B"H -

London fails to distinguish between the personal and the national. The people, the milieu, the human story described here are charming. Yet, what does it mean? These elite representatives of the Arab sector are part of that fifth column that advances an Arab nationalistic agenda on Israel and it is aiming to destroy from the inside the idea of a Jewish state. These people London enjoys himself with are completely and viciously and without the slightest of a doubt: anti-Jewish. Reading this article I saw the frames of the film on H***er's court (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZBAcU3jxg0) runninig in front of my eyes, in a different timeframe.

- This is talkback # 13 on "The other Israelis"


Hadassah Ein Kerem Has To Fire Its Board


How's about freedom of medical treatment? Of course Jews (people) think twice before entering a so called hospital that calls police on the parents of child patients, instead of curing them, and has them arrested. How can a father or a mother prove they didn't pour boiling water on their child on purpose? I'm way out? This is exactly what happened to "starving mother".

- This is talkback # 9 on "Haredi father blocks burned toddler from Hadassah"

Jerusalem Police?!

B "H -

J.em police not "not upholding the law”, it is actively involved in breaking it, discriminating against the Jews. We see this on the Temple Mount, police doesn't allow Jewish prayer on Judaism's holiest site, we see it time and again here. Last time they claimed they don't have the manpower to do the job. When it comes to protecting the gays' march, then they have the manpower.

- This is talkback # 2 on "J'lem: 4 Wounded in Clash between Jews, Arabs"

Bye-bye America


Israel is no threat to America. FBI clearly is ethnic profiling against Jews when posing as Israeli intelligence agency. The political message is also clear: the US administration is switching strategic alliance over to the Saudis. Will Peres-Barak-Netanyahu-Livni learn their lesson? And the rest of the Jews?

- This is talkback # 5 on "Accused US spy scientist held without bond"


Israel can't have an anti-Jewish Police Minister


- Aharonowitz: "I hereby declare: Enough with the delusional groups in the Jewish sector ... Stop messing with Temple Mount".
- ABY: Aharonowitz, you are messing with the Jews by stopping them praying on Judaism's holiest site! Peace is not above everything: Jewish rights are

- This is talkback # 7 on "Minister slams both Jews, Arabs over Temple Mount unrest"
B"H -

If the State of Israel was Jewish, I'd agree. But it is just another secular state. So, what's the point in letting it annex our Biblical Heartland and turn it into just another secular suburb? No, here we need to establish the Jewish Kingdom, with Jewish institutions run on Biblical principles, not yet another corrupt democracy run on Hellenistic principles.

- This is talkback # 50 on "Sovereignty Now!"

I think we make a mistake here

B"H -

The scope of Judge Goldstone's report was NOT to look into the reasons of the war, but rather to the way it was conducted. These clearly are two entirely different aspects and mixing them up is not helpful.

It also is clear that the scope of the Goldstone inquiry was deliberately limited by the UN so called Human Rights Council to set Israel up and to expose it politically to a new wave of international criticism.

That there is a legal problem was confirmed by Netanyahu's call to form an international coalition to rewrite the laws of war (http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3792960,00.html).

To make the judge appear responsible for the shortfalls of the legal system doesn't seem to me acceptable.

We'd do better declaring Israel to be a Jewish state, leave the UN and run our affairs according to halacha (Jewish Law). Halacha calls on us to kill our enemies, win our wars and fully possess our G-d given Land.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Lambs tried by wolves"


Wrong title

B"H -

Instead of "Israel demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem" it should read: Jerusalem muni demolishes two unlicensed houses.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Israel demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in Jerusalem"


B"H -

Why the duo Efrat Weiss and Ali Waked use the term "village" to describe Arab population centers and "outpost" to describe the Jewish ones? Why they use the term "settlers" to describe Jews? Even if the story was true, and I doubt it, doesn't the use of these tendentious terms to delegitimize and dehumanize the Jews renders this so called article a propaganda piece to underpin the Arab narrative of the conflict?

