"Bibi" or "Prime Minister Netanyahu"?

Memo to Bibi. What your speech should entail.
By Ted Belman

The League of Nations granted to Jews everywhere the right to settle in Judea and Samaria. The Palestine Mandate recognized our right to reconstitute our ancient homeland there. The United Nations is bound by this document.

While that is our right as Jews, we are prepared to relinquish our rights to some of the land pursuant to the Roadmap, providing it is based on Res 242 which authorized us to remain on all the land until we had secure and recognized borders. We insist on borders which are defensible and include all settlement blocks. We further insist that it is our right to keep this land without giving anything in return. Res 242 did not require an exchange of land. It is for us alone to determine what are defensible borders.

Negotiations on all matters must be carried out without undue influence and pressure by the US and the international community. It is our right to say “no” to further compromise and to end negotiations if the Arabs are not willing to compromise.

We insist that the settlements are legal according to international law.

The Roadmap included a settlement freeze “consistent with the Mitchell Report”. This report recommended a settlement freeze as a goodwill gesture by Israel in return for the Palestinians ending terror and incitement. It was predicated on a spirit of compromise expected of both sides. Israel will not make such a gesture until the Arabs comply with the spirit and the letter of this report..
Just as Israel can’t have the lives back which were ended because of Arab terror so too, can’t the Arab have back the land on which our settlements grow.

If the Arabs were willing to compromise as required by the Mitchell Report, there would be no need for a settlement freeze. Without compromise there will be no deal.

Furthermore the Mitchell Report didn’t contemplate the split between Hamas and Fatah. Until there is unity among the Arabs, the Mitchell Report is inoperative.

Res 242 is silent on Jerusalem. Jerusalem is ours.

The Arabs must recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

We insist that any Arab entity created be demilitarized.

Based on these parameters, we accept the two state solution.

Based on the Saudi Plan, we utterly reject it.

Ted Belman


Bibi maybe your uncle. My Prime Minister of Israel is Benyamin Netanyahu. Please unsubscribe me (bereny@tin.it) from your mailing list.


Ariel Ben Yochanan

Certainly, but I should tell you blogs are not places of formality. I simply wanted to personalize my message.

Ted Belman


I don't see this as "blog informality", Ted. I think it is political, very political, nothing but political and a well thought out leftist media trick to ridicule what they perceive as a right-wing politician (for whom I didn't vote). There is a lot in a name and M. Thatcher could not have won the Falkland war if she’d called the island Maldivas. Also, your constant lack of Torah referencing irritates me, as if the Jews had any other source of claim on the Land. True, the UN voted Israel “in” in '48, but even if it didn’t, we would still have our G-d given and historic right and duty to be here, on our Holy Land and stick to every inch of it. Therefore, the Jewish thing to do is to say this, time and again, instead of trying to buy Road Map time and re-state its conditions.


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