Now I am angry


Police could have easily verified "Kahane relative's" alibi without arresting him. Therefore it is obvious and it is in front of everyone's eyes that his arrest had nothing to do with the mosque inquiry and it had everything to do with the sinister political need of the shin bet Jewish department to have the name Kahane and Kach printed on the front pages of newspapers in relation of the arson: I suspect it is a despicable act of intimidation against a specific minor with an important surname, an unforgivable slander against an orphan who's father was murdered and who's grandfather was murdered. Police, hands off from the Kahanas! They paid a high enough price for your incompetence already.

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I suspect this article is a leftist provocation and slender. I suspect it is politically motivated. I suspect that without islamic jihad Israel had no terror problem. I suspect that if Israel fought its enemies, Teitel and this unnamed Kahane relative would have stayed at home playing with their kids. I suspect that under "suspect" you can write anything you want, correct?

- This is a slightly edited talkback # 6 on "Rabbi Kahane's relative suspected of torching mosque"


Ali Waked's false reporting on Ynetnews again


Even if stones were thrown at them, as Ali Waked’s habitual compulsive “Palestinian” liar sources claim, they would not have caused the vehicle to overturn. Stones may lead to slow them down or to make them stop. Only if the driver is injured and looses control a car may overturn. This driver was not injured. Vehicles overturn when they speed and from the signs they leave on the asphalt it is possible to calculate their original speed. If it was more than 80 km/h, the speed limit on route 60, the responsibility of the accident clearly is of the driver and really there is no need to blow it up to a full scale ethnic conflict by our peace loving Waked. If it was proceeding slower than 80 km/h, it wouldn’t have turned over. Anyone who travels on these roads know for a fact that Arab taxis drive like crazy, speed, overtake in blind corners and with traffic coming from the opposite direction, forcing people off the road, they emit black smoke, don’t keep the minimum distance and at night drive with high beam flash lights just to mention a few standard transgressions. They enjoy the cooperation of the police, as they don’t ever do anything to punish them.

- This is talkback # 10 on 'Minibus overturned after settlers threw rocks'

Judea & Samaria ("West Bank" is a Jordanian occupational term, don't use it :)


Hm, interesting!


- Police: "those behind the letter are extreme Right activists"

- ABY: Does it mean that they are acknowledging to enforce even the secular law - selectively?

- This is talkback # 1 on "Police chief receives threat letter"

An Open Letter to Samaria Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika


An Open Letter to Samaria Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika

by Ariel Ben Yochanan (Bereny) – Kfar Tapuah Tevet 10, 5770 (December 27, '09)

It was reported that at the funeral of the latest Arab terror victim, gunned down Meir Avshalom Chai, you said: “Rabbi Meir is a victim of the folly of the government of Israel”. That “his murder is the result of the removal of checkpoints”. That “two weeks ago the main checkpoint between Shechem and Tulkarm was opened”. That “the government of Israel preferred the Arab's fabric of life to the Jew's life.” Mentioning Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, you reportedly said: “I demand that you face the widow and orphans and ask forgiveness because you cannot say 'our hands did not spill this blood'.”

This is all true Mesika and as a “settler” having lived in the house right opposite of your election office, I am proud of you to have pronounced these courageous words of truth that needed to be pronounced. However Mesika, it’s not enough: putting political pressure on the government of Israel to provide more security for us is one thing, providing more security is another: we didn’t elect you to be just a spokes-person for us, though undoubtedly this is part of your job-description. We elected you to be a “governor” and being a governor implies problem-solving, not only problem-identifying.

You correctly identified the Government of Israel, the GOI as it likes to call itself in English, as a major and constant source of problems for us here: the national government seems to be treating us, the Jews living in Judea and Samaria, in function of it’s perceived diplomatic needs with the outside world in general and with the palestinist terror forces in particular. But once you identified a problem Mesika, you are paid, you too are paid, to do your best and resolve it.

Focusing on our security issue, and understanding full well that for the national government this is not a top priority, as the head of our Regional Council Mesika, you should be busy setting up, organizing, financing and promoting a Regional Civil Defense Office to coordinate the many good Jews who would flock and volunteer to be part of such a system to provide more security for the region. It is not to be taken for granted that we rely on government provided IDF security alone. Along the lines of yishuv security committees and emergency intervention squads, it is perfectly feasible to extend that model to the regional level.

Presumably the IDF will not like such an initiative, as they prefer to operate in monopoly, however it could be argued that, as Justice Ayala Procaccia put it, “they are the government’s long arm”. As such, there is objectively a potential conflict of interest between the Israeli government’s diplomatic goal of appeasing the nations and providing the best possible security for our people. The only way to defuse a conflict of perceived interests of this sort is to de-centralize and become gradually self-sufficient in providing our own security.

In Tapuah we had an experiment in this sense, that worked and that, with the necessary changes can be adopted with short notice: the New Jewish Legion, a brainchild of Yekutiel Ben Yaakov, provided shmira service with trained attack dogs and with their motivated, volunteer dog handlers, until it was struck down not by the Arabs who feared it, but by our so called own army. The program was measurably successful and due to the morale, high enthusiasm-levels, courage and determination of its volunteers, some of them authentic modern-day heroes, it also provided significant savings. The Legion showed that we don’t have to give up and give in to the negatives of infighting. As the last discriminate murder of a Jew because he is a Jew proves the point unfortunately without any further need of explanation, if we want to live as we do, we have to provide a better security arrangement to ourselves than the one we receive from the national government.

In conclusion: as head of the Shomron Council, according to the best of Jewish as well as Zionistic tradition, now it is your job to set up, finance, organize and promote a Shomron Civil Defense Coordination that is more responsive to our security needs and as such, independent from an IDF that has political masters. This literally is a question of life and death for us. Trying to put pressure on national politicians, who clearly are not interested at best and outright hostile at worst, is not enough.


On campaigning for the non vote in Eretz Israel


- Gabriel: "Ariel, having a Jewish King rule over Israel wasn’t what G-d intended.
"We" asked for a Jewish King, and G-d accepted."

