Click on the photo


Click on the photo and see a minyan of good Jews praying to Hashem probably to give us the strength to cling onto every inch of our G-d given Holy Land. Not "settler teens" as infamous Reuters puts it!

- This is talkback # 2 on "Monday night: Settler teens man new outposts"

How to reduce Muslim hostility


There is only one way to reduce Muslim hostility: by not giving them hope.

Jihad strives on hope. We mustn't give it to them. For more on this see


- This is an unpublished talkback on "Reassessing our ties with US"

Messiah is coming. He is on his way!


The Jewish state as we know it is "Jewish" only in name, and in the eyes of the outsiders, just like the kapos were "Jewish" for the SS. Jews know better what Jewish is and losing the kapos is not such a great loss, after all. Actually, it's desirable. They will have to go if we want a truly Jewish state to rise from the dust. And yes, evil Hussein Obama will of course fall, with the help of G-d, taking with him business, Wall Street and America. The "yes we can" concept is something COMPLETELY opposed to what Hashem wants from mankind and I'm sure He'll find a way to oppose and punish the arrogants. In our days.

- This is a comment on "American Pressure"


Interesting Yet Boring


Again, Nahum Barnea turns an interesting question: "How should police officers respond to harsh insults directed at them?" into just another propaganda piece directed against Jewish Jews, the haredim and the settlers. As if police was not insulted by left-wing protesters, Arabs and international peaceniks on a daily basis. Boring! The religious community wants Jewish officers with a moral fabric and moral standing to be strong enough to refuse illegal orders. As it is, Israel security personel is no better than any other nation's police: French, German, Austrian, you name it. Actually, if in these countries police did what yasam in Israel is doing, there would be a huge outcry, commanders and internal security ministers heads would be rolling.

- This is talkback # 4 on "What’s the proper response?"


Kasztner is back


Seems like another Kasztner case is brewing. Interesting how the so called Jewish state is defending its all too pogrom happy skin-heads and bent on attacking - its Jews.

- This is comment # 2 on "State to back IDF officials in settlers' lawsuits"

Hassanat Ibrahim's article is racist, not the "march" of Jews by Ariel Ben Yochanan


At the core for his presentation Hassanat Ibrahim says that "we must make a clear distinction between sane people who wish to live in peace and quiet and the radical Marzel and his gang, whose only aim is to make headlines, provoke, and spark a dispute."

Well, I happen to disagree with this view, Ibrahim. The fact, the very basic and fundamental FACT is that in Israel we absolutely do not have to make this distinction in deciding who can go where and when. In Israel we allow people to enter our towns, to consume a glass of cold soft drink of his or her choice and then to leave the town unharmed, if and when he or she wishes, irrespective of the degree of his "sanity", whether or not the majority of the townspeople he might get in touch with consider his intentions "good" or “bad”. Even if he is a religious Jew, we must not think of harming him. Why? Because we are in Israel. Thinking and acting any differently from this standard is racist!

The people of Rahat and their supporters gave of themselves a terrible impression this morning by threatening the Jews wishing to enter the city with such violence that granted the mobilization of about a thousand police and security forces to protect them. This level of threat of violence does not protect peace and harmony but it effectively aims to create no-go zones for Jews in Israel and so we must make it absolutely clear where the hatred is coming from and where the hatred stands: it’s an anti-Jewish hatred coming from Arabs. The hatred we witnessed is NOT on the part of the visiting Jews as insinuated by Ibrahim and let me explain why.

The main objective of the Jew’s visit, and I refuse to call it a "march", was to draw attention to a worrisome phenomenon in Israel, that is to say to the selective application of the law by the Israeli government in general and by Mr. Barak in particular. A black uniformed mounted pogrom-police was used in recent years and months and even in recent weeks to remove Jews from their property, considered illegal, in the Judean hills. If and when a government or a single government minister decides to "apply the law", we have to make sure that the law is applied to each and every sector of society in competition with each-other. If one fails to do this, if one applies the law only to one party, in this case only to the so called illegal property owned by Jews, then we have a serious problem, one that we might want to call institutional anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is racism.

Precisely to correct this situation the Jews went to Rahat this morning and precisely for this reason we should not have been and we should not be childishly called names like "radical Marzel and his gang".

I am not a gang member, Ibrahim. I am an Israeli citizen who refutes racism, all the more so when it is government sponsored and all the much more so if it is against Jews. As a religious Jew I reserve my G-d given right to enter every town and any village in my country and profess my opinion freely, without having to worry for my skin. You Ibrahim, have a right to dispute my opinion, within the means of the law. What you can not and must not do is threaten my biological existence with your violence. This kind of behavior belongs to other nations, not to Israel. I dare you not to limit my freedom of movement and my freedom to express my opinion.

