plains of Moab, by the Jordan, at Jericho, saying: Speak to the Children of Israel and say to them: When you cross the Jordan to the land of Canaan, you shall drive out all inhabitants of the Land before you; and you shall destroy all their prostration stones; all their molten images shall you destroy; and all their high places shall you demolish. You shall possess the Land and you shall settle in it, for to you have I given the Land to possess it." (Num. 33:50-53)

- This is a censored talkback on Guest Columnist: Correcting the mistakes of the past

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The Most Important Line Ynet Has Ever Published:


- "Is it legal to send our sons to fight an enemy whose weapons we supplied?"

- This is talkback # 15 on Fischer in Hamas' service

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Israel Jewish? You must be kiddin'!


- And what if Israel wasn't a Jewish State at all? Does it have 1 (one) Torah institution? Its courts administer Jewish Law? So, if Israel is not Jewish, then what State is it? I tell ya what State: a "tell the Jews they have a State now and they'll believe it, and so we, the nations, will rule over them through our puppets as we please with no problems at all" State.

- This is a comment on What if Abbas called Netanyahu’s bluff…

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Had this city [polis in Greek]


- "Had this city had a local police force" is the leftists' cry. Had that city have a god, our G-d, The King of the universe?!.. Think, think of the magnitude of power, imagine the impact! "Local police force", ha! Grow up left, think bigger, think Jewish.

- This is talkback # 32 on A country full of hate

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Let's expose and fight false premises


- The slogan "One makes peace with one's enemies" is of course false, in as much as one wins one's war first and only then makes peace with the enemy. If one can't or won't fight his war, the enemy will win and the enemy will make the peace, on his terms.

- This is talkback # 3 on 'One makes peace with one's enemies'

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Rabin worshipping


- "Oh Rabin, king of the leftist degeneration, please bring on them the eternal peace that you wanted to bring on the Jews [and were stopped by divine intervention in the last minute]!"

- This is a censored talkback both on Peres: I kissed Rabin goodbye and on 'One makes peace with one's enemies' which is of course false, one wins one's enemies first and only then makes peace

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Sono d'accordo con Giulio Meotti


- Italy and Europe and the nations of the world keep financing the extermination of Jews because they are Jewish at a rate of milions of euros - a day! Every day. Time to open our eyes.

- This is talkback # 4 on A new Holocaust

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Weekly Torah Portion: Vayera with Rabbi Chaim Richman


- Every newborn baby is a miracle. Yet the birth of Yitzchak, (Isaac), defied all the rules of reason and biology.

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Bravo Shifftan!


- It is simple to be brilliant: Just tell the truth. Bravo Shifftan!

- This is talkback # 22 on False 'apartheid dilemma'

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Idiotic lie


- An IDF senior officer: "Since security forces left Gaza Strip, it is militarily easier to defend the area – a straight line with no enclaves makes for a simpler operational mission"
- Can you imagine how easy would it be if there was no Israel and no straight line to defend? Idiot! Complete waste of taxpayer's money of a (non) soldier. Reflects bad on an IDF that promotes wipe-offs like these into senior positions.

- This is talkback # 16 on 'Gaza pullout proved strategically sound'

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The Land of Israel's Place in the Torah by Rabbi Eliezer Melamed*


- Now and then, people question the importance of the Land of Israel, as if to imply that the settlers are overly occupied with this mitzvah and exaggerate its importance. True, indeed, one must be careful that the pursuit of a specific mitzvah does not result in the weakening of other mitzvoth. At the same time, it is imperative to know that the significance of the Land of Israel is one of the foundations of the Torah. Anyone who learns Torah truthfully can plainly see this. Nevertheless, since even after all that has been written in the Torah there are still skeptics, I thought to myself that this year I would dedicate a portion of my weekly column to bring to attention the centrality of the Land of Israel.

Behold, in this week's Torah portion, our forefather Abraham is commanded "Go away from your land" to the Land of Israel. He arrives at Elon Moreh, or Schem, in the heart of Samaria, and God appears to him, saying: "I will give this land to your offspring" (Genesis 12:7). The meaning is all of the Land of Israel, but the main emphasis is on the place where he is standing – in Samaria, which together with the lands of Judah and Benjamin, comprise the heart of the land. The Sages add (as Rashi comments), when Abraham was in Schem, God showed him "Mount Gerizim (Har Bracha) and Mount Eval, where Israel received the oath of the Torah."

