Re: # 25 Chocko on the so called American aid to Israel


I don't know if your 3 billion figure is correct or not but I do know that ALL aid, though expressed in dollars, in effect is supplied as US made military equipment thus providing you guys jobs and R&D in the US. The US vetoes huge Israeli military contracts with other countries like India and Turkey on a regular basis. Not only. Israel supplies America with intel worth billions. American aid is only about one point something percent of the Israeli gross national product, none of it is civilian, so even if we had to go without it, it wouldn’t make that much difference. So, the final economic balance sheet you are referring to favors America, not Israel. It's not all economics however. There is strategy too and Israel served America well in this respect. If President Hussein Obama and you Chocko want to cut those ties now and rely on your good friends the Saudis, on Syria, on Lebanon and on Iraq, fine, good for you and would be VERY good for Israel too. Without your State Department's restrictions and sell-outs of Israel, finally we would be free to win our wars against our enemies and start a new chapter.

- This is talkback # 32 on "US: Construction in east Jerusalem will hurt peace process"

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