Plocker's baseless assumption


Plocker assumes that ministers are managers. Well, they are not. Systems and structures and sectors and the country work despite of them, not because of them.

The Torah tells the Jews to have a Beit Hamigdash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a King, a Sanhedrin and courts of justice in every village in Eretz Israel. Why can't Jews have their own, Torah-prescribed institutions? Why are we forced into the suit of another man and have to have the alien “democratic” system of the nations ruling over us?

It is time to give Judea and Samaria over to the Jews and declare a Jewish Kingdom there. Enough already of this nonsense talk of giving our biblical and historic homeland over to our arch-enemies, the Arabs. This is only a reflection of a non-Jewish thinking-process coming from non-Jewish institutions.

- This WAS talkback # 14 on "Pay our ministers more" but it was removed: a freedom of speach exercise? No. Censorship. Certain information must not pass, according "them" and so I'm glad and grateful to Hashem for the relative popularity of this blog.

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