A new, Israeli Ben Nun


It is said that a name is indicative of one's character and may even influence the bearer’s destiny. I'm sure most readers notice the important surname of this author and compare his opinion with the Ben Nun we know from the Tanach. Strikingly, and in complete contrast with the late general and prophet Yehoshua, this modern day "rabbi" Yoel Ben Nun seem to have lost view of G-d's plan and instructions for the Jewish people: to possess the Land of Israel. The words "Torah", for example, appears only once in his text and in a disputable context: "rav." Yoel suggests that The Torah supposedly forbids the use of violence against policemen or the army when these engage in activity against the Jews on the Land of Israel. It would have been good if this author provided us with sources in support of his absurd view, as it is customary. Words like "G-d", "God" or "god" also are missing from his text, whereas "authority" appears three times and "government" five times. This is indicative of Ben Nun and suggests that he maybe worshipping government authority rather than G-d.

- This is talkback # 1 on "Say no to violence"

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