I would appreciate if this piece could receive the same space and the same dignity from ynetnews.com as the shameful article it refers to.

- This is talkback # 17 on "Champions of racism"


Rahat dignitaries


Rahat dignitaries err if they think they can keep their illegal buildings undisturbed while police, IDF and special forces keep destroying Jewish construction in the Shomron as we speak.

- This is talkback # 8 on "We'll throw shoes at him"

Tip of an Iceberg


This is only the tip of an iceberg. Arabs use VOLUME as a weapon everywhere and not just at weddings. They placed powerful loudspeakers on their mosques and play their "Allah Akbars" as from 4.30 in the morning, in a clear propaganda effort to disturb the Jews and to challenge the Jewish character of the state.

- This is talkback # 9 on "Beethoven to the rescue"


Shallow analysis


Daniel Gigi says: "Europeans hate us not because of the Middle East conflict, but because of our rude behavior". This may be wishful thinking. Europeans would still hate us if we behaved like angels. The fact is that Europeans hate us [Israelis] because they perceive us as Jews. By now it should be clear to everyone that the "Middle East conflict" is a rationalization and a direct consequence of irrational Jew hatred. That doesn’t mean Jews shouldn’t behave with modesty and judgment wherever they are. This should begin with going abroad only for reasons allowed by Torah: to get married, to earn a living or to learn Torah. Vacationing is a symptom of G-dless, secular times of a Jewish nation that is rapidly losing its heritage.

- This is a talkback # 34 on "We are the real ambassadors"

Did we go?


Proof of moon landing hoax! See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdMvQTNLaUE&feature=PlayList&p=6AFDAC43564A7702&index=1&playnext=2&playnext_from=PL


B"H Temple thoughts


I see


If this is confirmed I see PA donors in the uncomfortable position of having to explain their role as international financiers of terrorism. It's not nice to give million dollar gifts of military equipment, rifles, bullets, jeeps, training, know-how and expertise every day to self-declared Jew-killers. Will the "good terrorists" be stupid enough to show their real face and renounce their new SUVs, garden swimming pools and fat Swiss bank accounts?

- This is talkback # 26 on "Senior Fatah official: We won't recognize Israel"



Knesset has no right to "legislate" on Halacha. This is just another attempt by the nations, allied with home-grown traitors of the Jewish people, to de-Judaize Israel. They must be stopped and will be stopped.

- This is talkback # 6 on "New conversion legislation underway"


London: Arrogant, elitist, self centered piece


London's dividing the population into A, B and C citizens is insupportable. He ignores Jewish history, Halacha, Jewish Law, the Altalena, the FACT that the DRI, his Democratic Republic of Israel is declared by the secularists on the Biblical, G-d given Holy Land of Israel and thus creating a schizophrenic reality. As this double reality was never stable, the secularists maintained it by the strong iron fist of their pogrom-happy securitate. Zionism has proved itself Hellenistic and increasingly intolerant of Jewish values, like opposite sex marriages, large families, Shabbat. Torah is degraded to illegality under an extreme-left "supreme" court and most of our government employed "rabbis" are silent at best, traitors and subscribers to lies at worst. More on this at http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com/2009/07/meraglim-1-of-4.html. In conclusion: we [Jewish Jews] are no passengers on your ship, London! You are a rebellious elder on the Jewish timeline.

- This is talkback # 3 on "Zionist ship in danger"

Jewish Settlement: "A Horrible Obstacle to Peace"


It's getting ridiculous


Let's imagine for a crazy fraction of a second that the developer, peace loving Mr. Moskowitz, does decide to shut down his real estate project in Jerusalem and says to America, to EU, to Russia, to UN, to UK, to Manchester United, to Civil Unions and to all other unions imaginable, to all the nations of the world, including the “palestinian” nation, the gay, the lesbian and the trans-whatever nation, the nation of left-wing intellectuals, academics, university professors, writers, television personalities, united rabbis united for human rights and for the expulsion of Jews from wherever they happen to be, to all nations against Jewish Jerusalem he says: “OK, OK, hold it. We want peace!” - Then what? Then what will happen? Peace will break out? It's getting like truly ridiculous.