Due to a famine in the land, Abraham was forced to descend to Egypt, and when he returned to the area of Beit El, God once again appears to him, saying: "Raise your eyes, and, from the place where you are now [standing], look to the north, to the south, to the east, and to the west. For all the land that you see, I will give to you and to your offspring forever. I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth; if a man will be able to count [all] the grains of dust in the world, then your offspring also will be countable"(Genesis 13:14-17). From this we learn that in the merit of inheriting the land, we also merit the increase of our offspring. We also learned that, specifically from the place where he was standing, from Beit El in the mountains of Benjamin, our forefather Abraham was commanded to view the breadth of the entire land, and to know that all of it is designated to his offspring. Accordingly, the command continues: "Rise, walk the land, through its length and breadth, for I will give it [all] to you." Abraham then goes to the area of Hebron.

Once again, at the "Pact between Halves" ('brit bein ha'betarim'), God repeats to Abraham: "I am God who took you out of Ur Casdim to give you this land as a possession." Concerned, Abraham asks: "How can I really know that it will be mine?" (Genesis 15:7-8).

Once more, later in the Torah portion, we learn that even the mitzvah of brit milah (circumcision), is bound and interconnected with the Land of Israel, for through the brit (covenant) we inherit the land, as is written: "To you and your offspring I will give the land where you are now living as a foreigner. The whole land of Canaan shall be [your] eternal heritage, and I will be a God to [your descendants]" (Genesis 17:8).

And here, today, we have merited returning and settling in the land of our forefathers, in the holy places where the Heavenly promises were spoken. The more Jews who ascend the mountains to settle them, the more we will merit the realization of God's promise. The mouths of our enemies will be stifled, and we will merit dwelling securely in our land.

* Rabbi Eliezer Melamed is the Dean of Yeshiva Har Bracha

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Re to a certain Greg Walden: Your fb friends request


- There is NO such thing as "messianic Judaism", you are misguided Greg. It's either or. Call yourselves what you are: xtian missionaries - and as such I will NEVER be your friend. I despise your belief system and consider it a HUGE lie. If you want to respect Hashem's plan for humanity please consider Noahide, if you want to be Jewish, convert. Preaching J***s is contrary to Judaism and outright offensive, sorry.

- This is a message sent to "messianic Jew" Greg Walden. It seems that some of these xtians think Jews like them. Let them make no mistakes how we feel about them and why!

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On Bank of Israel governor Stanley Fischer: Exponential - error


- As the US money supply is an exponentially expanding quantity, the half a billion dollar purchase indicated here is just a drop in the ocean and can have no effect whatsoever on the collapse of the dollar, engeneered by the Obama admin's bankers to raise inflation and thus reduce the real value of the US national debt stock. Fisher in trying to pop up the dollar is working against Israel's best interest. But, there is no surprise here, he was put in his office for this reason, to be the Israeli yes man of the anti-Torah World Central Banks System.

- This is talkback # 1 on Bank of Israel buys declining dollar

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- The [Israeli] Declaration of Indipendence doesn't mention "democracy".

- This is talkback # 5 on Gov't approves loyalty bill

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- Apart from the fact that words like "democracy", "democratic", or "democratically" do not appear in our Declaration of Independence, if this proposal is rendered retroactive, it would make illegitimate our politicians, Netanyahu first of all, who gave away Hevron against any popular support, voted for disengagement, again against any popular support, not to mention Israel's other prime ministers before him who changed their program in office, respect of their campaign promises. Begin, to start with, gave away the Sinai for a piece of worthless Egyptian paper, Sharon, King of Traitors, who executed his arch-rival Amram’s voted down extreme left program, etc.
The solution? Halacha, Jewish Law! It's at our fingertips: Israel for the Jews, Arabia for the Arabs.
If there is to chose between "Jewish" or "democratic", as Jews we have to chose Jewish. And by Jewish I mean Torah-compatible, on the Land of Israel.

