Let's resist normalization


Declaring one's own group "normal" implies attributing "not normal" status to everyone else. This is a dangerous and Stalinist development, as former Russian dictator Stalin used to put some of his political rivals in mental institutions. The real issue here is not so much who is normal and who is not, but who is a Jew and who is – well, not. Jews are Jews in as much as they lead Jewish lives and a Jewish life is governed by Jewish Law. It is unfortunate that the ones who hold power in Israel are all too often disregard Jewish Law and thus PROVOKE the Jews who want to lead Jewish lives in Eretz Israel. This fact alone emphasizes the need for the establishment of a Jewish national home for the Jews, something that the secular , so-called Jewish, establishment keep fighting against, on ideological grounds. Pity. See http://www.samsonblinded.org/titles/Judea.htm

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