It's getting ridiculous


Let's imagine for a crazy fraction of a second that the developer, peace loving Mr. Moskowitz, does decide to shut down his real estate project in Jerusalem and says to America, to EU, to Russia, to UN, to UK, to Manchester United, to Civil Unions and to all other unions imaginable, to all the nations of the world, including the “palestinian” nation, the gay, the lesbian and the trans-whatever nation, the nation of left-wing intellectuals, academics, university professors, writers, television personalities, united rabbis united for human rights and for the expulsion of Jews from wherever they happen to be, to all nations against Jewish Jerusalem he says: “OK, OK, hold it. We want peace!” - Then what? Then what will happen? Peace will break out? It's getting like truly ridiculous.

- This is talkback # 38 on "Russia, France join call to freeze east Jerusalem construction"

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