- This is talkback # 9 on "Settlers, Palestinians clash in West Bank"

Sign petition in solidarity with Shmuel Ben-Yishai

B"H -

There is a petition people can sign online in solidarity with Shmuel Ben-Yishai here:

- This is talkback # 7 on "Settler indicted for incitement"


To Dr. Adrianna Katz: cover your hair and cut your nails


Dr. Adrianna Katz,

I completely sympathize with the cause of saving Sderot children, that is my cause too, as a Jew.

However, I would like to point out to you that the scope of Judge Goldstone's report was NOT to look into the reasons of the war, but rather to the way it was conducted. These clearly are two entirely different aspects and mixing them up is not helpful.

It also is clear that the scope of the Goldstone inquiry was deliberately limited by the UN so called Human Rights Council to set Israel up and to expose it politically to a new wave of international criticism. This was confirmed indirectly by Netanyahu's call to form an international coalition to review the laws of war.

But, this is politics Dr. Adrianna Katz, and once we are at it I would like to ask you, in your professional quality as well as a resident of Sderot: why did you put up with the bombing of your city for so long, without ever raising your voice against it?

I put to you Dr. Katz, that successive Israeli governments purposefully allowed Sderot to be bombed by the Arabs for 8 years to score points in the international PR arena, in order to show the world how Israel is a victim in the current conflict. I put to you Dr. Katz that waiting for 8 years without doing anything about the Kassams falling on Sderot - was policy. Not only. It was a policy elaborated by and supported all the way by your side of the political establishment, the self declared non-Zionists, the leftist to extreme-leftist elite in power.

What a nerve you have Dr. Adrianna Katz to complain to Goldstone now, instead of pointing your finger that has blood on it to the Israeli left that produced and implemented the very policies that destroyed not only the 4000 Sderot children you claim to care about but the Jewish character of Israel: cover your hair and cut your nails!

- This is a censored comment on "A Letter from Sderot Mental Health Center's Dr. Adriana Katz to Judge Goldstone"


Extreme rightist? Surprise, surprise!

B"H -

That's where I stand, according to www.politicalcompass.org

Economic Left/Right: 2.38
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.21

Jordan's responsability on the Temple Mount ended in '67..


.. and while it lasted it was used to discriminate against Jews, forbidding them to pray even at the Kotel, let alone on the Temple Mount. So, this Jordanian communiqué is pure chutzpa. Not incredible though. The world will buy it. Italian media for example, habitually calls the Temple Mount "spianata delle moschee (the flattened area of the mosques)" and gets away with it without ever receiving a diplomatic reprimand from the Israeli embassy there. Calling the Temple Mount Temple Mount in Italy has become politically incorrect and politically charged, meaning the writer sides with those "cruel Jewish occupiers". By not fighting back, the enemy gains grounds. Holy grounds, in this case.

- This is a censored talkback on "Jordan: Israeli 'provocations' at Temple Mount threaten peace"

Temple Mount vs Israeli establishment

B"H -

The Temple Mount is a problem for the Israeli establishment (read erev rav). They never wanted it and since they got it through miracles, they are trying to give the Jewish treasures away to the goyim. The Temple Mount has no value to them, in fact it threatens their hold on power as it is a place of the King of the universe. As they know this, they don't allow Jews up there, in their auto-proclaimed so called freedom of religion. Bibi o no Bibi, they also the only establishment in the world that officially uses its army and black-uniformed security forces to destroy synagogues and beit midrashim and private property of Jews, if they are in places they don't want Jews to LIVE, in Eretz Israel. With other words, strange as it may sound, this is the most anti-Semitic regime in the world in this century.

- This is talkback # 15 on "Jerusalem: Temple Mount riots resume"

Build your own facebook and do it better

B"H - Thank you Gershom for inviting me to your group, "United Against Palestinian allegations of Holocaust Denial On Facebook".

Whereas I don't have anything against the idea, I do have three problems with the actual wording that I view as significant.

First of all, there are NO "palestinians". If anything there are Palestinists, goyim and Jews who want to liberate Eretz Israel from the Jews. Every time we fall into their trap of using their terminology, we automatically play their game, the de-judaization of our G-d given Holy Land, and no, just because everyone else does it, it doesn’t mean that we ourselves have to accept this and go along with it. “Palestinians” is a lie, invented by president Nasser of Egypt for Egyptian terrorist-boss Arafat in ’64, three years before the Israeli “occupation” of the Jewish Homeland. This is one.