- ABY: True. Also we had lots of terrible kings and it would be fair to say that they ruined it for us. If it was up to me, I'd go for "Hashem is King". But, it is not up to me and clearly the Jewish people are not at all ready to accept Hashem as King, unfortunately. Even though we proclaim Him King in our prayers every day and especially on Rosh Hashana. So, I made a compromise here, adjusting the desirable to the (im)possible :)

- Gabriel: "Now "we" want a Jewish Prime Minister, ruling Israel as a Democracy."

- ABY: There are a few problems with this Gabriel, at different levels. There are certain things we may legitimately "want" and certain other things, like a Yoshka hanging from a cross, we may not. I maintain that democracy is one of the things we may not "want" and that “wanting it” is huge sin. Here is why. Democracy is an ancient law making method, demos meaning people and cratos power. In Greek. So, apart from being Hellenistic per definition, it is a "power to the people" people's power kind of a system, that goes against what Jews meant to be. We accepted Hashem's Law, the Torah over our heads, remember, for all generations at Mount Sinai. Not only. I'd say we were actually warned against democracy. Remember the Golden Calf episode? The Golden Calf is not only an object. It also is a system. A rebellion against the rule of G-d and one of our major sins as a nation. What happens at the Golden Calf? In absence of Moshe people rise up, “take--the--law-- into--their--own--hands”, do what they want and force Aaron, the high priest to comply: just like in democracy! In democracy authority nominally flows from down to up. The flow of authority in Judaism is from up to down. In Judaism authority flows like water, naturally, from up to down. In democracy the flow of authority is turned upside down in a way so that it can not work. And of course it does not, it is in front our eyes, every day. That is why democracy, just like the Golden Calf episode, is a rebellion against G-d, against His Law and this is why supporting it is a major, modern-day individual and national sin for which we inevitably will have to be punished. I think this is one of the main issues we face today: the acceptance of G-d's sovereignty. There are also side issues linked to this, like the prohibition to divide ourselves, as if part-y politics was not a division of the nation and the prohibition not to be part of evil majorities, that is not to participate in anything that goes against the Torah. In democracy we (they) do go against Torah and this is a terrible aspect of the so called democracy that we have in Israel today.

- Gabriel: "Maybe we do ask for too much, and we should go back to being a kingdom, but there’s no one to tell us how to choose the king.”

- ABY: Leaders in the Torah system are chosen by G-d and accepted by the people. There is this double input. On our level it would appear that a leaders "emerge naturally" and if loved by the people, they become Jewish leaders. There is no need of the formalisms of democracy. A leader is a leader if he leads. If he doesn't lead or if he has no followers, he is not a leader.

- Gabriel: “There's no Cohen HaGadol with the 12 stones. So we’ll just have to make do with the PM being chosen by the majority. (though it should be the majority of the Jewish people, not including the Arabs who are occupying Israel)"

- ABY: There are halachic (Jewish Law) processes that can deal with that. I don’t see it as a problem. The Arab presence in knesset is a terrible Chilul Hashem, invented by the seculars, even though the word “democracy” does not even appear in the Declaration of Independence.

In conclusion: I'm always surprised to see a vehement defense of democracy, as if it worked. I think it is at least partially due to the fact that people think democracy is a “value”. It is not. It is the tyranny of a few tax consumers over the majority, a concept that goes against Torah in many ways. Most values that people attribute to democracy, like the caring for the weak, are actually Jewish values. The truth is that democracy maybe good for the nations (even if I don't think so), but certainly it is not good for Jews. Jews have their own institutional design in Torah and knesset, supreme court, etc. are not Torah institutions.

Also, today's democracy is something completely distorted respect of the original model. There is the mediation of the media, and the ancient Greek City State, where everyone knew everyone else and all the issues and people voted on the main square, is just not the same as hundreds of millions of people voting in systems like the US, EU, China, India, etc. It is like the difference between a glass of water and the waters in the ocean: just simply not the same thing. Jews, well Jews, in Israel shouldn't vote. I stand by and campaign for this Jewish idea of non voting in Eretz Israel.

- This is a comment on "Twent Years Later"

"Where is the fault in this?"


- Justice Procaccia: "The government sets political objectives in order to achieve them. If there is a need for freeze orders, the government issues them out of its authority to do so. The military command is the long arm of the government. Where is the fault in this?"

- ABY: The fault in this, Justice Procaccia, is that the freeze orders are not neutral, they clearly are hurting, prospectively, financially AND symbolically the individuals and the communities they target. As these freeze orders are being issued to only one ethnic group present on the territory, namely to the Jews, and legal and illegal Arab construction is left unmanaged, unchecked and unpunished by the authorities, it is reasonable to assume that the real scope of the operation is not so much to stop construction as such, but to stop the Jews (living). In a so called Zionist country Justice Procaccia, this is a what you call "fault", because it goes against everything we supposed to be standing for, damaging our collective. I don't want to use big words here, like "civil war" and "end of the Jewish State as we know it", but I think that's what's simmering under the surface. There are moral issues involved here, like justice, selective law enforcement, discrimination and an anti-Torah stand that the Jewish public does not want to and cannot swallow. There also is vivid historic Jewish memory that springs to the front, as the Shoa too, in Europe started with innocent-enough looking economic measures against the Jews.

I think Justice Procaccia, that is where the fault is and frankly, I don't understand how can you not see it.

- This is a censored talkback on "Court orders State to issue freeze clarifications"

Jackie Mason on Obama


The Shalit alive video illusion


It's an illusion that we can get Shalit back. Even if he is alive, he will have the terrible memories of his captivity to haunt him for the rest of his biological life. On the top of this load, he will have to bear the weight of the consequences of his liberation, knowing full well that the hundreds of “his” terrorists are out there and "working". He will be terrorized, all the time, in every hour of his life, that one of these terrorists might get lucky and pull off an attack. The cry of the murdered and mutilated Jews will echo in his head and haunt him day by day, night by night. He will feel responsible. He will think to himself: "If only they didn’t let them go for me and kept them locked up, this would not have happened. It is because of me". Even if liberated, chances are that Gilat Shalit will be suicidal for the rest of his life. Perhaps it is better for us to face this reality now. Even if Gilad Shalit is not killed by the Arabs, he already is finished off by them for good, whatever way this so called "deal" goes. If he is not murdered already, he is probably as good as dead. It is rather unlikely that he will ever be the same as his family and friends knew him. That’s why all the photos the Shalit campaign is showing us is a big lie. They show Shalit before this ordeal, not after. This is one reason I honestly believe that the best we can do for Gilad Shalit right now is to make as sure as we can that there will be no other Gilad Shalits. This means the implementation of not only halacha, no payment exceeding the hostage’s “worth”, but also of logic: no payment that gives the enemy an incentive to kidnap Jews is allowed. I call on knesset to put a law in this sense to the books.

