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On YouTube video "Israel: Rise of the Right

Over and above the instant pleasure of seeing friends and acquaintances, as well as myself, this report does bring to the forth a number of disturbing issues and questions. So, let's look at them one by one separately, not forgetting that in real life they present themselves together, providing a powerful lens that distorts reality.

- The author, filmmaker and commentator, Ilan Mizrahi’s ideology is in doubt. Is he a Kahaneist? In the milieu he is perceived as a such, yet his work is co-signed by Al Jazeera English, a network that openly supports Israel’s enemies, like Hezbollah. If he is a Kahaneist, is it kosher for him to sell himself and his work to the enemy? On the other hand, if he is not a Kahaneist, how come that he enjoyed and continues to enjoy the status of an “insider”? He says of himself: “I followed Ben-Gvir for 15 years and I earned his trust”. As if he was saying to us “I’m a spy, I successfully infiltrated the organization”.

- The film is introduced by a voice, declaring the shift in Israeli politics to the right at the last elections as “dangerous”.

- Not only. Un-Jewish terminology like “West Bank”, “Settlements”, Settlers”, “Occupied Palestinian Territory” etc. does creep in to the reporting.

- The film is centered around the “Israeli flag march” on Uhm al-Fahm, an Arab village in Israel. This by itself is problematic. As it was important for the organizers to present the march as a “success”, so it was for the secular and “democratic” State and for the Police too: an unnatural and temporary association was established. To lie. My comment on the issue was censored by ynet.

- Reporting the National Union party’s activity and activists as “Israel’s right” is questionable. There are other people and other groups doing things, like the followers of Mr. Feiglin who join him in licking the boots of the Likud party. At last but not at least there are a good number of those who, like myself, don’t believe in the participation in the state’s “democratic” institutions: no change can come from the anti-Torah establishment. As Jews we are told to thrive for and establish our Jewish, Torah institutions in Eretz Israel. The Beit HaMigdash, the King, the Sanhedrin and courts of justice in every village. As Jews that’s what we should be doing, instead of participating as parties, candidates or voters, in elections. Presenting petitions to the “high court” sounds outright blasphemous to me!

- This is a slightly edited comment on "Israel: Rise of the Right (Film Review)"

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