Two: the word "holocaust" means sacrifice, martyrdom. None of my grandparents were martyrs or heroes, they were murdered, hunted down systematically by the Nazis. Therefore I think Shoa would be a better term to use.

However, even if you used the term "Shoa", I would be skeptical, in as much as it refers to a tragedy to the Jewish people that happened seventy years ago. Living Jews today face other challenges, such as the call of president Hussein and most of the rest of the world to stop living (in the heart of our Biblical Holy Land, in Judea and Samaria, for now). This is just one of the many real challenges today, to hold on to what is ours by the will of G-d and this is exactly why I moved the one Jew I have command over, myself, onto our Land where Jews are needed. I think this is the issue today, not the palestinian holocaust denial on Facebook! There are enough holocaust museums all over the world to deal with the dead Jews issue. Now, let's focus on the living ones.

To conclude, I don't really care about what's going on "on Facebook". I care, let's say for argument's sake, about Jews, about our people and about our society. So, as I have to chose my wars, appeals about what's going on on Facebook leave me rather untouched. Sorry. It's a private company designed to make milions under private management. If you want to run it your way, build your own facebook and do it better.


Let's turn the IDF into a Jewish army


Maybe it's time to turn the IDF into a Jewish army. Won't be easy. Right now the selection process looks like geared to promoting skinheads and Jew-haters.

- This is talkback # 3 on "IDF recruits protest settlement evacuation"


Just look at him: Shamni is a skinhead in uniform

B"H -

Shamni's legacy will live on for another six months at least in Samaria as he signed expulsion orders against Akiva Hacohen, Ariel Gruner and Eliav Eliyahu, three good, innocent Jews in their early twenties with wives and small kids. As usual, there were no specific charges, nor motives for that matter, to the expulsion orders other than the victims being good, loyal Jews to Hashem. Shamni hates that. A true and appasionate Jew hater in the service of the state, his name is forever blackens the image of the IDF here in the Shomron. Some one, somewhere along his military carrier should have stopped this skinhead, but no one did. And the Jewish people still paying a heavy price for this negligence. It is not difficult to imagine that this man will be a President Hussein implant in the Israeli embassy in Washington, rather than a defender of anything Jewish there. From the hills of Samaria we hope and pray that this odious individual, who made life as difficult here for the Jews as he could, will find himself surrounded with the peaceful but not respectful actions of our friends in Washington, wherever he goes.

- This is a censored talkback on "Departing IDF officer urges 'zero tolerance' to radical Right"

Hooters restaurant

B"H -

I checked out the Hooters International website and there is no Israel restaurant there. Countries are listed in alphabetical order and After Guatemala there is Mexico. No Israel, no Netanya. So, I guess there are two good reasons not to go to Hooters to eat: doesn't seem to be kosher and anti-Israel.

- This is talkback # 6 on "Rose Pizem's mother: I couldn't betray my partner"

B"H Melaveh Malka in Tapuach Parshat Noach with Shivi Keller at 19.30

To Lindsey Silken: Let's rally behind ex NASA scientist Mr.Stewart David Nozette, 52

B"H -

"Lindsey Silken is one of Jewish Community's Hero of the Year judges in the semifinalist phase of this challenge. Lindsey wants to hear from you before she makes her decision on the Hero of the Year. Tell her which "must-have" quality you'd like to see in the ultimate Jewish Community Hero. Then let her know which hero you think possesses that quality."

This is what I wrote to her:


Lindsey, under the present emergency circumstances I think it would be most appropriate to dedicate your entire event to ex NASA scientist Mr.Stewart David Nozette, 52, who was framed by the FBI and now sits in jail, just like Jonathan Pollard does, since '85. Let's send a strong message to the American people and to the American government, saying that helping Israel is OK, even at a cost of changing the rules in the middle of the game. I'm sure everybody would rally behind you and people would applaud you for standing up for the Jewish right to a safe Israel.
FBI agents were specifically posing as Mossad spy handlers, targetting Jews. Let American Jews say NO to FBI anti-Semitism!

Please do the same and ask your friends and contacts to do the same. It is IMPORTANT to stand up now for the Jewish right to a safe Israel!


