Black preacher from Harlem praises Zionists and Kahane


This is a controversial tape and a disturbing one too.

On the one hand we see someone who praises G-d, the Rav, the Jews and Zion and, objectively, this is good. On the other hand, he is, and he publicly presents himself as, an actively idol worshipping gentile. So, should we listen to him, just because he says a few nice things we like to hear? NO, according to the Rambam, we should not!

Also, it is an error and maybe even an offence to his memory to think that Rav Kahane “gave” his life for Torah and for Zion or for whatever else. His life was TAKEN AWAY from him, and in a most cowardly of ways. He is not a hero because he was killed, he is a hero because he LIVED and because the way he lived!

Should this idol worshipper preacher be honest, first to himself, about what he preaches: "condemn what the Torah condemns", wouldn't you expect him to do just that and shut up about his xtian convictions and become a Noahide at least? By the way, at the end of the tape we do see a black Jew in the audience, probably a convert. In Israel certainly there are lots of black Jews. So yes, it is possible to not only see the truth and then let it slip by, but actually to accept it upon oneself.

I visited this preacher’s website. It is disturbing. He is photographed under a cross and without wearing the hat he wears in the synagogue. The text suggests that he thinks he is a prophet, that G-d talked to him, setting him up on his particular mission.

Are we so damn lost in our own ways, in our own isolation, that we take this crap in and deem it "good"?

I am also disturbed by allowing a xtian preacher into a shul to speak. The same way I was disturbed by the pop accompanied in Jerusalem to the Wall by some of our “rabbis”. According to halacha he should have been prevented to put foot in the Land.

Does anyone care? And if not, why not? Will we be punished for these gross “misbehaving”? Of course we will. So let’s pray to G-d not only for His mercy that we surely in great need of, but to grant us a basic understanding of His Torah, the wisdom and the insight we need to serve Him, as we should.

- This is a comment on http://www.viddler.com/explore/atlah/videos/172/450.85/

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JDL London Canada said...

Ariel, I read your comment and agree that Pastor Manning does do things contrary to Torah(i,e avoda zara)in his church. That said, his appearance is a step in the right direction regardless of how it appears. The Torah has 70 faces as it is written but the disemination of Torah, the way it was meant to be, hasn't happened due in part because of the... See More 'Constantinian philosopy' that has plagued the Jewish people thoughtout the ages. Manning can help it because we Jews are told not proselytize - hence this is the position he will have from what is taught throughout the ages.Someone has to take the step and they don't have to be a Noachide to do so. This dispensation of time is reminiscint of the days of old with a rebirth of anti-Semitism with the 'input' from Yishmael - you know this because you deal with the threat daily because of where you live. I live in Canada and things are getting nuts over here dispite 'multicuturalism'. I was in Shiloh(stayed for Shabbat) and Beit EL last year, the first time staying overnight in Yehuda(or is it Shomron) and felt the threat but and the same time tranquility. You are brave. But being there you can't fight for me here because of anti-Israel sentiment, -but we have to do it until the time of aliyah and even then the battle in not yet won. There's a fifth Shulchan Orech as it has been written,that being common sense.

Now as ever before we Jews here need to use it(good common sense) and do some fast prayer and PR work, and if that means having a 100 Mannings speaking on our behalf so be it. I'm a Political Science major the know that media negative discourse can lead to much trouble for us here.