- This is a censored talkback on "Don’t cling to illusions"

In one word? Irresponsible.


Ron Ben-Yishai is ynetnews' military expert and has an impressive bio. He is the man who supposed to know. Yet, "expert articles" or rather articles of so called experts like this one and reality are two completely different worlds that don't even overlap. Ron Ben-Yishai's latest "analysis" is nothing more than a virtual heroin shot in the arm of a Jew surrendered by a mob of Arabs ready to lynch him. Frankly, his saying to us not to worry about the Iranian nuclear threat is nothing short of irresponsible. The correct message I’d expect from an expert would be that we must not allow a nuclear Iran. That we have to find a way to neutralize this threat before it hits us, not after.

- This is talkback # 10 on "A ray of light"


It is simple


You can overcomplicate things as much as you like Shiffer, but it doesn't change the substance:

1.) Gentiles kidnapped Jews all along our history. Shalit is not the first and will not be the last one. So, our sages, our Sages, elaborated a halacha on this, a precise way of conduct. The very fact that Netanyahu decided to decide on the issue indicates that he sees himself superior not only to halacha (Jewish Law), but also to the secular Israeli law he promised to uphold. In my dictionary this is called "arrogance" and I don't like it and I would have hoped that you don't like it either. This is one.

2.) If a "leader" is constantly allows himself to be forced to do things with which he does not agree, as you suggest, well, then he is not a leader: he is a follower. In politics leaders lead and followers follow. Prime ministers meant to be leaders and if Netanyahu can not or will not lead to the direction he promised he would once elected, he should resign or, if he doesn't want to resign for whatever reason, he should be forced to.

At the end of the day it is as simple as this.

- This is talkback # 2 on "Don’t envy Netanyahu"

If stealing the Auschwitz sign


If stealing the famous Auschwitz sign is considered "hate" I wonder what freezing Jewish life in Judea and Samaria is? Love? Planning to attack living Jews using the IDF and the IAF, just because we are still alive here? Demolishing Jewish houses and livelihoods in Eretz Israel? Barak issuing orders to enforce the law, selectively, on Jews only? What is this? Zionism? "Jewish" State? I wish there was as much attention reserved for the living Jews as there is for the dead ones. Two of my grandparents were amongst them, so unaffected yenetnews editors, don't even think of censoring my call to respect the living in Israel, just because you don’t like the idea. My perished grandparents earned me a right to speak up against what amounts to modern day: anti-Jewish hate.

- This is talkback # 11 on "Polish police retrieve damaged Auschwitz gate sign"


Let Jordan grant citizenship to Arab palestinists!


- This is talkback # 4 on "Likud MK: Annex West Bank, consider citizenship for Palestinians"

Bye-bye secular Zionism, welcome Judaism!


That's my personal story, anyhow. And you know what? It's not only survivable, it's even pleasurable: the greatest shot of visdom I've ever experienced.

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Wargames to prepare for the new wave of expulsion of the Jew


- This is talkback # 13 on "IDF prepares to raze structures as part of settlement freeze's second phase"

Your Facebook friends request


Pastor, thank you for your FB friends request and thank you for being a friend of the Jews.
According to halacha (Jewish Law) gentiles have no right to invent new religions for themselves by adding or by taking away from Torah. Xtians are therefore considered idol worshippers by all streams of Judaism.
Not only, Pastor. Since the breaking away of xtianism from Judaism about 20 centuries ago, the followers of your faith rendered themselves responsible for the deaths and for the torture of literally millions and millions of Jews. Now, even if you are a nice guy and mean well, and I am sure you do, I cannot agree with your choice of sharing - anything - with a group and with an organization of such historic conduct.
If you feel really, really close to the G-d of Israel, I'd suggest you google "Noahides". If you feel really, really close to Jews, I'd suggest you convert.
The Jews you are photographed with I consider Westernized souls who, for the passing thrill of feeling loved by a gentile or by gentiles or by a community of gentiles, are forgetting their true heritage.
Sorry Pastor, I'm not this kind of a Jew.
For more, sometimes censored Jewish takes on important issues concerning Israel, the Middle East and the world, please visit, follow, home-page or bookmark www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com


Barak must go home!


With all due respect, and I have a lot for him, Rabbi Melamed is not the issue here. He and his yeshiva in Bracha will survive with or without the hesder program. The issue is not even the question of subordination. It is clear that, even if it is not a value by itself, an army is more efficient if commanders don't have to worry about whether their orders are followed through or not. No, the real issue here is a much bigger one and no one talks about it: the IDF. What kind of army Israel, the so called Jewish State shall have? A goyshe army like any other nation, that follows all orders, jawohl, moral ones and immoral ones alike? Or a Jewish army? Barak is for the goyshe army model. He is comfortable with the yassam, he is comfortable with using the IDF against Jews, he is comfortable with enforcing and over enforcing State laws that he is willing to apply selectively, without letting any moral or Jewish nationalistic considerations disturb him, and I don’t mention Torah here on purpose. The State is secular, right? Rabbi Melamed on the other hand is prepared to participate only in Torah-compatible action. In my view, and let’s close an eye what is evil and what is right, this army model gives a better guarantee for the Jewish people: I stand with Rabbi Melamed and pray to G-d for the wellbeing of Jews. In practice this means that Barak should go home the earlier the better and be replaced by Rabbi Melamed. He would make an excellent Defense Minister. Why? Because he can draw up a proper, Jewish list of priorities and execute it under pressure! That's why. Barak never did that. He is only a hated power-broker, inside of his camp and outside. Rabbi Melamed is a great strategist and a principled Jewish leader.