Obama to J'lem: Friendship more than just strategic alliance

B"H -

Yes, like having FBI (short for Friends of Beloved Israel?) agent posing as Mossad spy handler to frame Jews like Mr. Nozette. Comes in mind Israeli spy Yonathan Pollard kept in prison in the States since 1985! Obama's friendship truly is more than just strategic alliance. It's a suffocating hug!

- This is talkback # 7 on "Obama to J'lem: Friendship more than just strategic alliance"

Oh noooo! Hang on.. What?!

B"H -

Torah prohibits Jews of damaging olive trees. That is exactly how we know for sure that these allegations, like many others coming from the Arabs, are false.

- This is talkback # 17 on "Olive harvest season begins with sabotage"

4.000 BC?

B"H -

In "Jewish" we say 4000 BCE, which is a clever way meaning before common era, when we refer to goyishe time. The Jewish calendar is at year 5770, so 4000 BCE is 1770. The nations count time from what they call C. If Israel is meant to be a Jewish state, why to mark time and date as the nations and not as Jews?

- This is talkback # 2 on "Dig reveals weapons cache from 1950s"


No tax no representation. Remember?

B"H -

I see plenty of huge new Arab villas driving up and down on Route 60. Maybe TA University researchers should do the same before declaring stupidities. Also the Arab car park is completely renewed and now consists of new huge SUVs, Mercedeses, VW Passats and the like. No tax no representation. Remember? Anyhow, in Israel no one cares, Barak wants to uphold the "law" only on the Jews and as long as he is the law, he and the left will get away with it.

This is talkback # 5 on"Study: Arabs evade tax payment due to poverty"

Re: #2, #5 [Second part of free analysis on economy :]

B"H -

Gold is Torah currency, therefore it should be THE natural choice for Israel. This is one. Two, it is up about 30% on the year and rising, not against but in parallel with the market. This should tell you something, that something is brewing. That the magma is building up under our feet. Three, as President Hussein in his panic attack is printing dollars at full steam, like no one before him, it is not difficult to see he will crash it to the ground and so US inflation will run in double digits in a matter of months, not years. His short term urge to fix what he considers fixable overrides the long term and overrides also the sound and history shows us how New Deals and spend, spend, spend policies of the left make things worse. By buying up this heap of paper Hussein-dollars, Fischer is doing a favor to him, not to Israel. You can argue that by saving America you save the status quo and by saving the status quo you save Israel, but I don't believe in this. I think you want to save Israel you have to save Israel and if you want to do that, you have to have gold in the closet, not dollars, because the fundamental truth is that the nations, all of them, are per definition against the Jews and they perceive Israel as Jewish, even if it's not. We are told to dwell happily alone, so that's exactly what we should be doing. Wolfs like Mr. Goldstone are biting into our international trades arms and legs and the hyenas smell Jewish blood, and so they come too as well as the lions. The Iranian issue, please be assured, will have a negative impact on our economy, on everything, including exports and tourism, either way it goes, and this will push gold up, up, even higher. Before you know speculation will chip in against the shekel and gold will shoot to worth three times as much as it does today. Just wait and see how this scenario will play itself out nicely, in front of your very eyes. You just have to read the writing on the wall and think like a Jew, not like a goy boy.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Stanley Fischer voted one of world's top 7 bankers"


Economy [on Fischer]


Economy is not an objective science and there are a lot of politics involved. I maintain that instead of dollars he should have bought Torah currency gold and silver in order to underpin the shekel. He also would have made fabulous profits for Israel as gold rises in value, whereas the dollar, due to unprecedented emission, is due to collapse.

- This is a talkback on "Stanley Fischer voted one of world's top 7 bankers"

Okay to hear women sing?

B"H -

Maybe it is not OK to hear Barak - talk.

- This is talkback # 19 on "Barak: Don't abstain from women's singing"

Let Police Chief Dudi Cohen retire now


Ushenko murder case is simple. It is the police that is mismanaged and underperforming. Let Police Chief Dudi Cohen retire now. It really is time. His management of the force, the budget and the inner "culture" of the police does not command public confidence and support and it is highly controversial. His appointment was a mistake at the first place, it's time to rectify this error. The earlier the better.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Ushrenko family murder: Neighbors heard nothing"

Dudi Cohen


Time for Dudi Cohen to go home? Who will have the courage to sack him? Yitzhik Aharonovich? I don't think so.