- This is talkback # 7 on PM to introduce amendment to Citizenship Act

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- Talia Sasson: "Israelis cannot continue to ignore crimes committed against Palestinian civilians"
- Ariel Ben Yochanan: Yes we can! They are the enemy, stupid

- This is talkback # 4 on Time to end the silence

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The State of Israel is doing "non Jewish things". What does this lead YOU to think?


- If Israel was a Jewish State, these things [like the destructions and the sealing off of synagogues and Jewish housing] simply would not occur. Or, to change the order of the words, these things can occur, precisely because Israel is NOT a Jewish State. So what is it, you may ask? Well, there are three possibilities: a.) it might be a State of evil Jews who are afraid of the goyim. This hypothesis makes the State of Israel completely useless, because it does not do what it was founded to do, that is to protect its Jews against international Jew-hatred. b.) It might also be a State of the erev rav, a modern day Golden Calf and some now say c.) it is an Amalek State, designed by the UN and the US State Department as a means to destroy the Jewish people.
What is your take, a.), b.) or c.)?

- This is a censored comment on http://mattotarim1.blogspot.com/2010/10/blog-post.html and talkback # 19 on Synagogue to be Sealed while Mosque is Built Illegally

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This seems like a preparatory article on a new clampdown


- Other, new atrocities are on the cards against Jews? Where? Which shul, who's house, farm will be destroyed by Barak’s IDF this time? What's the difference between these and the Cossakhs? That these thugs "enforce the law" in Judea and Samaria and not in the Ukraine?

- This is talkback # 32 on Do settlers care about us?

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On Racist Hussein Obama & Admin


- Excellent point you are making Bones. Thanks.

- This is a comment on Quiz Time

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On Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer


- As far as we [the Jews] are concerned, the current world finance system of debt financing is not only fraudulent, it is incompatible with the Torah finance standard and honest dealings. As long as the State of Israel, or whatever entity that may follow it on the Land of Israel, refuses to be Jewish, and by that I mean Torah observant, we won't have peace, as it says in Deut. 32:21: “They [we, the Jews] provoked Me [G-d] with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I [G-d] provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them”. Fischer is part of the "vanity" bit.

- This is talkback # 3 on Fischer named one of world's top 7 bank chiefs

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- If the State of Israel was established to shield the Jewish people from the effects of international anti-Semitism, and it doesn't do so, and it becomes an instrument in the hands of international anti-Semitism to hurt the Jewish people - than what's the point in keeping such a so called “Jewish” State and its politicians at a cost of about 50% of GNP?

- This is talkback # 27 on Barak to urge freeze extension

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Going a step further: May the State of Israel be an anti-Jewish entity and by design?


- Yes, I would go a step further and state: The so called Jewish State is the latest and most dangerous attempt to eliminate the Jewish People. A few signs point to this direction: 1. The present so called Jewish State was created by the UN, an anti-Jewish organization of the nations. Can we expect a pro-Jewish – anything, that comes from the UN? 2. Already the early Zionists turned against the Jews in their conquest of power, in the Altalena affair. 3. They established an anti-Torah State on the Land of Israel, modeling their institutions on the nations' and not on the Torah’s requirements. That’s bad. Jews are not in liberty to pick and chose between mitzvot. 4. They keep harassing rabbis who speak up for Torah, Torah Law and Torah State. 5. They promote rabbis who worship their secular State that has nothing to do with the Torah. That's why a so called "chief rabbi of Israel" was sent to Yasuf last year and he gave korans of all things to the arabs there, an act that no Torah rabbi would or could have ever done! There is more. 6. The Israeli army, the IDF is the only official army in the world today that destroys synagogues and Jewish housing just because they are Jewish. 7. The courts, all over the Land of Israel, not only the "supreme" court in Jerusalem, with their "judges" sitting under the Menorah of the State emblem, produce sentences contrary to the letter and to the spirit of the Torah each and every day. That's how it could happen that a homosexual boy was given to a homosexual couple for custody, just to mention one case out of the thousands. 8. The very idea of "democracy" goes against the Torah as political part-ies divide the nation and it is prohibited. 9. Not to mention that this system is intrinsically Hellenistic and 10. provides us with a flow of authority that is contrary to that of the Torah: The Jewish People should worship Hashem, our G-d, high up, blessed is He, not the ballot box of the Golden Calf, down below.

