It's not about Dov Weissglass. It's about the Jews!


Let us not forget and let us remember forever just who is this author. Mr. Dov Weissglass is the father of "disengagement", the man who prepared it for Sharon. Later, he [also] named Azza a "cursed land". This - man - now finds out that the American idol he worshipped is unrelyable. Will you ever learn your lesson, Mr. Weissglass? Jews should, if they want to survive in this world.

- This is talkback # 14 on "Dov Weissglass slams Obama Administration’s denial of Israeli agreement with Bush"

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Ben-Yehudah said...


Of course, he thinks Azza is cursed.

His casino deal for Northern Azza where the towns of Nisanit, Dugit and Alei Sinai were, didn't work out.