- This is talkback # 9 on "Barak is right"

Hag sameah!

I am disgusted


I would like to thank Ynetnews.com for publishing much of my material, as talkbacks.

However, I am utterly appalled and frustrated by what I would call "the straight-jacket and restrictive policy" some ynetnews.com editors seem to apply to my mostly civilized and sometimes even doctored-to-be-acceptable comments proposed for publication.

These same editors sometimes allow openly anti-Semitic material to appear from visibly organized Arab or palestinist sources, artificially creating a fastidious unbalance. It seems that there is a determination at ynetnews.com to starve readers of anything authentically Jewish. Even the “Jewish world” column is kept Masorti or Conservative, an insignificant and widely criticized stream in Israel.

As a consequence of what I consider "unreasonable, restrictive and probably politically motivated” censoring of some of my articles, I decided to post them on my blog, www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com. You are welcome to visit the site and to comment.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the numerous readers for their support and positive feedback, encouraging me to continue with the "good work" of presenting a Jewish prospective on some of the burning issues we face in Israel, in the Middle East and in the world.

I invite readers to grow their Judaism and to learn more Torah. It is important for our survival as Jews to distinguish between what is Jewish and what is not and why.

Please feel free to bookmark www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com, to follow it or to make it your home page for censored, Jewish commentary.

- This is a slightly edited version of talkback # 13 on "Court: State didn’t consider full impact of freeze". My original and now lost comment on this article asked the questions: "How is it possible that the court finds it acceptable to serve construction-freeze orders to one etnic group only, namely to the Jews?" and "does this decision constitute a precedent for the future?".


Rabbi Melamed for Defense Minister!


What you conveniently forget Daum is that this what you call insignificant rabbi is one of the very few who holds Torah higher than his government paid job. In this, he shown himself to be worthy of the highest praise. I maintain rabbi Melamed would make an excellent Defense Minister. Why? Because he is able to establish a proper, Jewish scale of priorities and implement it under pressure.

- This is talkback # 9 on "Rabbi the big winner"

We are not bystanders with no interests of our own


This American president you call "great" Plocker, denies us our right to Jerusalem, even to its integrated neighborhoods like Talpiot, Gilo and Har Homa. He denies our right to our Biblical and historical heartland, to Judea and Samaria, to Jewish towns that sprang up right from the Book like Elon More, Itamar, Bracha, Yitzar, Tapuah, Eli, Shilo, Ofra, Bet El, Efrat, Hevron, etc. Of course he denies our right to Azza, as we were silly enough to deny it ourselves, even if it is an integral part of our Holy Land of Israel. Besides, this president Hussein, just like the rest of the nations, fully endorses the creation of a racist, Nazi-like enemy terror state in place of these striving Jewish communities, that cannot be termed other than an “intrinsically anti-Semitic policy”. This president also is planning to cut Israel in half North-South, to give his new 23rd Arab State what he calls “viability” and re-give us the nine miles strategic depth that Aba Eban called “Auschwitz borders”.

All this for any Jew must sound not only absurd Plocker but a clear attempt to destroy us fiscally and spiritually.

The widely ventilated plan to condition American intervention on Iran to our carrying out this suicide plan is unacceptable.

All the above and more of the same, like the keeping Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard in prison in America for 25 years now and keeping the US Embassy in Tel Aviv, as opposed to moving it to Jerusalem, to it's natural site in our nation’s capital, as far as we are concerned, do not make this president "great". We are not bystanders with no interests of our own.

The tide is turning Plocker and there are more and more Jews in Israel who think like Jews and don’t buy your “Obama is great” secularist fairy-tail.

- This is a censored talkback on "Global policeman is back"

Punch Google


Punch "livni london" into your search box and have 300.000 plus hits shouting: Livni war criminal. Brilliant! There is even a hidden morale in this story, in as much as Livni was one of the most traitorous of Israeli politicians, willing to give away huge chunks of Jewish holy Land to the Arabs, while in power.

- This is a censored talkback on "Jerusalem demands London plug legislative loophole"


No Jewish auto-freezing will ever satisfy the goy


- This is a censored talkback on "PM: UK arrest warrant against Livni absurd"

Not passing the test of time, reason nor that of decency


Prof. Caspi seems to be forgetting that it is precisely Jewish values and what he calls Jewish religious fanaticism that allowed us not only to survive history (whereas his Marxist-Leninist ideas rose and fell within the past one-hundred years, producing hundreds of millions of violent deaths in the process), but also to be where we are today, in our G-d given Holy Land, instead of being in the middle of Africa maybe. So, I’m sorry to say, Prof. Caspi’s record is not a good record and his reasoning is not a good reasoning either. G-d made the Jewish people different from every other nation and gave us a specific purpose. So, the "common sense" he is referring to maybe a common sense for the nations, for the Germans, for the French, for the British, for the Americans, etc. but it is utter common nonsense for us, Jews. To liberate ourselves from our heritage, as he suggests, is dangerous for us. That is why we must follow our Jewish-specific heritage and destiny! You might want to call it Torah.
Maybe Prof. Caspi is an expert on how to communicate, as he teaches at Ben-Gurion University’s Department of Communication Studies. Maybe what he should focus his attention on however is the message itself, on what one communicates: we should put a huge warning sticker on this professor’s writing, the way we do with cigarettes: “This message is anti-Jewish and as such represent a danger to the survival of the Jewish people”. His poisonous philosophy, that didn't pass the test of time, nor that of reason or decency, should not be allowed to propagate to the fresh and vulnerable minds of our youth. So yes, I am concerned for the souls of the students under the influence of this professor and the ones like him.

- This is talkback # 17 on "On brink of religious war?"

If Tzipi the appeaser can be harrased, all Jews will be


An alleged arrest warrant was issued against her in Britain? She feels banned from the UK? She cancelled her trip to Britain in the last minute? Some says she was smuggled out from the UK through Heathrow Airport in a diplomatic bag? Poor Tzipi, my heart goes out for her. Really.

