David Miliband & Co.


David Miliband is a major blockage to peace in the Middle East on the basis of a two-state solution, not Jews living in Judea and Samaria. His country, Britain, screwed up the partiton, giving 78% of Mandate Palestine to the Arabs. That's why Jordan IS "Palestine". And even if this were not so, who says that what they call "West Bank" has to be cleared out of Jews? Some neo-Nazi thug?..

- This is talkback # 25 on "UK deplores Israeli decision to allow new settler homes"

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha
You suppress an entire people, you treat them as the Nazis treated you, you murder them, starve them yet you feel hard done by, your country controls the fifth most powerful military force yet you play the victim, you created a state through terrorism ( Irgin Etc Etc) yet you complain when the same methods are used against you, you follow the Talmud maybe the most hateful writings ever produced and you claim to be peaceful. God help us all!