London: Arrogant, elitist, self centered piece


London's dividing the population into A, B and C citizens is insupportable. He ignores Jewish history, Halacha, Jewish Law, the Altalena, the FACT that the DRI, his Democratic Republic of Israel is declared by the secularists on the Biblical, G-d given Holy Land of Israel and thus creating a schizophrenic reality. As this double reality was never stable, the secularists maintained it by the strong iron fist of their pogrom-happy securitate. Zionism has proved itself Hellenistic and increasingly intolerant of Jewish values, like opposite sex marriages, large families, Shabbat. Torah is degraded to illegality under an extreme-left "supreme" court and most of our government employed "rabbis" are silent at best, traitors and subscribers to lies at worst. More on this at http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com/2009/07/meraglim-1-of-4.html. In conclusion: we [Jewish Jews] are no passengers on your ship, London! You are a rebellious elder on the Jewish timeline.

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