So let’s make sure episodes like this never happen again. Let Tzipi Livni’s humiliation by the British be a monitor to all those who still think that by being nice to and licking the boot of the nations will in any way modify their attitudes toward the Jew and toward the Jew of the nations, Israel. Let us not forget that they, the nations, will have no mercy for us no matter what and that no amount of freezing our own lives here, in Israel, will ever satisfy them, until our extinction. Then, they will open museums: “This was the Zionist’s Tel Aviv”. “That’s where the Zionist had what they called “Jerusalem”.

Let’s remember that Tzipi Livni is a champion of the very appeasement exercise of which the nations proved themselves to be immune: now it is in front of everyone’s eyes. So let’s see it and let’s remember the lesson: if Tzipi Livni, the appeaser par excellence can be harassed by the nations, everyone can.

Indeed, her Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem didn’t say a word when Jewish activist Mike Guzofsky was banned to enter Britain by Her Majesty's Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith in October last year purely on Jewish opinion grounds: Guzofsky was never convicted of any violent crime.

Please G-d, let us never forget this lesson and make us stand up for Jewish rights!

- This is talkback # 34 on "Israel: If UK doesn't act, relations will suffer"

Ali Waked's false reporting on Ynetnews.com 2


Here we go again. Ali Waked introduces his latest anti-Jewish propaganda fabrication by his favorite “According To The Palestinians” method. He says: "Palestinian farmer from Ramallah area claims..": so what?! Anyone checked the story? Ever? Of course not.

His whole best selling line of year in year out articles about “settlers uprooting olive trees” is a false: Jews are prohibited by Torah to harm the enemy's fruit-trees. So, cool it, liar! No matter how many olive trees you dig out or saw or cut, you won’t be able to stick it on the Jews, simply because Jews, unless for the rare security concern, as a rule do not damage fruit trees, for our own Torah reasons: if anything, we grow them.

You are a worthless dude of a reporter, Ali Waked. Your only value is in your blind anti-Jewish fanaticism to the anti-Jewish fanatics who are prepared to listen to every fabrication and to every lie you throw at them and pay you good money for your so called “reporting” crap. Even the illustration you submit from B'Tselem is crap.

You live on fabricating lies against Jews, Ali Waked and this is not nice. As your lies are cheap and easy to see through, you do more damage even to your own so called people than good. Why? Because you just further the nasty, palliwood image of the lying , viciously anti-Semitic Arab fanatic, who’s only aim is to eliminate the Jews and with whom it is impossible to live in peace, no matter what.

- This is talkback # 21 on "Settlers uproot trees, police take no notice"

On money, Jewish economy and how to get out from the political era


Money is a strange thing. It's nothing, it's not even printed paper any more, just numbers on a computer screen, yet it's everything. How is it possible? It is possible because we don't live according to Torah. Torah does present us with a beautiful economic model, that is not based on central banks (FED) creating money from nothing and then lend it out to commercial banks. This Western system is also based on the idea that needs are unsustainable and therefore there always has to be a shortage of money-supply. The Jewish way is different. We believe that Hashem, our G-d, provides the necessary, under a condition: if we follow His ways. Well, do we? No, we don't. So a.), let's stop being surprised that there is hardship, especially in Israel. b.) Let's make tsuva. Tsuva means following G-d's way, individually as well as nationally. Tsuva on the individual level is an individual matter. On the national level, what can one do? Well, we here in Israel, may stop voting altogether: G-d didn't tell us "and vote for yourself a knesset that will sit day and night and will give you your laws of the land". No. He gave us The Law at Mt. Sinai and that is The Law we should follow as Jews. You see, Judaism is pre- and post-political. We are in the political era. So, let's do the Jewish thing and put an end to it: let's stop voting in Israel!

- This is comment # 3 on "Money (1984)"


Salfit Governor Munir al-Abushy is wrong


Salfit Governor Munir al-Abushy is wrong, in as much as Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger is not a religious figure, he is a government figure. According to Jewish Law government rabbis are not rabbis and observing this guy one well understands why: he is desecrating G-d's name in public.

- This is talkback # 12 on "Rabbi Metzger brings peaceful message to Yasuf village"

Ali Waked's false reporting on Ynetnews.com 1


"According to the Palestinians" is Ali Waked's favorite way to introduce his lies, to mix his insinuation to what we normally would call: "truth".

"According to the Palestinians.. IDF soldiers ..fired rubber bullets and teargas at the stone throwers". Then he generously adds, lending an air of (false) professionalism to his reporting: "There were no reports of injuries". Now isn’t that just great to know?!

I live in the Jewish village of Tapuah, maybe some 500 meters from the illegal Arab settlement outpost of Yasuf, in the Shomron and I heard no small-arm shots associated to rubber bullets firing nor I heard any bigger bangs of tear-gas grenade firing.

So to conclude, would it be fair to say Ali Waked, that no “clashes broke out over torched mosque during MK Talab El-Sana's visit to area” and that you made the story up for propaganda purposes, to further your anti-Jewish, anti-State of Israel agenda?

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The people with the mach


First of all, we do not know who are the people with the mach. Chances are that they are rightist Jews, but can be Arab provocateurs, Israeli leftists as well as government agencies. At this point, we don't know. However this may be besides the point. Orbach closes his article with the phrase: "No, the people with the match don’t understand it". I think they do. Whoever they are, they do understand and aim to create a somewhat new(er) balance of terror.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Playing with fire"


Rabbi Melamed for Defense Minister!


Charles, let me touch your secular nerves:

1.) Hitl*r was elected democratically.
2.) The German army executed all orders, moral ones and immoral ones.

Do we want an army like that? That follows orders blindly? Of course not. On the other hand, we want an army that is efficient. So, obedience is an issue. But once we established that obedience is a tool in the service of efficiency and not a value by itself, don't you think that by providing Jewish nationalistic enthusiasm as a motivator to our Israeli soldiers they would perform a lot better than the mostly apathetic and constantly threatened soldiers of Barak’s army? Don't you think that a soldier that is let to fight for what he believes in and not terrorized to be forced into executing orders that he may consider immoral might perform better? You see, this is why the IDF has to be a Jewish army. Not because or not only because of what you call "religion". Barak is destroying the IDF as you knew it as he is destroying it the way I would like it to be. I maintain that Rabbi Melamed would make an exceptional Defense Minister. You know why? Because he learned how to distinguish not only between good and evil, but between the different degrees of good and the different degrees of evil. This is his job as a rabbi and in my eyes – he proved himself to be brilliant: way above average.