- This is a comment on http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1625918250193

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Would a Jewish State Imprison Jews Because They Are Jewish?


- Perhaps it's time to move on and compose a new jigsaw-puzzle from the signs in front of our very eyes: Is Israel a Jewish State or has the Jewish narrative been hijacked - since the beginnings of its establishment and turned into a historic bluff, precisely to disfranchise the Jewish people? Or: Is it in any way feasible to sustain that the UN can be behind the creation of a Jewish State?

- This is a comment on Update on Political Prisoners

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Let's not forget


- Let's not forget that Yona Metzger's own government is currently the only one in the world that uses its army to tear down synagogues, just because they stay in a place that they, the government, thinks it is on the wrong spot. It is indeed strange that on the Holy Land Jews are forbidden to biuld, while Arabs are allowed to claim Judenrein (free of Jews) areas. The Hungarian government today is more Jew-friendly than Israel's: absurd!

- This is a censored talkback on Hungary's oldest synagogue reopens

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Fax Aperto ai Radicali di Sinistra Riuniti a Riccione


- Buon pomeriggio a tutti e nell’augurarvi buon lavoro e buoni lavori, vorrei richiamare la vostra attenzione su un fatto che per me appare preoccupante.
Vorrei che vi guardaste attorno in sala e cercaste un uomo o una donna che presenta segni esterni di essere ebreo o ebrea, di appartenere ad una Comunità Ebraica. Grazie.
Immagino che non ci siano. Che non ci sia nemmeno uno. Questo fatto, signore e signori, amiche e amici, che non ci sono ebrei osservanti fra di voi, potrebbe anche essere una pura coincidenza. Ma nel caso specifico, della Scuola Estiva Luca Coscioni, edizione 2010, sicuramente non lo è.
Come lo so? E’ semplice, veramente. Il fatto è che il vostro convegno è stato organizzato per i giorni che coincidono e coincidono perfettamente con delle festività ebraiche religiose della stagione, giorni in cui nessun ebreo osservante può, per legge ebraica, assistere ai vostri lavori, ne come oratore, ne come partecipante: Se avessi voluto organizzare un evento, ed escludere gli ebrei, l’avrei organizzato fra l’8 e il 12 settembre.
Vorrei brevemente precisare che non contesto in nessun modo il vostro diritto sacrosanto di organizzare una vostra manifestazione quando voi meglio credete, per carità. Vorrei anche precisare che in nessun modo io creda che si tratti di una manifestazione di volontà discriminatoria nei confronti degli ebrei. No, non voglio pensare questo.
Quello che penso invece, è che anche non volendo, anche con le migliori intenzioni del mondo, si può sbagliare e si sbaglia, se ha solo certe sensibilità e altre - No. Vi accuso di questo: La vostra sala priva di ebrei osservanti credo che sia un allarme e appunto, dovrebbe suonare e suonare forte.
*(Chi scrive era un candidato Pannella-Sgarbi per il Senato nelle politiche del ’96).

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Dvar Torah Parshat Haazinu by Ariel Ben Yochanan


