Ephraim Ben Baruch Khantsis' comment

Mr. Lapid's argument is logical and makes historical and political sense.

However Jewish history is all about upseting regulars laws that people assume rule the world, because when these laws are obviously disregarded, it shows that it is Hashem who really rules the world, not 'laws' that he tentatively set up. It also shows the special status of the Jewish people in His eyes.

A group of slaves made mincemeat of world's most powerful armies including superpower-Egypt's. Three hundred Israelis under Saul defeated the entire, militaristic, well trained Philistine army. A 1% group of Macabbees destroyed the occupiers backed by Rome, torching a large number of hellenists too. And a tiny State has withstood 60 years of war against all it's neighbors, and emerged stronger then all of them put together.... Read More

So don't put too much faith in your polished and indefeatable logic and political savvy. It will save you grief when the pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist forces once again prevail :)

- this is Ephraim Ben Baruch Khantsis' comment # 14 on "Don’t count on civil war"

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