- This is a censored talkback on "Barak decides to remove hesder yeshiva from IDF"

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1. Barak severs ties with Bracha Hesder Yeshiva

2. A Jewish perspective on the mosque attack

Barak severs all ties with Bracha Hesder Yeshiva

Defense Minister Barak made good on his threat to sever all ties between the IDF and Army Hesder yeshiva Har Bracha, as a result of the refusal of the head Rabbi of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Melamed to condemn soldiers who refuse to raise a hand on fellow Jews or to expel fellow Jews from their homes.

VOJ Commentary:

The Arabs must be enjoying every minute of this insanity, watching the IDF being diverted away from the pursuit of terrorists and sent to fight against Jewish poster soldiers and Jewish construction workers. SAVE THE IDF AND SAVE ISRAEL. Stop sending the IDF to fight fellow Jews. This is not the purpose of the IDF and this is not why we enlisted into the IDF!

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION NOW AND PLEASE FORWARD IT TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND TO ALL LISTS. Our goal is to sign one million Israelis and Jews worldwide on the petition to be delivered to Defense Minister Barak. Petition can be found



A True Jewish Perspective on Mosque Vandalism

After the recent, attempted arson attack on a mosque in the Arab occupied village of Yasuf in the Shomron, Israel, the usual choir of right wing, nationalist leaders began singing the tune of leftist politicians and media commentators to see who could condemn the members of “Tag Machir” (translation: price tag), the group claiming responsibility, in harsher language. Heaven forbid, the right wing camp should be “tarnished” by the action of random members of its political constituency. So the singing continues.

Two days after the incident the minor damage caused to the mosque remains the number one story in Israel. Yediot Achronot, Israel’s largest daily, dedicated no less than its first three pages to the story. Here are a few excerpts: “harsh condemnation (across the political spectrum) from the right to the left against the mosque arson in the Shomron, attributed to activists from the gang, “Tag Machir”…Defense Minister Barak ordered the authorities to allocate huge resources to the investigation to prove to the world that Israel is making a sincere effort to catch the culprits. The investigation will be conducted by a joint force comprising the Shin Bet, Police and IDF…”

A Price to be Paid

Me, I have no words of condemnation for “Tag Machir”. I condemn only the leaders of Israel – right wing, nationalist leaders included – who have brought about the

murder of countless Jews and who bear full responsibility for the actions of those who perpetrated the Mosque incident.

If I were a Yesha official (chas v’shalom), my press release would go something like this:

The primary culprits are the Arabs themselves, who use mosques to incite jihad and terror against Jews, and the government that allows them to continue to do so with impunity.

Actions like this are bound to intensify as long as Arabs continue to launch attacks on Jews from mosques and as long as the government of Israel continues to persecute the Jewish victims, forbidding them any means of defending themselves.

The government of Israel should not be surprised when desperate Jews, forbidden to build homes for themselves and their families, their backs against the wall and under direct fire from a hostile Arab population, with no legal recourse remaining to them, begin to take matters into their own hands.

The government of Israel is the party to blame for arming Arab terrorists and permitting them to remain in Israel to murder innocent Jews. Until that same government is prepared to do its job, to safeguard unconditionally the Jewish citizens of this country, there may be many more price tag taggers rising up to take the law into their own hands. I am not condoning Jews taking the law into their own hands. However, in view of the one-sided anarchy that already prevails, it’s hard to join a choir that can finds only notes of condemnation for the ‘Taggers’.

The Real Religious War

Moreover, it’s difficult to give much consideration to the moral crusaders who have

taken upon themselves to condemn the taggers for “instigating a religious war” and for tarnishing Israel’s image in the eyes of the world. A Jew who spray paints a few words on a mosque floor and lights a tiny fire that causes limited damage has instigated a religious war?

Muslims have been killing ‘infidels’ in the name of the Koran for close to 1500 years. Mosques throughout Israel are known to be the main source of their homicidal, terrorist incitement. And only now the holy choir discovers the root cause of this religious war? A Jew who spray paints a few words and lights a carpet ablaze outside a mosque?

How ironic that the incident occurs on the first days of Chanukah. The echoes from that period reverberate powerfully. One can imagine confused Jews and Hellenists attacking and condemning the Maccabees 2000 years ago for instigating a religious war against the ruling Seleucid Greeks. Is that not the story of Chanukah: a religious war waged against the nation of Israel, and a handful of heroic Jews who had the courage to bring the battle into the Greek temples of worship?

If there ever was a religious war it’s the Muslim s’ religious war against the Jews and the West. Let them spare us all their tears when that same war is brought back into their venomous, hate-filled mosques. The chicken has come home to roost.

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Maybe it's time


Maybe it's time to have Rabbi Melamed as Defense Minister.

We would certainly have a Jewish army that is motivated to fight the enemies of the Jewish people and win our wars, instead of the goyshe army of Barak that is bent on fighting the Jews. How much more anti-Semitic Barak has to be for the Jewish nation to see what he is and show him the way out? Isn't it obvious enough now, as it is, that he is against the Jewish people and anything Jewish? We must say a firm NO to use the IDF for the criminal deportation of Jews from any parts of the Land of Israel.

- This is talkback # 5 on "Barak decides to remove hesder yeshiva from IDF"

Chilul Hashem


It is a sorrow sight to see these "rabbis" to do Chilul Hashem, desecration of G-d's Name, in public. If they had any link to halacha, Jewish Law, other than their own, un-Jewish political agendas, they’d knew about the Rambam's negative mitzva # 50 that is actually entitled "The exhortation against being compassionate to idolaters or praising anything appertaining to them". The Rambam is not a “right wing extremist", there are Rambam Streets all over in Israel and it is surprising to say the least how so called "rabbis" can ignore and will ignore Judaism if it doesn’t serve their miserable, government paid carriers.

