Problem for Italian FM Frattini and for too many others


OK Frattini listen, here is a problem for you. I am an Italian citizen resident in Efraim, Samaria. Because I am a Jew and as a Jew I reside here, on my ancient, G-d given Holy Homeland, and as such I will defend it against the enemy, whoever that might turn out to be. It is a mitzvah, a Jewish religious duty, to do so. You say, Frattini, that I should be deported from here, because I'm a Jew and as a Jew you want me to be deported from where I supposed to live as a Jew, for my own good, for "peace". If I were not Jewish, I could stay, according to you and to your distinguished friends in Europe and in America. The question is this: what is the difference between your position today and Mussolini's deportation of the Jews of Italy to the camps and to Germany in the '40s? What IS the difference, Frattini? Never Again! Never! Get off from our backs!

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Ben-Yehudah said...


Maybe you could write to him in Italian. Then you'll get banned like Mike from UK, huh?

I guess the Italians aren't such great friends of ours like people were thinking, huh?

Anonymous said...

no, it's just that italians, like obama, actually want to see peace in the midEast, so they are not afraid to tell israel what needs to be done to reach it...

Ben-Yehudah said...

Anon: Of course, they're wrong, though.

The only peace in the Land of Israel is when the Jews stop worrying about what the goyim think, and start worrying about what The Almighty thinks, and even what we think of ourselves, independent, proud, innovative, and the receivers of The Almighty's Law, the Torah.

Does Israel tell Obama how to handle the U. S.'s problems?

We need to stop taking U. S. money for one