- This is talkback # 13 on "Family of 6 slain in central Israel"


An important first step? [On Civil marriage in Israel]


An important first step? To what? To completely de-Judaize Israel? Why are you so keen on de-Judaizing Israel? Civil marriage is here anyhow. Anyone is free to draw up a contract with anyone else, sign it and then celebrate it by throwing a party

- this is talkback # 9 on "An important first step"


This man


This man, Ron Ben Yishai, here appears to be outright dangerous, considering his last three paragraphs. It is sad to see minds like his, so far removed from anything Jewish, authorized and indeed encouraged to put forward policy proposals for Israel. Maybe the time is ripe for the Jewish people to reclaim the Jewish character of the so called Jewish state. We should step on the road that leads from the only democracy in the Middle East to the only Jewish country in the World.

- This is talkback # 3 on "Magic cure no longer works"

[Organized] Holocaust survivors

B"H -

Where were they and where are they, the survivors of the Shoa, when the Government Of Israel, the GOI as they liked to call themselves in English, deports Jews from their homes, because they are Jewish?

- This is talkback # 1 on "Holocaust survivors say foreign children's deportation painful reminder"

Ron Ben Yishai is a fool.


Ron Ben Yishai is a fool. He reads the facts as they appear to the goyim, to the non Jews. If he read the facts as a Jew, he would first of all put Hashem into the picture, explaining to us a larger than life struggle that’s going on between good and evil. Then, he would tell us about the virtues of Israel standing alone as it is written that we are meant to do just that, to "dwell alone" and by doing so being unlike any other nation. Then he would continue analyzing how the evil forces are organizing themselves to kill Jews, Israel and G-d, in this order, and how this is perfectly in line with what is already written, with what we already know. Yes, from the Bible, from what he labels and old and expired collection of man-made stories. If Ben Yishai read history as a Jew, he would conclude that we will win, because we were created in the first place in order to bring in G-d's glorious kingdom to this world and the nations, through us will recognize His great name. We were not put into the world to be the only democracy in the Middle East! But, to our demise, he didn't read his Torah, or if he did read it he didn't understand it or, if he understood it, he is too scared to share his understanding with us, like most of our so called “rabbis”, as producing not politically correct material can lead to a loss of juicy contracts and desirable livelihoods. So, like many others, Ben Yishai keeps writing part one, two and occasionally part three of completely irrelevant, uninformed and misinforming so called analysis: that’s the way it goes.

To conclude: Jews are a special people with a special mission and trying to normalize us simply won't work. It's as if Ben Yishai tried to keep the parting waters of the Sea of Reeds together with his fingers, telling the Jews about the impossibility of riding through the seabed. It won’t work and that is why Ron Ben Yishai is a fool. Not the first one and will not be last one.

- This is talkback # 18 on "Israel’s growing isolation"


Re: # 4 [On the Arab's economy]


They took our G-d given Land, Rob. Judea and Samaria are Biblical Jewish lands. As far as their so called depravation of development is concerned, be assured it is due to their feudal social organization and has nothing to do with the Jews. Judea and Samaria is an olive garden and if the Arabs distributed only the revenue from olive oil, a precious agricultural product, instead of the Arab land-lords keeping it all, they'd be a rich people. Not to mention the international aid that now runs into 3-4 million dollars. A day, every day. There is no business like the killing Jews business.

- This is talkback # 5 on "Israelis bring green power to West Bank village"

To Associated Press


The term "west bank" was invented by Jordan for de-Judaized Judea and Samaria, when they occupied it in '48, in order to deny any Jewish connection to the Biblical Jewish Heartland.

Every time you re-use this Jordanian term, "west bank", you re-deny the Jewish connection to our G-d given Jewish Heartland.

Every time you use the term "village" in Eretz Israel, you refer to an Arab population center, you consider permanent.

Every time you use the term "settlement" in Eretz Israel, you refer to a Jewish population center you consider temporary.

Suggestion: read your Bibles and find out that Judea and Samaria are G-d given Lands to the Jews.