- This is talkback # 17 on "Rabbis visit Yasuf mosque: We came to expel darkness"


We Didn't Start The Fire


We Didn't Start The Fire

- This is a censored comment on "Settlers suspected of torching Palestinian mosque" and talkback # 3 on "Clashes break out after mosque arson"

In every age


In every age worldly powers did two things with our rabbis: they either bought them or they persecuted them. Today is no different and the Jewish people stand by their persecuted Rav.

- This is talkback # 1 on "'Disobedient rabbi' gets ultimatum"


I guess this academic


I guess this academic won't use her moment of exposure to world media to denounce Sweden's anti-Jewish policy for Israel. Of course not. She is a naive anti-Jewish leftist herself.

- This is talkback # 8 on "Ada Yonath to Ynet: Children now want to study chemistry"




Sounds like a five years development plan of the communists in the Soviet Union. These guys still think reality can be planned by other than G-d: crazy.

- This is talkback # 1 on "PM's Office issues national priorities plan"

Clearly the notion of a Jewish State has been hijacked


Clearly the notion of a Jewish State has been hijacked by non-Jews and by evil Jews.

- This is talkback # 29 on "Bride, Father Arrested for Crime of Moving Lips on Temple Mount"



Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the Jews. Immoral Tel Aviv and the rest of the corrupt coastal plain to the Erev Rav. Don't know what Erev Rav is? Google it.

- This is talkback # 9 on "Barak summons Rabbi Melamed"

Correction: We are not allowed to give away any part of the Land to the Erev Rav so, everything to the Jews!


Like it or not


Like it or not Jews are Jewish because of the Torah and the very reason we are on these shores and not in Nigeria is a Torah reason. The political left, that so vehemently opposes our own original Jewish value-system, institutions and legal framework: just read the Declaration of Independence of the modern State of Israel and show me the word "democracy" in there! There isn't one. Yet, there is reference to the Torah. So, cool it and stop turning the State to something it is not meant to be. There is a perfectly legitimate Torah longing within the Jewish people and fighting it is actually anti-Jewish. After all, we pray three times a day for the rebuilding of our Temple and for the re-establishment of our Just courts. Being on the Land of Israel, Jews are required to fall in line with the divine institutional standard! So, let Israel be Jewish!

On a practical note, one doesn’t understand why the left is so affectionate towards and on the barricades for the Turkish-Islamic and British-Colonial laws that are on the books.

- This is talkback # 10 on "Ne'eman in Knesset: Support alternative litigation system"


Who we want to be


I want Gilad home as much as you do Yael. Furthermore, I wish he never had to do "the soldier". I wish the Jews in Israel had peace.

But, as you well know, fifteen years to the Oslo process, we still don't have peace. In Deut. 32:21 it says: "They [the Jews] provoked Me [G-d] with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them."

What can we learn from this if we want to Yael? A few things:

- First we can learn if we want to is that the so called "palestinians" respond to a different raison d'être, a different reason of being, respect of what we might think or what we are constantly told. From this we can learn that they are here because they are sent to us by Hashem, our God, to "provoke" us and boy, aren't they doing an excellent job of that! This is their purpose and this is the reason for their being.

- Then we can learn if we want to that they are sent to us by Hashem, our G-d, for a number of reasons: because we provoked Him with a non god and because we angered Him with our vanities.

With other words Yael, we are not clueless as to how to solve our “palestinians” problem, as your piece suggests. As Jews, we are the luckiest nation on earth: we have Torah that tells us EXACTLY what to do and how to resolve our problems. From our Torah we know EXACTLY how to achieve peace and how to liberate ourselves from the provocation of the "palestinians". It is not “peace process”, it is not “disengagement” and it is not “negotiations”: we have to MAKE TSUVA, return to G-d, individually and collectively.

In policy terms, making tsuva means a firm NO to settlement freezes and a firm NO to this major terrorists release program, called "Shalit deal". It means conducting our affairs as Jews, fearing more our G-d, Hashem, than President Hussein Obama and his anti-Jewish decrees.

Giving up angering our King with our vanities also means fully rejecting the term "pseudo" in your phrase "I’m well familiar with the pseudo-rational and even more pseudo-halachic arguments in respect to not redeeming captives for more than their value". Rationality and halacha matter!

The Shalit case is only but one test in our national life. As we are given free will, each and every one of us have to decide in every minute of every day in our lives who we want to be. Slaves in Egypt or free Jews? If we are to be free Jews in the Land of Israel living in peace and prosperity, we have to accept on ourselves the yolk of Heaven and act accordingly.

This means Yael applying the halacha, Jewish Law and rejecting your emotional and individualistic reasoning. As we are here today to talk about this, it is save to say that Jewish living according to Jewish Law proved itself without a shadow of a doubt to be the only reliable life-saver for Jews all over the world, over the past 4000 years.

Please G-d let our enemies be destroyed, our hostages released and the Children of Israel prosper in peace on the Land You set aside for them! Amen.

- This is talkback # 17 on "Why aren’t we ashamed?"




One of my grandfathers, who was later murdered in a German death camp, also had to face a freeze in his lifetime.

He had a night club in Budapest and suddenly a new and legal law came out and he was told he must stop selling alcoholic drinks. Then another perfectly legal freeze law came, telling him he can not have a night club. Then another legal law came telling him that he had to go to forced work for the government. Then, after the war, he didn't come home.

When Jews will stop listening to the goyim, we'll start to live. By following our capos' instructions, who only try to save their own worthless political or biological lives, we keep marching on our way down to the gas-chambers.

As it stands, Netanyahu is a source of great danger for our individual and collective survival. Outside of the green line and inside. So, freezing prime minister Netanyahu and his defense minister Barak and his internal security minister Aharonowitz must be forced out of office. The earlier the better.

- This is a censored talkback on "Netanyahu: Settlers are our brothers", talkback # 1 on "Official: We're facing unprecedented enforcement challenge in West Bank" and # 16 on "Tea-parties, Israeli-style"

Let's stop voting


"They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non people, with a wile nation shall I anger them” (Deut. 32:21).

It is clear that the "palestinians" are sent by Hashem to anger us, and boy, aren't they good at that?