- Most of the parsha consists of the last song of Moshe Rabinu to the Jewish people. He is warning us of the consequences of violating our covenant with G-d in general and as it says in Devarim (Deut.) 32:21, in particular: “They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them.”
This pasuk is one of my favorites in the Tanach, because if we truly understood its huge significance, and acted upon this “new” understanding, we could dramatically alter the flow of history and do so to our benefit.
So, let’s see what could we learn from this pasuk if we were not as stiffed necked of a people as we actually are and wanted to learn something from our Holy Books ever.
Well, a few things. First of all the fact, that our Arab palestinist enemy is nothing more, and nothing less for that matter, than the execution of a pasuk from our Jewish bible. This, by itself is a revolutionary revelation, as if our rabbis understood this, they’d certainly stopped doing things not called for by the Torah, like bringing korans to Arab villages in an attempt to “pacify” them: The way to pacify them is to follow our Torah, not by bringing them korans!
Then, we could learn if we wanted to, that this vile nation is put in our way by non other than Hashem, our G-d, and as a punishment for a few of our specific sins. This aspect qualifies the situation we are in at present and tells us that we can’t fight our Arab palestinist enemy by fighting them. The only way we can fight them is by returning to Hashem, to our God, by making TSUVA!
Should we do this, the right things individually and as a nation, like building the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, like appointing a king, the Sanhedrin and just courts in every village of the Land, instead of tolerating the Hellenistic institutions of this State of Israel, like the knesset, the so called supreme court and all these goy looking and goyshe thinking prime ministers that know only how to crawl to the States to lick the presidential boots of the Hussein Obama of the moment, this palestinist enemy would dissolve into nothing, like the fog dissolves under the first rays of the morning sun.
On a more elevated level this pasuk also attempts to teach us, that we are a special people and that our strength is not the combined strengths of a shuls and Jewish housing destroying IDF and the IAF and the navy and the border police and the police and who knows what else, nor it is the strength of the State’s alliance with America or with any other foreign nation, but it is, all in all, the Jewish people’s alliance with Hashem, with our G-d, blessed is He and He alone!

Shana tova!

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Shana tova to my Jewish readers


- Shana tova to you too Yaakov. And a big THANKS!

- This is a talkback on Best wishes

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Jews Have To Smart Up And Learn To Recognize Who Is Who And What is What


- Winning a war in my dictionary means breaking the enemy's will and ability to fight you.
As far as G-d's gift is concerned, yes, He delivered on a silver plate Zion, the Temple Mount and most of the Land of Israel to the Jews, as He promised, and not "us", but our Erev Rav rulers of the Golden Calf State try to undo His handiwork. There is a lot of deception and confusion out there, like "chief rabbis" of the Golden Calf entity who deliver korans to slightly burned mosques, and unless the Jews learn to recognize who is who and what is what, there is little chance for us to win a war, any war. Yes, there is a relatively simple guide as to understand who is doing what. Our Torah: Anything that is Torah compatible, like building the third Temple, appointing a Jewish, Torah observant King, righteous Judges and officers in every village - is Jewish, therefore good, and anything that is not Torah compatible and imported from the nations, like electing knessets, tolerating a non Jewish so called supreme court, these goy-looking and goyshe-thinking prime ministers, refusing to possess the Land - is bad. Very bad. In my view amounts, in fact, to a Golden Calf regime both technically and politically and there is no way Hashem will not punish us for our new and enthusiastic dancing around it. As it says in Haazinu, Devarim (Deut.) 32:21: “They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them.” What could we learn from this if we ever wanted to actually learn anything? A few things. First of all, that our Arab palestinist enemy is nothing more, or nothing less for that matter, than the execution of a pasuk from the Jewish bible. Then, we could learn if we wanted to, that as this vile nation is put in our way by non other than Hashem, our G-d, as a punishment for a few of our sins, we can’t fight them by fighting them. The only way we can fight our palestinist enemy is by returning to Hashem, to our God, by making TSUVA. Should we do the right things, individually and as a nation, like building the Temple, instead of crawling to the States to lick Hussein Obama’s boots, this palestinist enemy would dissolve into nothing, like the fog dissolves under the morning sun. On a more elevated level this pasuk could also teach us, if we wanted to learn anything ever, that we are a special people and that our strength is not the combined strengths of a shuls and Jewish housing destroying IDF and the IAF and navy, nor the strength of the State’s alliance with America, but it is, in all, the Jewish people’s alliance with Hashem, with our G-d, blessed is He alone and not anyone else! But, we never learn, we are a stiffed necked people, so don’t put your hopes up too high folks, chances are that these vile palestinists will keep on angering us still a while and on none other than our G-d’s behalf.

- This is a comment on 4 Innocent Jews Murdered by Arab Terrorists, Just Like When Rachella Druk Was Murdered and talkback # 39 on Yishai: Lebanon war lost due to distance from God

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Four Jews murdered by Arab terrorists this evening


- Peace doesn't come by negotiations. Peace comes by first winning our war against the enemy.