Also please note that Palestine is not occupied. Palestine is invented by Egyptian president Nasser for Egyptian terrorist Arafat in '64.

There is no business like killing Jews business

- This is a censored talkback on "Israelis bring green power to West Bank village"

All the nonsense


How's about all the nonsense that famous writers like A.B. Yehoshua, David Grossman, Amos Oz etc. put out on an industrial scale? Why they are never criticized by the left?

- This is a talkback on "Just stick to chemistry"

MKs, you don't even respect your own rules!


The whole purpose of democracy and elections, according to your own rules, is to separate between citizens and MKs. "Former MK" is not a democratic category and pretending that they have a right to access the Knesset building clearly is an abuse of (former) power. Giving them extra space and extra services is unprecedented corruptzia and I don't know of any parliament anywhere that has such accommodating rules for former members. What stops you guys make ex MKs vote in a new, "ex members' commission"? How's about instituting Knesset membership for life? Like Britain's Lords or for life Italian Senate members? Do ex MKs already have an ex MK ID? Wowowow, what a wonderful and wholy illegal world!

- This is talkback # 2 on "Knesset bans 'on tab' billing at cafetria"


Anti-Jewish article generates anti-Jewish tbs


Did it occur to anyone that the "settlers" may be the good Jews on the Land of Israel in this story and the "security" forces of the state in fact maybe the "pogrom-hungry Cossacks"? That they are unleashed on the Jews to harass them in order to generate political capital for the government in front of the goyim in international forums? Just how un-Jewish a so-called Jewish state can become before a revolution errupts?

- This is talkback # 9 on "Settler youths build new outpost in West Bank"

Re: # 1 Yusuf


"These lawless thugs" as you call them are not lawless and are not thugs. They are good, Torah Law fearing Jews. Barak-incited pogrom-police are the thugs here! As far as the referendum you are calling for, a similar one has been held privately in '04, before the "disengagement" from Azza. It yielded an 80% plus result to remove hostile Arabs, like yourself, rather than good Jews from the Land of Israel. It was called the “Jewish Alternative Disengagement Plan” and you can google it if you want. Naturally State Prosecution initiated a campaign calling the mere asking of a simple question of this sort "incitement to racism", as if deporting 10000 Jews because they are Jews was not racist. As in Israel there is a frequently hostile Arab minority, every time the Jews fight back against Arab terror is labeled "racism", whereas the Arab terror itself is called "activism" and Arab terrorists are called "activists" or “militants” even by Ynet. Interesting, no?

- This is talkback # 2 on "13 settlers arrested during outpost evacuation"

Judaism's Holiest Site, For Crying Out Loud!


On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, on Judaism's holiest site, only Jews get arrested by the Israeli police every time they move their lips in prayer to the G-d of Israel. No Jewish State comes to their rescue, to negotiate their release, as the state that claims to be Jewish to the nations, is in fact just as secular as they are, if not more. Join the Supporters Of Jewish Prayer On The Temple Mount Facebook group for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Israel to let worshippers out of Mount"


Nobel committee


Norvegian parliament nominated Nobel committee tries to save Iran nukes against Israel, Jews, G-d. In this order.

- This is talkback # 59 on "Obama honored, humbled by Nobel"

Read Your Havdalah


- Dan Rickman: "This led me to the view that Orthodox Judaism nowadays must have a universalist approach and we can and must develop an anti-racist view consistent with Jewish sources."

- ABY: Do you do Havdalah each motze Shabbat? If you do, do you understand its meaning?

- This is talkback # 38 on "Being a left-wing Orthodox Jew"


Ynet's "Jewish World"


It really is unfair and grossly unprofessional to regularly dedicate a "Jewish World" column to anti-Jewish propaganda.

- This is talkback # 3 "Created in God's image, women wait on religious rights"

According to the Torah


According to the Torah we should kill our enemies and win our wars. There is also halacha on not to pay more for a hostage than what he worth.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Hundreds protest possible Shalit prisoner swap"




- Ynet: "Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi serves as deputy Knesset speaker and heads the United Arab List – Ta’al"

- ABY: If there was a "United Jewish List" you'd name it "racist" and call for it to be banned.