However, now that we know this, we also know where the solution to our "palestinians problem" lies. It is time the Jews understand that in order to live and to live in peace we have to follow G-d's peace plan, not Bush's or Obama's. G-d peace plan is written in the Torah, so we know what there is to. We have to MAKE TSUVA, individually and collectively.

National tsuva implies Jewish institution building. Knesset, Supreme Court, etc. are not Jewish, Torah institutions and therefore they are not and can not be good for us: democracy is not good for us. It may be good for the nations, for America: it is not good for us.

We meant to have a different model. We meant not to ask the people what our laws should be, we should enforce Hashem's Law on ourselves and THUS be a light onto the nations.

So, if we want peace upon us all, it is clear that our first step, strangely enough, should be to distance ourselves from the Golden Calf and: stop voting. Let the "democratic process" in Israel implode on itself and then we'll have a chance to pretend and establish our Jewish institutions: The Beit Mikdash on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem, The Sanhedrin and a King. I personally would prefer Hashem to be accepted to be King and not only on Rosh HaShana, but maybe it's too much to ask for at this stage. Our people don't know His Name. Yet.

- This is a comment on "What the Peace-Partner Palestinians Really Want"


McDonalds' defiance


McDonalds' are problematic not because they have worms in the fridge but because very few of them are kosher. So, it seems, the McDonalds worms are outside of the fridge, humanoid and stay high up on the corporate lather. That a large restaurant-chain like this sees it fit to go non-kosher in Israel is a defiance against G-d, the Jews and anything Jewish.

- This is talkback # 1 on "McDonald's blackmail plot foiled"



Just remember that any policy that is based on restriction of Jews, only Jews and no one else but Jews is, per definition, an anti-Jewish policy and the ones who dirt their hands with it, again per definition, are anti-Semites. Enough already of shameful, capo-style governance in Israel. Time to shout out loud: Israel is Jewish and pretend, pretend a Jewish Israel for the Jews!

- This is talkback # 7 on "Internal security minister: We won't go easy on settlers"


How's about..


How's about Israel moving a finger for Jonathan Pollard? How's about releasing JEWISH prisoners?

- These are talkbacks # 2 and # 3 on "Report: Israel, Hamas reject mediator's proposals"


Re: # 9 Childish, immature


Your moral relativism is childish and immature. As if being "us" or "them", being "right" or "wrong" were the same and indistinguishable. As if defending Jews and Jewish rights could be exchanged for attacking and killing Jews on our G-d given Land! Your confusion is complete and I invite you to reflect. "Us" is not "Them" and fighting a war forced upon us is not the same as being our enemy that wants to take away our national and individual-biological as well as spiritual - lives.

- This is a talkback on "Barak: Settlements are part of Israel"


I wonder why they held elections in Israel


If Barak is in the government of the same Netanyahu he ran against in the election and people voted accordingly, and now they meet and Netanyahu executes Barak policies, turning his back on his electorate, if elections don't separate the winner from the loser, what's the point in holding elections in Israel at the first place? At this point I think the best thing an Israeli can do is just stay home on election day and enjoy his free day. His vote doesn't make any difference.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Settler leaders decline meeting with Barak"

The Corporal Yaacov Ben Isaac Provocation


I the undersigned hereby solemnly declare that I kidnapped and hold as hostage an Israeli soldier. The soldier's name is Yaacov Ben Isaac. His rank is: Corporal. He is alive and well and he is held at a secret location. His immediate release is conditioned to the immediate release of only four JEWISH prisoners: Yigal Amir, Ami Popper, Jack Teitel and Israeli spy inprisoned in America for 25 years now, Jonathan Pollard. For comunications regarding the JEWISH prisoner’s release please use the Comments section of http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com/2009/12/corporal-yaacov-ben-isaac-provocation.html

- This is talkback # 9 on "Peres says will have to pardon many prisoners"

Just because


Just because ynetnews doesn't report certain news items and its editors censor some of my informative comments, as if to show "who is the boss here", doesn't mean that people don't know about American embassy interference in determining Knesset schedule (google "Kahane memorial" or "entry visa refusal for MK Ben Ari" or "Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard held in an American prison for 25 years now"). In times of Internet the old, bolshevic style control on information doesn't work any more, thank G-d.

- This is talkback # 11 on "Obama not the enemy"


Black preacher from Harlem praises Zionists and Kahane


This is a controversial tape and a disturbing one too.

On the one hand we see someone who praises G-d, the Rav, the Jews and Zion and, objectively, this is good. On the other hand, he is, and he publicly presents himself as, an actively idol worshipping gentile. So, should we listen to him, just because he says a few nice things we like to hear? NO, according to the Rambam, we should not!

Also, it is an error and maybe even an offence to his memory to think that Rav Kahane “gave” his life for Torah and for Zion or for whatever else. His life was TAKEN AWAY from him, and in a most cowardly of ways. He is not a hero because he was killed, he is a hero because he LIVED and because the way he lived!

Should this idol worshipper preacher be honest, first to himself, about what he preaches: "condemn what the Torah condemns", wouldn't you expect him to do just that and shut up about his xtian convictions and become a Noahide at least? By the way, at the end of the tape we do see a black Jew in the audience, probably a convert. In Israel certainly there are lots of black Jews. So yes, it is possible to not only see the truth and then let it slip by, but actually to accept it upon oneself.

I visited this preacher’s website. It is disturbing. He is photographed under a cross and without wearing the hat he wears in the synagogue. The text suggests that he thinks he is a prophet, that G-d talked to him, setting him up on his particular mission.

Are we so damn lost in our own ways, in our own isolation, that we take this crap in and deem it "good"?

I am also disturbed by allowing a xtian preacher into a shul to speak. The same way I was disturbed by the pop accompanied in Jerusalem to the Wall by some of our “rabbis”. According to halacha he should have been prevented to put foot in the Land.

Does anyone care? And if not, why not? Will we be punished for these gross “misbehaving”? Of course we will. So let’s pray to G-d not only for His mercy that we surely in great need of, but to grant us a basic understanding of His Torah, the wisdom and the insight we need to serve Him, as we should.

- This is a comment on http://www.viddler.com/explore/atlah/videos/172/450.85/