- This is a talkback on 4 Innocent Jews Murdered by Arab Terrorists, Just Like When Rachella Druk Was Murdered

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Yekutiel Guzofsky: "The words of Rabbi Kahane ring truer today than ever."

- This is an info piece on Kahane Resources


Dear friends,

Lost Kahane Material being reposted on http://rabbikahane.wordpress.com

This is a special day for me to be able to re-publish and present to you these dozens of Rabbi Meir Kahane speeches, interviews, debates on audio, as well as classic writings and parsha commentaries by Rav Binyamin Zev Kahane. This is material that was on Kahane.org and that was temporarily lost and unavailable to the general public online - ever since the Kahane.org site was declared a terrorist organization and had its domain and registrar frozen. This obscene anti-Semitic government action is being challenged legally. However, in the meantime there is no reason to hesitate republishing Rabbi Kahane’s words and message, the only program of survival for the Jewish people, that must be voiced today, more than ever before.


The new Rabbi Kahane blog http://rabbikahane.wordpress.com will be a central hub where these and many more Kahane resources will be published. If you have Kahane pictures, audios, videos, writings or anything else “Kahane” please send me copies on-line or in hard copy so that I can make them available to all on this blog and elsewhere. Materials and contributions can be sent to Guzofskyyekutiel@gmail.com or sent to project Kahane Resources and Archives POBox 6592, Jerusalem, Israel.

What has already been posted over past 36 hours-

Find below a list of what we have posted thanks to E over the past 36 hours, we are working non-stop excluding Shabbat to republish the material. There is plenty more to come – so please keep posted every day to see what new materials have been added to the blog or scroll down to the bottom of the blog page to see older materials. Please advertise this valuable Kahane resource on lists and in emails to friends and become a partner in the Kahane Resources and Archives Project.

You can find in this priceless selection of what we have already posted to the blog over the last day and a half, classic historic writings such as “Listen World”, “Why Be Jewish” and so much more. You can also find incredible and fascinating debates between Rav Kahane and former PM Olmert, MT Mechti, Dershowitz and more together with other speeches and audios. The words of Rabbi Kahane ring truer today than ever.

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Resources that you can already find on the Rabbi Kahane blog:

Audio speeches, debates and interview with Rabbi Meir Kahane Ztk”l, HY”D

Rabbi Meir Kahane at National Press Club

Rav K debates Prof. Dershowitz

Rav K vs Lenny Brener

On Larry King vs MJ Rosenberg

Rabbi Kahane vs Dennis Prager

On 60 minutes vs Ezer Weizman

Debating Olmert on nightline

Speaks about Kach Knesset ban

Rabbi Kahane against Jesse Jackson

Debates Rev. Wyatt T Walker

Raabi Kahane vs Mohanned Mechti

Rabbi Kahane speaks in a shul

Rabbi Kahane at a house-party-88

Rabbi Kahane on Barry Farber show-84

Classic writings of Rabbi Meir Kahane

What will the Goyim say

Goyim Cholent and Torah

Regretting the Exile

It is a Time for Comfort

Dear World

What Makes Bernie Run

The Arabs in Israel

An exchange of populations

I am not ashamed

Avraham and Nancy

A Mezuza

I am a Zionist

Letter from Ramle Prison

The Lemming

Jews and Jews

The G-d of history



Stranger in Thy Midst

I am my brother’s keeper – The story of the struggle for Soviet Jewry

The religious Jew

Much to be proud of

An urgent proposal


Passover – the Holiday of Vengeance

Oylem Goylem

On Jews and Judaism

No it is not peace

Atzmaut – Independence Day -

Why Be Jewish

Why hast thou forsaken me

Who killed Ronen and Lior

To terrorize terrorists

An Israeli Tragedy

They Must Go (Excerpt from book)

In the shadow of the cross

Is the Temple Mount in our hands?