- This is talkback # 38 on "Russia, France join call to freeze east Jerusalem construction"



On the one hand they [the Europeans] are whining about the poor palis and the stagnating pali economy. On the other hand they try everything in their power to make companies relocate from there: idiotic.

- This is talkback # 5 on "EU to penalize exports from settlements?"

Re: # 25 Chocko on the so called American aid to Israel


I don't know if your 3 billion figure is correct or not but I do know that ALL aid, though expressed in dollars, in effect is supplied as US made military equipment thus providing you guys jobs and R&D in the US. The US vetoes huge Israeli military contracts with other countries like India and Turkey on a regular basis. Not only. Israel supplies America with intel worth billions. American aid is only about one point something percent of the Israeli gross national product, none of it is civilian, so even if we had to go without it, it wouldn’t make that much difference. So, the final economic balance sheet you are referring to favors America, not Israel. It's not all economics however. There is strategy too and Israel served America well in this respect. If President Hussein Obama and you Chocko want to cut those ties now and rely on your good friends the Saudis, on Syria, on Lebanon and on Iraq, fine, good for you and would be VERY good for Israel too. Without your State Department's restrictions and sell-outs of Israel, finally we would be free to win our wars against our enemies and start a new chapter.

- This is talkback # 32 on "US: Construction in east Jerusalem will hurt peace process"

An open message to Secretary of State Clinton


If a Jewish construction anywhere anytime "hurts talks", than it is better to hurt those talks.

- This is talkback # 27 on "US: Construction in east Jerusalem will hurt peace process"



Yes, good idea! I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Ban Ki-moon and Mr. Ruhakana Rugunda of Uganda are the ones who will save the Holy Jewish people on their Holy Jewish Land. It's a mitzvah for them.

This is talkback # 4 on "Israel says UN encouraged provocation on Lebanese border"


Meraglim - 1 of 4


Meraglim - 1 of 4


In response to Clinton


In response to Clinton I call for an urgent halt of all construction on Ground Zero as it also is a Jewish graveyard.

- This is talkback # 93 on "Netanyahu rejects US calls to halt east J'lem project"

[Conservative] Rabbi Graetz's wrong approach


By replacing Halacha (Jewish Law) with "people's own sense of morality", you actually undermine Torah. Not only. As Torah kept us alive through recorded history, by doing so you undermine your followers lives in this world and of course in the World to Come too. Not only. Replacing the Jewish value-system with the alien ideas of the nations, like democracy, you are actually working towards the destruction of the Jewish people as a nation too. Numbers 33:50-56 is a good example. Should we tell the people to re-write the Torah and read it according to your sense of “morals” or shall we say to them loud and clear that what is written there is a mitzvah? I have no doubt in my mind that the correct, Jewish answer is the latter. You might accuse me of fundamentalism and I promise you I’d not get hurt. On the other hand you must ask yourself: by changing the meaning of Hashem’s words according to my own criteria, am I guilty of chillul Hashem (desecration of G-d’s Name)?

- This is talkback # 5 on "Identity crisis in Israel"


Re: # 1 "This cult simply disgusts me"


You are a victim of propaganda, Oren. The simple FACT in this case is that Jews are being provoked by the disregard of Shabbat as a Jewish value by extreme secularists that happen to be in government. Now, you might say that OK, but it was elected democratically, to which I'd answer: doesn't matter. Why? Because Jews don't go by the power of the numbers. We go by the truth. The Jerusalem City council or the Mayor is not the Sanhedrin.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Burning down the house"


Re # 1 "probably be labeled"


It's not a question of "labeling [Gadi Taub] a Jew-hater by the usual commentators here" David, it's a question of the content of this utterly and completely uncondivisible piece on every level; moral, religious, economic and political. If ynet didn't censor religious talkbacs like mine, we could have a decent public discussion, but as it is, the podium is given over to secularist extremism.

- This is a slighly edited talkback # 7 on "Heavy price to pay"


No justice done for Jews


No justice done for Jews, for a number of reasons.

1.) The court's ruling is according to "Democratic Republic of Israel" law, not Torah Law. According to Torah, these buildings to be demolished are legal.

2.) Torah Law is binding for Jews, especially in Eretz Israel. The Democratic Republic of Israel is in Eretz Israel.

3.) Even if these buildings are considered illegal according civil law, for each and every one of them there are hundreds if not thousands of illegal Arab sites.

4.) Attempting to enforce the law only on property belonging to Jews can be perceived as racist and anti-Semitic.

5.) There are no permits issued for Jews, therefore there is no legal alternative for Jewish construction. These conditions are not typical of a "Jewish" state, but rather of Jew-hating, historical European states.

