Re: # 17 Why Israelis Are Reluctant to Uphold Their Rights?


Why Israelis Are Reluctant to Uphold Their Rights? Very good question Marcella, thank you!

There is a short answer to this, and there is a long one.

The short answer is because they are stupid..

.. And ignorant and don't know who they are and what they are and why they are here (in Israel). So much for the Israeli educational system, after 61 years of statehood. It is not however a "quality of education" problem, it is the result of a historical, political and a cultural battle.

This, however, is already part of the long answer and as it is – well - long, I'd suggest you visit back to this blog from time to time.

The basic Jewish idea on this is that you don't mess with G-d's Holy Land He gave to the Jews to administer it in a specific and detailed manner. If you do, or rather - when you do, you are in trouble. In deep trouble.

As it says in Parsha Haazinu "I shall hide My face from them and see what their end will be - for they are a generation of reversals, children whose upbringing is not in them. They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them." (Deut. 32:20-21) .

The "Palestinian people", invented by Egyptian president Nasser in '64 (3 years before Israel's liberation of the Arab-occupied territories) is clearly this vile and false nation that Hashem sends us as a punishment.

That is one of the reasons it is imperative to change our ways, divorce from the Israeli model and adopt the Torah institutions prescribed for the Jews in Eretz Israel: the Beit HaMigdash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the King, the Sanhedrin and a Court of Justice in every village.

This is a response to talkback # 17 on "The elephant in the room"

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