Let's reverse the charge and say this


I have family perished in the Shoa and I dare reverse the charge and I dare say this, watch my lips: failing to call a spade a spade, a Nazi a Nazi, a pogrom a pogrom, a “let’s send them damn settlers to jail” an anti-Jewish fool, is licensing and aiding the present-day perpetrator: the “secular Jew”. Let us let them know exactly what they are, simple soldier on the field or distinguished general in his ivory tower may he be.

Why? Because Jews follow G-d and His Law for the Jews and Nazis follow state orders to destroy Jews in the name of the "law" of the land. Be aware: Hi*ler in Germany was perfectly legal, Ferdinand and Isabella in Spain were perfectly legal. The law of the land never guarantees morality. It's as simple as that. Tell me who you follow and I tell you what you are. Simplistic? Yes. Sharp? Yes. Unjustified? No. Why not? Because it is time to choose. Either you are with the Jews or you are with the nations. There is no middle ground now.

Hashem is separating the mordechais from the ones who went to participate in the banquette of King Ahasuerus, the good from the bad and if there are secular Jews, they are advised to be less secular and more Jews. The time to have it both ways is over.

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