6.) Let's not forget that pogroms were carried out in name of the law too and that Hi**er was elected democratically.

7.) Holding the law and state-power against Jews selectively is not new and brings back memories of dark times.

8.) One does not understand why, and the religious public does not approve of, the secular ruling Israeli establishment's refusal to show respect towards religious Jewish values and sensibilities.

9.) All in all it seems that Israel is the only country in the world today that moves its state powers against Jews selectively. This is a worrisome development and surely has nothing to do with the letter and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence that, read today, appears an extreme-rightist document.

- This is an unpublished talkback on "Court criticizes State over illegal outposts" and copies of it are sent to Justice Beinish and PM. Netanyahu

If you were a rabbi, "Rabbi"


If you were a rabbi, "Rabbi" Graetz, you'd teach us how to serve Hashem in reality. Instead you are talking about how serve reality to Hashem. By doing so, you are mocking his glorious Name. By worshipping your new laws as opposed to halacha you are positioning yourself right outside of Judaism.

Seculars will not make tsuva for your women's department. They might, for the glory of the King of kings. Don't allude yourself Rabbi Graetz, you are a liability not an asset.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Masorti necessary in Israel"


Halutz & Co.


Mr. Halutz's career is not ended as a result of the Second Lebanon War. It is ended due to what he did to the Jewish people a year earlier in Gush Katif. Hashem has already and will no doubt continue to punish and to take that set of traitors out in one way or another.

- This is an unpublished talkback on "Ex-IDF chief: Sometimes you just have to 'go crazy'"

What is wrong with the Jews?


What's wrong with the Jews? Simple. They, the Jews, came back from exile to the Holy Land after 2000 years, bringing back the exile with them. Instead of establishing a Jewish State on our Jewish Land, we established a goyshe state, manned by assimilated "Jews". Unless we decide to put our act together and do what is required from us on entering our Land, that is establishing our Jewish institutions on it, build the Beit HaMikdash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, appoint a King, re-establish the Sanhedrin and a court of justice in every village, we cannot be considered Jews as a nation. We might be Jews individually, but as a nation, we did not yet come out from exile. Israel is not yet a Jewish state. As the ruling elite is Zionistic and not Jewish, its political agenda is anti-Jewish and it will do anything in its power to stop Judaism gaining political force. That's where the demarcation line is and that's where present conflicts are and future conflicts will be: between the secular and religious Jews. The "palestinians" are only an enacting of G-d's promised punishment of misbehaving Jews: "They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them" (Deut 32:21). G-d will stop provoking us with the palestinians once we start acting as Jews!

- This is an unpublished talkback on "The real obstacles to peace"


Antisemitic subtitles?


"Tactless Term?" "Unwise choice of words?" Hey editors, are you suggesting something here? ??? Anyhow, the answer is NO. Never Again!

- This is talkback # 31 on "Netanyahu uses historically charged term in talk with German FM"

Islam: What the West Needs to Know


Islam: What the West Needs to Know - FULL LENGTH ENGLISH VERSION

It would be important for everyone to watch this movie


Ephraim Ben Baruch Khantsis' comment

Mr. Lapid's argument is logical and makes historical and political sense.

However Jewish history is all about upseting regulars laws that people assume rule the world, because when these laws are obviously disregarded, it shows that it is Hashem who really rules the world, not 'laws' that he tentatively set up. It also shows the special status of the Jewish people in His eyes.

A group of slaves made mincemeat of world's most powerful armies including superpower-Egypt's. Three hundred Israelis under Saul defeated the entire, militaristic, well trained Philistine army. A 1% group of Macabbees destroyed the occupiers backed by Rome, torching a large number of hellenists too. And a tiny State has withstood 60 years of war against all it's neighbors, and emerged stronger then all of them put together.... Read More

So don't put too much faith in your polished and indefeatable logic and political savvy. It will save you grief when the pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist forces once again prevail :)

- this is Ephraim Ben Baruch Khantsis' comment # 14 on "Don’t count on civil war"



- Ron Ben Yishai, Ynet's expert opinionist: "Israel’s three submarines were built for the Navy.. and were designed especially so that they can carry out various missions. The main mission is the detection and monitoring of vessels, as well as the ability to sink them if necessary."
- ABY: Wow! I didn't know submarines do that. It's good to have an expert like Ben Yishai to open one's eyes on intricate military matters.

- This is a talkback # 18 on "Message to the world"

I'm tired of this propagandist!


