Israel in general and J.em in particular (2)


Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular can not be run against the Jews. Jewish Jews I mean. It is intolerable to routinely call Jews in Judea: "settlers". It is intolerable to routinely call Shechem "Nablus". It is the same anti-Jewish nonsense as calling Jerusalem "Alea Capitolina" would be! Why? Because it was the same Roman emperor, Hadrian, who renamed Shechem "Nablus" and Jerusalem "Alea Capitolina" in sign of the dejudaization of the region. Stop the use of the forces of the so-called "Jewish" state against the Jews! These forces meant to protect the Jews and Jewish values and not to be used against them. Shabbat is a Jewish value and parking on Shabbat is a public dessacration of G-d's name. It must not be allowed to go through. Not in the Land of Israel.

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