Who murdered Raphael Miriashvili (Zohar) and Leonard (Arik ) Karp? By Yekutiel Ben Yaakov


Who murdered Raphael Miriashvili (Zohar)and Leonard (Arik ) Karp? By Yekutiel Ben Yaakov


Throughout Jewish history the Hebrew month of Av has been a month of mourning and tragedy for the nation of Israel. It was in the month of Av when Jewish leaders – heads of the tribes (the spies sent by Moses in the wilderness to report on The Land) – brought the curse of Exile to all future Jewish generations for their lack of faith in G-d and fear of the Gentile inhabitants of the land. It was the month of Av when Judaism’s holiest site and Temples were torched. It’s in the month of Av that Jewish law advises Jews not to engage in court cases with non-Jews, lest they become ensnared in Av’s “bad luck”.

This year, two families in Israel add to the long list of Jewish national tragedies their own personal tragedy, which will be commemorated annually for the rest of their lives. This year, 5769, on the last Sabbath (Re’eh) in the Hebrew Calendar month of Av, the Karp and Miriashvili households were informed that missing relatives had been found murdered. In both (unrelated) cases, the murderers were members of violent gangs composed of young Arab criminals who had Jewish girl friends. In both cases the families of the young Jewish girls had beseeched and implored police and government agencies for help in saving their daughters, and in prosecuting the Arab gang members. In both cases police ignored their appeals.

These are not isolated cases. There are tens of thousands of young Jewish girls in Israel who fall into the trap of intermarriage with Arab criminals who openly wander the beaches and streets of Israel preying on Jewish teens.


Young Arabs who do not have to partake in any form of national service, who have time and cash and are armed with hatred and contempt for Israel and Jews, have no opportunity to “have a good time” with local Arab girls from their villages. They would simply be killed together with their lovers if seen drinking and/or kissing publicly. Arab communities still enforce strict codes of family honor and modesty. On the other hand, the Arab boy who brings home a Jewish girl to produce “Muslim” babies (according to Islamic law) is accepted with joy and pride. The girls, we know, will not be welcomed as equal citizens, but by the time they realize this it’s far too late.

Islam and its believers seek world dominance, and this is simply another means of achieving that goal: conquer Israel buy conquering its women. The scene is all too familiar in hundreds of public “hang-outs” from Ashqelon to Arad, Beer Sheba to Acco, Haifa, Lod, Ramla and Tel Aviv. Young Arab men with striking, new cars and cash introduce themselves to Jewish girls, most of whom come from poverty, and the relationship is struck. New clothes and jewelry give way to drugs and alcohol and then criminal activity of every stripe. And then murder.

The girls end up in Arab villages, kept under lock-and-key, abused and beaten and frightened either to open their mouths or risk running away from the violence that now pervades their lives.


Israeli families and youth who witness these gangs roaming the beaches and forests of the country dare not speak out unless they’re prepared to fight an armed mob. Moreover, any Jew who dares publicize the issue, either through the media or by arranging public meetings risks being tried and jailed for sedition and/or incitement to racism. The end result is that Arab criminal gangs have dominion over the country’s beaches, shopping centers and public parks.

Miriashvili and Karp fell victim to Arab gangs, according to current police suspicions. As I write these words, the Miriashvili case is still being censored from the press, but enough facts are known which, when added to accounts circulated at his midnight funeral on Monday, all point in the same direction. The Karp case is already known to all.


Last Friday night, Leonard Karp took an evening stroll on the Tel Aviv beach with his wife and 25-year-old daughter, when they were attacked by a savage gang of Arab youth out partying with their two Jewish girlfriends. One of the girls is a 19 year-old IDF soldier, the other a 17 year old minor. Leonard Karp begged them to leave his 25 year old daughter and wife alone. But the Arabs were out for blood and they continued to beat the entire Karp family until Leonard was able to divert the gang to him, in the direction of the beach, while his wife and daughter fled in the opposite direction towards their home.

Karp was found floating dead in the water Saturday morning where he had been dumped after succumbing to the beating, according to autopsy reports. Several of the Arab gang members have already confessed.


Who was Raphael Miriashvili, found with his hands bound in an empty building near Beit Dagan, just a stone’s throw from Zarafin and other, massive Israeli military installations?

Raphael was a 25 year-old Torah student of Chabad from Lod, who was reported missing one month ago. But it was four years earlier that Miriashvili’s name first hit the press, when he was indicted for kidnapping “M.N.” an Arab and “K” the Arab’s pregnant Jewish girlfriend in Tel Aviv.

In December, 2004, Miriashvili heard an emotional radio interview with Rachel Shemesh on “Radio 2000”. In it, Rachel, the mother of ‘K’, a Jewish girl who was being held captive by her Arab criminal husband, could not hold back tears when describing her daughter’s plight.