Any first year sociology or political sciences student knows that there is a historic 3% constant relative to the revolutionary core. On 300.000 settlers 3% is 9.000. Is Lapid seriously suggesting that there aren't 9.000 men to stand up against a new wave of American- and European-inducted pogroms against Jews living in Judea and Samaria? I'm tired of this propagandist!

- This is talkback # 13 on "Don’t count on civil war"


Let's see the figure [200 million euros] for what it is


It is a million dollars a day, every day of the year. That is the magnitude by which the Europeans are paying the Arabs off to harass the Jews. No wonder, the “poor palestinians” now are running around in new SUVs and new Mercedeses (on the roads that serve settlers only, according to the Ferrero-Waldner ). Let us note that this lady was never elected to any position in her life: always nominated.

- This is an unpublished talkback on "EC: European taxpayers paying price of settlements"


Bernie Madoff and Bernie Madoff bashing


I'm sick and tired of all this Bernie bashing. I'm not saying that he is not a crook. He is. But Bernie bashing is not about Bernie Madoff. It's about Jews and about how they relate to themselves. Let's not forget that our halacha prohibits us to extradite and Madoff was processed by a legal system alien to Judaism and he was convicted by a goy court. What is more, his "capture" is based on his own declaration raised, not on investigators closing up on him. Such declarations would not have been receivable in a Beit Din, under Jewish Law: we are not allowed to testify against a relative and we are considered our own relatives. So, “confessions” are illegal in Judaism. Let's also not forget that prison terms are not a Jewish form of punishment. Crooks we convict for restitution of the damage with a surcharge. Idol worshippers we stone to death. Let us also not forget that Mr. President Hussein Obama's stimulus package, as well as all public spending operations, technically, are the exact same thing as a Ponzi scheme: new investors pay out old investors or, tax payers bail out tax consumers. So, before you get so upset, please go and learn your Torah. Be more Jewish and maybe less - American?

- This is a comment on "When Bernie Burned Us"


There is no other country


There is no other country called upon to supply its worst enemy. Is supplying hamas controlled Azza constitutes support of terror? Yes, it does!

- This is talkback # 7 on "Plan: Ease of restrictions in return for Shalit"

Idea! Let’s have some Jewish-looking diplomats!


I think we should start to have some Jewish-looking diplomats. Diplomats with kippah and beard would remind the world that we are Jews here. All these clean-shaven people dressed up in elegant suits and ties without covering their heads remind the world only of our desire to appease them. We don't have to be loved. We have to be respected for what we are: Jews. The same goes for language: "West Bank " is a Jordanian occupation term for Judea and Samaria. "Nablus" is Arabic for Shechem. Just like "disengagement" was, "two state solution" is euphemism for ethnic cleansing of Jews: a racist proposal put forward by so-called human rightsists. Aren't Jews human? Let them see us for what we are here! Let’s have some Jewish-looking diplomats!

- This is talkback # 5 on "Lieberman: Settlement issue blown out of proportion"


It's not about Dov Weissglass. It's about the Jews!


Let us not forget and let us remember forever just who is this author. Mr. Dov Weissglass is the father of "disengagement", the man who prepared it for Sharon. Later, he [also] named Azza a "cursed land". This - man - now finds out that the American idol he worshipped is unrelyable. Will you ever learn your lesson, Mr. Weissglass? Jews should, if they want to survive in this world.

- This is talkback # 14 on "Dov Weissglass slams Obama Administration’s denial of Israeli agreement with Bush"

Is partial reporting equals lying?


Is partial reporting equals lying?

The statement issued by Frattini's Italian Foreign Ministry, while calling for Shalit's release, was careful to balance it out by calling on Israel to "show good will vis-à-vis the easing of the suffering of the population in Gaza. In this sense the Italian Foreign Ministry supports the mediation efforts of Egyptian Security Chief Omar Suleiman who is working hard to create a climate of better trust between the parties, that is a fundamental condition for the immediate release of Shalit". Is partial reporting equals lying?

This is talkback # 21 on "Rome grants Shalit honorary citizenship"


David Miliband & Co.


David Miliband is a major blockage to peace in the Middle East on the basis of a two-state solution, not Jews living in Judea and Samaria. His country, Britain, screwed up the partiton, giving 78% of Mandate Palestine to the Arabs. That's why Jordan IS "Palestine". And even if this were not so, who says that what they call "West Bank" has to be cleared out of Jews? Some neo-Nazi thug?..

- This is talkback # 25 on "UK deplores Israeli decision to allow new settler homes"