The Temple Mount is in our hands

Yeshiva of the Jewish Idea



Rav Binyamin Zev Kahane on the parsha of the week

Breishith – Creation or Annihilation

Breishith – The Idea preceded the creation of the world


Noach – The nations united, a danger to humanity

Noach – Slow to anger or zealous

Lech-Lecha - Rav Binyamin on his father

Vayera – A forbidden pact, the precedent

Vayera – Who sees and who is a donkey

Chayei Sarah – Everything you wanted to know about Yishmael

Chaye Sarah: The Temple Mount, The Cave of the Patriarchs, Joseph’s Tomb

Chaye Sarah – There is no placing trust in the gentile

Toldot – The Clowns in every generation

Toldot – World War One and Forever

Toldot – Living for the moment vs eternal values

Vayetzei – Yakov Went out and Yakov sat

Vayetze - When it comes to the Jewish Idea – No Changes

Vayetze – Time to go home

VaYishlach- A Torah perspective on the killing of Shechem

Vayislach – Shimone and Levy and collective punishment

VaYeshev- For the righteous there is no tranquility

VaYigash- Who recognizes Yosef

Vayigash – Moshiach Ben Yosef – some basic concepts

Vaygash – Don’t stand by your brother’s blood

Vayigash – On Galut and Geulah

Vayigash – The Exile self-destructs for the comfortable Jew

VaYehi- Sometimes it is good to be deaf

VaYehi- What makes Samson such a hero

Ki Tavo- Should A Jew Be An Ostrich?

Ki Tavo- Why So Many Curses?

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Mixing up


- Mixing up the victims with the aggressors is not helpful. Of course Ben Gurion security wants to see what sets off metal detectors. Why? Because our peace partners invented and perfected a guerilla war tactic against us called terrorism. These terrorists are know to have sent pregnant women looking bombs in ambulances with their sirens on to blow us up. If we let cancer patients through metal detectors, they’d send cancer patients looking bombs. So, the question is this: Do we have to defend ourselves, if we want to live? The answer is: Yes, we do! So, what's wrong with you people? I am sick and tired of articles like this, criticizing the security measures we need, mixing up the victims with the aggressors.. Are these security measures humiliating? For sure they are. Yet and nevertheless, we need them. It is not for fun that the Jews queue all over Israel to go through metal detectors and security checks every time we enter a supermarket, a bank, a public office or go to a cinema or to a restaurant. Is it too high a price to pay for political correctness? Than remove the Arab enemy threat from the streets of our Land of Israel: The Torah demands it, common sense demands it and electors demanded it again and again! Then and only then we will finally be able to dismantle our security infrastructure and sell our used metal detectors to America.

- This is talkback # 36 on Cancer patients humiliated at airport

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Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden


Forum for the Promotion of Equal Share in the Burden don't know what they are talking about in their immense ignorance. Haredim would love to go to the army, but the army doesn't want them as they are considered not relyable. Sure, they would not execute the illegal and immoral anti-Semitic orders Barak can give to his Russian and Ucranian Cossacks, he filled his army with. Think, the IDF is the only official army in the world today that allows itself to be used to destroy synagogues and Jewish housing, because they are Jewish. Never in our history we were so low, ever!

- This is talkback # 3 on Police ban anti-exemption protest in Bnei Brak center

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As Jews, let’s know better this time around!