- This is talkback # 13 on "The right to be free" by Tibi


Jewish survival


Only Torah gives us Jewish survival.

- This is talkback # 19 on "The new assimilated Jews"


B"H -

One’s Jewish ethnicity is transmitted from generation to generation through the mother. Surnames are transmitted through the father. So, surname alone is not a reliable way to determine Jewish origin. This is one. Two, even if the Iranian was Jewish, he wouldn't qualify as such, due to his evil behavior: a characteristic he shares with many past and present so called “Jews”, some in eminent position.

- This is talkback # 11 on "Rumors that Ahmadinejad has Jewish roots false"


What the "J" stands for in JTA ex Re: The Acid Test

B"H -

Dear Uriel Heilman,

Thank you for your reply.

I first heard about your agency, the JTA, when I made aliya and in the merkatz klita I met one of your interns, a woman I was attracted to. Soon however I understood that even if she was ethnically Jewish, her set of values did not match mine: she was a liberal first, then an American and only then a Jew. So, I stopped dating with her.

Reading your below reply I had a deja vu feeling: there is no point in talking to you, you live in your own world and trying to engage you provokes an autistic reaction in you that sometimes you may call "The acid test".

So, instead of entering into the many merits of the case, let me focus on just one, even if symbolic technical aspect of your, what you call reporting: you name Judea and Samaria "West Bank".

Now, as you probably know, "West Bank" is the name given to Judea and Samaria by Jordan, in order to hide any Jewish connection to it, when they occupied it in '48.

Re-using that Jordanian term, "West Bank", you in fact re-negate any Jewish connection to Judea and Samaria.

Yet, you make an effort in marketing your Telegraphic Agency (TA) as a Jewish one (JTA), with the "J". I ask myself: why? Why are these people insisting in calling something Jewish when clearly it is not? What is the "J" stands for in JTA?

The answer I came up with is a disturbing one and I am not going to share it, not without having obtained from you a specific disclaimer, guaranteeing me not to be sued by you.

Ariel Ben Yochanan (Andras Bereny)
Kfar Tapuah, Efraim, Israel

----- Original Message -----
From: Uriel Heilman
To: Ariel Ben Yochanan (Andras Bereny)
Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: Please address your "Jewish quality" problem ex Re: Vote for a Jewish hero!


Uriel Heilman
Managing Editor, JTA
Tel. 212 643-1890 x209

Ariel Ben Yochanan (Andras Bereny) wrote:
Dear Jewish Telegraph Agency,

Your website http://jta.org/about states that the JTA strives to be "the definitive, trusted global source of ...current events". But this past year you printed a series of 3 one-sidedly derogatory articles against settlers, like myself, which does not fit this description.

It is my understanding that an Israeli grassroots organization, Mattot Arim www.mattotarim.org, has approached you several times regarding the most distasteful "fact" presented in your series: "Radical settlers ...have ...thrown acid at Israeli soldiers" http://jta.org/news/article/2009/06/24/1005829/behind-the-headlines-radical-jewish-settlers. I understand that Mattot Arim told you they have carefully looked into this matter with settler leaders such as the spokesperson of the Jewish Community of Hebron, where the event allegly occurred, the Shomron Council spokesperson, Women in Green founder Nadia Matar, Gush Katif spokesperson and others and all believe that the allegation you published is not factual, i.e. not a single settler is known to have thrown acid at even a single soldier.

I also understand that you have claimed that an un-named Israel Police spokesperson made this allegation to you and you merely reported it. Could you, the JTA, take responsibility for your story and write to the Israel Police, inform them that the information they gave you has been challenged by concerned readers such as myself and ask them to corroborate their allegation by providing the JTA in writing some elementary details regarding their allegation (copy of the chemical analysis performed if any, who (names, dates) purportedly witnessed these events, were any soldiers purportedly injured and if so where are the medical reports, etc.). I would be pleased to receive a copy of the Israel Police spokesperson's response to you in due course.

Or, since we are in Yom Kippur season -- the traditional Jewish apology season -- could you simply publish a correction and apology indicating that 1.) your acid story was challenged, 2.) you have not found any facts to support it and 3.) your acid story is therefore retracted until further notice.