‘K’ was the second daughter of 5 in a poor, orthodox Jewish family who found financial security and attention with her then boyfriend, ‘M.N.’ Both were 17 when they jointly rented an apartment in Tel Aviv’s “Hatikva” neighborhood. ‘K’ was pregnant.


Rachel had literally nowhere to turn. The police would do nothing. The Rabbis had no answers. And so she turned to the public, literally crying for help while repeating her telephone number to the show’s radio host. Raphael Mirashvili, described by friends as a “golden angel”, who helped any and all who needed him, and who regularly visited the elderly and terminally ill, immediately made contact with Rachel.

Before long, Raphael learned the young couple’s address. He then contacted Oriyah Kadosh and Shneur Zalman Yifrach, childhood friends, to help him with the rescue. Oriyah rented the vehicle. Shneur, who was serving with the Border Police at the time, dressed in uniform and brought along his gun. The three, pretending to be police, knocked at the couple’s door, ‘arrested’ them and drove off.

Problems arose when “M.N.” sensed they were not police and escaped by jumping out of the car, later filing a police report. The three Jewish “kidnappers” were arrested together with mother Rachel. “M.N.” lied in his testimony, claiming initially that mother Rachel was in the car at the time of the rescue. She was released under house arrest after spending 6 days in jail. Raphael, who was considered the ringleader, sat with Oriyah and Shneur for a month until released under house arrest for the duration of the trial.

On 12 February, 2006, Raphael was sentenced by judge Uri Shoham in Tel Aviv District Court to 36 months prison, of which 18 were suspended and 18 were to be served. A year later he was released with one third off for “good behavior”. Oriyah was sentenced to 9 months active prison, and Shneur Zalman to a year. Each was fined 3000 shekels to pay for damages to ‘M.N.’, who was injured jumping from the car.

On July 19th, 2006, mother Rachel was also sentenced to 17 months in prison, of which five was spent in jail with the possibility of community service.

Raphael is Murdered

Raphael was released approximately one year ago. His three year probationary period ended approximately now. Police reported finding a handcuffed body that had been decaying for several weeks at least.

We may never know the whole story of the torture Raphael suffered in his last hours. Just as we find it hard to imagine the pain and torture of Leonard Karp at his end. What we do know is that in both cases the same hapless police who provided no assistance to families begging for the rescue of their daughters will now likely be impotent in convicting the suspected Arab murderers of two Jews. Moreover, in the case of Raphael Mirashvili, his two accomplices remain in danger of being hunted down in the same way Raphael was.

G-d only knows what happened to ‘K’. If she remains alive, does she live in fear? If her Arab lover could have those who came to rescue her, including her own mother, arrested and jailed, and if he could have Raphael Mirashvili killed, is there any doubt what he would do to her if she opened her mouth or tried again to leave? Was she forced to lure Raphael into that building? Did she play some other role?



Twenty-one years ago, the late Rabbi Meir Kahane was banned from participating in national elections after polls showed him about to receive between fifteen and twenty seats at the ballot. He was banned as a racist for attempting to pass legislation that would adopt the halachic prohibition against Jewish and Gentile intermarriage and associated legislation to remove hostile Arabs from Israel. In 1990 Kahane was murdered, and again in 1991 his son, Binyamin Zev, was banned from running for Knesset for the very same attempt at legislating halacha into (Israeli) law.


Who murdered Raphael and Leonard?

The very same lawmakers who defy G-d’s Torah and all the laws of logic by allowing Arab criminals to rule the streets of Israel; the very same courts that indicted and convicted mother Rachel, Raphael, Oriyah, and Shneur Zalman for an ‘unlawful’ attempt to rescue ‘K’ and who continue to permit known Arab criminals to seduce Jewish girls throughout the Land of Israel, will never be able to say their hands did not shed this blood. How many more Jews will die spiritually and physically at the hands of Arab murderers with the consent of our Israeli ‘leaders’?

Last week’s Torah portion, Re’eh, asked us to “See and look at the blessing and the curse.” And for those with eyes to see, both are clear. But for those others who refuse even to open their eyes – for them we all continue to suffer the curse, G-d forbid. How fitting to close the month of Av with this portion.

In contrast to this, Parashat Shoftim, which we will read, B”H, this coming Shabbat, and which is always read on the first Shabbat of Elul, the month of repentance, explains to us the laws of the Egla Erufa, which we must all take to heart. There we learn that when a dead body is discovered between two towns, the Rabbis must come to the site and “state that their hands did not spill that blood.”

Let us pray that our current Rabbis and leaders understand their role in the current rash of murders that have plagued the land and begin to take appropriate action against the real enemies of Israel, both from without and within.

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