- It is amazing how well meaning people, like Mattot Arim, can still think that some good may ever come out from some "government official" or from some "member of knesset". This reminds me of the poor and naive Jews dancing around the golden calf, effected by the deception of the erev rav in the year 2448, over 3300 years ago, probably thinking and maybe even singing: "I Wish Moshe Was Here, I Wish Moshe Was Here, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye. I Wish Moshe Was Here, I Wish Moshe Was Here, ye, ye, ye, ye, ye. Ye, ye, ye, ye, ye".
It is amazing how even well meaning Jews are unwilling or incapable to distinguish between what is Jewish and what is not Jewish. Erev-ravish is not Jewish and our entire present political- and power-structure here in Israel is evil Jew/erev-ravish, including many "rabbis", I’m sorry to say. Even that so-called "chief rabbi of Israel", Yona Metzger, who is none other than the “keep religion under control minister” of the government. He was seen quick to bring korans to the slightly burned mosque, allegedly by Jews, to Yassuf, that is an Arab settlement here in Efraim, in the Shomron, in the very heart of the Land of Israel. I honestly don’t understand how people can continue and refer to him as “rabbi” let alone as a “chief rabbi of Israel”?!
So, here you are, we are living in pre-messianic times, there is a lot of deception and confusion out there and it should be crystal clear to everyone that Hashem wants every Jew to choose Him, by him- or herself, without an outside aide, exercising one’s own free choice, or else.
This is the situation we are in and this is the scenario we should think about every time we recite Havdallah at the beginning of each and every new week: "Blessed are You, Hashem our G-d, King of the universe, Who separates between holy and secular, between light and darkness, between Israel and the nations, between the seventh day and the six days of labor. Blessed are You, Hashem, Who separates between holy and secular.” Amen!
So, let us separate between the holy and the non holy. The State of Israel and its officials, per definition, are not holy and therefore it is unwise to get involved with them at any level: No good, again per definition, can come out of it, ever, as no good came out from dancing around the golden calf. Slipping into idol worshipping is easy and we were warned against it time and again. Why should those warnings not apply for today? Idol worshipping, like worshipping the State, the IDF or any other of its manifestations, may be a result of good will or of a will of good-doing. Therefore we must watch out and watch out extra hard! Our criteria must not be only the good that may be a result of a certain thought or a certain action, but its Torah-compatibility. In the specific, was the State of Israel ever meant to be “democratic”? If not, let’s stop dancing around its institutions. As Jews, let’s know better this time around!

- This is a comment I sent to http://www.mattotarim.org/contact.shtml on the subject of faxing and sending emails to ministers and to members of knesset.

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Optimists or pessimists?


- Yes, Iran must be stopped. But they won't. Because they are cowards. And yes, we'll all pay a VERY heavy price for this. So, the answer is: Those who think Iran will be attacked are the optimists.

- This is a talkback on Word Quiz 2010

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Distorting reality


- "In recent months, we have witnessed an unprecedented attack on Israel's academic freedom" - says Dr. Nitza Berkovitch who, we are told, teaches sociology at Ben-Gurion University and specializes in organizations, globalization, human rights and gender rights. Well, let's use logic and say first, that if Ms. Berkovitch said the truth, she would not have been able to publish her enlightened piece on ynetnews, due to the attack on her "academic freedom". The very fact that she gets published means that she enjoys her academic freedom. Second, we should ask ourselves and interrogate our colleagues on what constitutes "academic freedom". Identifying with and participating in and promoting anti-Jewish activity is "academic freedom"? Is teaching the enemy's propaganda to the new generation is "academic freedom"? Or is it treason? Does Ms. Berkovitch asks herself these questions? If not, why not? Instead of researching on "human rights" would she consider writing a paper on “The Jerusalem gay pride is a march on Jewish rights?” Or on “The right to Torah-truth on the Land of Israel”? Isn't it a strange kind of reversed McCarthyism, not ever being able to talk openly about the so called Jewish character of the state? Why Ms. Berkovitch never complains about that? Isn't hers a distorted reality? And if it is, should we and our youth listen?

- This is talkback # 21 on McCarthyism in Tel Aviv

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Can a State tell people who to talk to and who not to talk?


- This order seems very illegal. How's about freedom of association? Can it be suspended? If so, for how long? Shin Bet Jewish Department seems to be deviated by Stalinist elements.

- This is talkback # 1 on Pearlman banned from contacting rightists

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- This is a comment on The Torah Will Not Stand For An Investigation!

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Friends & Supporters of Perlman


- Friends and supporters of Perlman have no faith in police either: Why not publish an equally in depth interview with them?

- This is talkback # 2 on Victim's son: I have no faith in police

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Barak, Far Removed From Anything Jewish


- Look at this photo of Barak and see the man as he gives an instinctive thumb up gesture to the American representative. Now, this is a gesture made famous by the Roman Emperors, responsible for the destruction of the Jewish kingdom and Jerusalem’s Second Jewish Temple in our history and decided the fate of their many Jewish slaves led to Rome in chains, “death marches” in 70 e.v. One cannot even imagine a more anti-Jewish gesture than this one exhibited by the defense minister with a big smile on his face and it shows just how removed Barak and the State of Israel are from anything Jewish.

- This is talkback # 6 on Barak takes 'responsiblity for orders given during raid'

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