Also, last night I received an email from you that shocked me!

With the subject line: "Vote for a Jewish hero" it publicizes a Jewish Community Hero of the Year web page. As the title suggests, I hoped to find there the one name that mattered, Jonathan Pollard's. Well, it is not there!

Based on the above, now I think that JTA has a serious "Jewish quality" problem it should address and fix. The earlier the better. I will do my best to help you do just that, as it doesn't seem to me right that a few of us should risk our lives to claim our inheritance, the Land of Israel, for you too, sitting here in the cold of the winter and in the heat of the summer, just a few meters away from hostile Arabs, while you seem to be busy inventing stories on us, sitting in your confy air conditioned offices, ignoring the real hero of the Jewish people, Jonathan Pollard.

Ariel Ben Yochanan (Andras Bereny)
Kfar Tapuah, Efraim, Israel

Stanley Fischer

B"H -

As a central banker, Fischer is actually aiding a goyshe economic system, that is against Torah principles. A Torah economy does not have central banks creating and lending worthless paper "moneys" at interest to Jews. Instead of US dollars from his masters, Fisher should have bought gold and silver, to back up the shekel.

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The shallow truth

Muslim-occupied Temple Mount in Jerusalem

B"H -

The shallow truth is that the "Western Wall" is a substitute. It has no intrinsic holiness to it. The holiest place in the universe is the Temple Mount and it is occupied and desecrated by the goyim aided by a police force with goyshe values: unsustainable!

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Re: # 1 [On the Jewish Right to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem]


The exact opposite is true. You are lying. At the end of the day the Jews remain locked out from the top Jewish site that there is. I wonder what your comment would have been if Muslims did this in St. Peter Square?! Hm? Only Jews must have no religious right to anything?

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Haveil Havalim


Haveil Havalim #237 - The Sukkoth 5770 Edition


Arabs riot on our Temple Mount


Just because they [the Muslims] habitually build on other people's holy sites, doesn't mean they [the Muslims] become the rightful owners of the sites. The Temple Mount is Judaism holiest site and Jerusalem is not even mentioned once in the Quran. Therefore it is reasonable to say that the thesis according to which the Jewish Temple Mount is holy to the Muslims too is faulty and they are claiming this only in order to harass the Jews. Xtians have exclusive rights to their Vatican City, Muslims have exclusive rights to their Mecca, only religious Jews have exclusive right to zero, to nothing: not right!

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There is a simple explanation at hand

B"H -

Gentlemen, there is a simple explanation at hand:

Only few people realize that the Jews in Eretz Israel are at a historic junction today. Our unique situation is determined by the fact that we are returning to repossess our G-d given Homeland after 2000 years of exile. Yet, we are coming back as a changed people: as Ashkenazim, as Sephardim and as Temanim. This is why most of our experts are ill-equipped to address the specific issues and challenges we face only in the Land: our elites, and I do have my reasons to avoid the term "rabbis", tend to look at things through a lens that distorts their vision: through their respective traditions, formed in the exile.

Machon Shilo head HaRav David Bar Hayim is one of the few Torah scholars in Israel today who accepts our coming home for a fact. As a consequence of this approach he spent a lifetime learning, elaborating, deliberating and writing on nusah Eretz Yisrael and he is an authority on the relevant source, the Jerusalem Talmud.

His shiurim should not be missed. They give an insight on what authentic Judaism in Eretz Israel - IS. For more on this and related issues, MP3s, events, etc. please visit www.machonshilo.org

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American Jews

B"H -

American Jews want to prove, to themselves and to their fellow Americans, that they are first Amerecans and only then, maybe, Jews. That they cannot be accused of "dual loyality". That they are as good Americans as the Italian, the Irish, the Indian, the Japanese. Hashem, the G-d of Israel, is evidently busy separarting out the rotten apples, in view of the redemption.

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Sometimes [On President Hussein Obama]

B"H -

Sometimes politicians don't understand that THEY are crossing red lines, that THEY are turning from popular leaders into hated dictators. Societies can digest their leaders. But when they push too hard, they generate resistance and resistance, sometimes, can turn violent. President Hussein is one of those who don't seem to understand he is pushing too hard and I wouldn't be surprised if he died of a violent death.

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